Written and Video Preview for Episode 10 of Pinocchio

The best way to describe what makes Pinocchio such a meaningful watch is that each and every episode is simply more – more than what I expected and even more than what I thought possible for this story. I’m constantly taken aback at the developments yet none of it feels exploitative like the story is going for twists just for the sake of yanking the rug out from underneath. Take hyung going bad, that’s something I hadn’t an inkling might happen, yet it felt so understandable and plausible when it did.

Same goes for how In Ha and Dal Po have crossed the romance line together already, faster than usual but oh so welcome for once. The written preview is out for episode 10 and actually worries me because it lacks the usual markers for impending conflict, which usually means danger lurks right around the corner. Whenever things look up for Dal Po, shit inevitably follows. I have this sinking sensation that the same goes for In Ha, doom fairly trails them at a distance ready to pounce at the worst possible time. Poor babies!

Preview for episode 10:

Written preview for episode 10:

The wolf is coming….

In Ha is shattered when she learns the truth that Dal Po is Ki Jae Myung’s younger brother, as well as their ill fate with her mother. Dal Po ends up being the one to comfort her and he vows never to abandon his Dal Po name. To protect In Ha and his brother, Dal Po conceals that his brother killed someone…. Dal Po starts to get drunk on the happiness that comes from this lie….


Written and Video Preview for Episode 10 of Pinocchio — 4 Comments

  1. Nooooo the laws of drama universe dictate that you can’t be drunk on happiness until the last 10 mins of the final episode. This is too early Dalpo! Don’t fall for it

  2. at first, i had low expectation about this drama, but in ep.9 i realized that i was wrong, this is a good show and i enjoy watching it. i hope, it will be a happy ending. im tired of open ending! watching this preview, i wonder, if bumjo’s mom will turn to be a villain character here..
    in this episode, more focused on jaemyung, i like it, yet i’m curious about bumjo and his feeling.. 🙂

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