SBS 2014 Year End Drama Awards Likely to Be Less Star-studded than Expected

This latest news about the upcoming year end drama awards doesn’t surprise me but I am still disappointed. While the awards don’t validate what I think is good acting, I’ve enjoyed the year end drama awards for the parade of stars and the fashion. Hearing that what was to be the most star-studded banquet over at SBS will likely get a whole lot less blingy makes me sad because for so long at least that was delivered. A bunch of reps for top actors and actresses that did an SBS drama this year have indicated their clients may not be attending the year end drama awards. Ergo, don’t expect an award headed their way.

You From Another Star may not be represented at all (shocking) as the agencies for both Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun expressed that their clients have very busy schedules at year end. Same goes for Park Hae Jin, who did double duty on YFAS and Dr. Stranger, as he’s got Chinese drama filming lined up. Lee Bo Young, who won the Daesang last year, likely won’t attend for God’s Gift: 14 Days since she’s pregnant (and the drama did poor ratings). And finally, Gong Hyo Jin‘s agent thinks his client won’t be able to attend for It’s Okay, It’s Love since she’s currently performing on stage with the run through year end.

I’m actually really perturbed that YFAS is basically getting shafted from any awards recognition all due to it’s airing time slot. It aired four episodes in 2013 so didn’t get included at the 2013 year end awards, while airing the majority sixteen episodes in 2014. Sure I don’t like the drama very much but something with such broad appeal both domestically and internationally clearly deserves recognition, especially from its broadcast network SBS at the year end awards which serve as thank you gifts anyways.

I firmly believe that if Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun attended the awards then YFAS would sweep all the major categories and once again I wouldn’t have a problem with it. It was the drama that made SBS’s year in terms of buzz and money raked in. Why shouldn’t it get awards from its own network? Sure if the awards were actually based on “acting” then YFAS shouldn’t do as well, but it’s never based on acting so give it to the drama that delivered the moolah! Oh well, this blip will be forgotten swiftly I’m sure.

With both Jeon Ji Hyun (who I expected to skip) and Kim Soo Hyun (who I thought would attend) likely missing the year end awards, that means the Daesang is basically in the bag for Jo In Sung for IOIL. So much agree here it’s not even funny. Even if the YFAS leads attended I still believe Jo In Sung’s performance as a schizophrenic writer was heads and tails above anyone else’s performance from SBS this year. A close second would actually be Jo Seung Woo for God’s Gift: 14 Days but he’s already won a Daesang from MBC the year before for Horse Doctor so the man is in no need of recognition for his excellence.

I’m now wondering what Jo In Sung will wear for the banquet, LOL. Please pick the most dapper tux possible and just dazzle with the attitude. We’ll see in three weeks how the SBS drama awards night shakes out.


SBS 2014 Year End Drama Awards Likely to Be Less Star-studded than Expected — 30 Comments

  1. Wait, I am confused. If JJH or KSH attend then they and their show would sweep or is it the other way around? That if they win the awards then they will attend?

    • I’m confused on that part too. Are these people treating year-end awards like door gifts? If you don’t attend, you won’t get one? o.O

      • That had me puzzled as well. If they do deserve the year-end awards, why can’t someone (or some people) get them in their place that night, and the actors/actresses get them later? So other people who were part of the cast or part of the staff can’t receive the awards on their behalf? What about the other departments (music, lighting, directing, etc…),can’t they still get the awards for their drama? They might (the cast and crew) not be the main actors and actresses, but they worked hard on it as well, and so they deserve to be publicly recognized, don’t they?

        I think I have seen some MCs accept awards for actors and actresses who didn’t make it to the award shows. It might have been on KBS awards, or was it at the Daejong awards? I can’t remember which awards it was, though I do remember seeing it on a Korean TV station.

  2. Wae…i want park hae jin to attend and looking good in a dashing suit..but no..well at least i hope jo in sung will amaze me, the man has a taste.
    so that means gong hyo jin won’t get award this year too..she was so deserved to get last year with master’s sun and i was so pissed she didn’t get it cause she didn’t attend.
    actually despite the bad ratings i loved god’s gift (well if we don’t count the crappy ending) LBY and jo seung woo were great there! but they already got recognition so it’s ok.
    I have this weird feeling pinocchio despite airing half of the drama will sweep many awards and i’m not against it..they deserve it! haven’t seen episode 9 yet but i love this drama to bits!

  3. We already knew who will attend the show. Im sure name like Park Shinhye (since she is the MC), Lee jongsuk, Jo insung, maybe lee kwangsoo, krystal, rain and others populars name. Im sad Lee Bo young cant make it. Her acting in Gods Gift is awesome. Just the plot getting weird every ep. But her acting as saetbyul omma is daebak. I bet daesang goes to Jo Insung, top exellence goes to PSH & LJS. Top ten star awards: Rain, Krystal, PSH, LJS etc. Newbie awards: Krystal, ahnjaehyun, etc

    • I really doubt Rain would go to something like the SBS drama awards. He’s busy in China shooting for his drama and these awards are too meh for Hallyu starts like him, KSH, JJH, et all. Not surprised they are bypassing. GHJ didn’t even bother last year even if Master’s Sun was bound to get her the top excellence instead of their laughable choice of Suzy. LJS may go though since he had 2 SBS dramas thus year and PSH is of course hosting. Hopefully CSW wins a big one too since he was fabulous in the craptastic YAAS.

  4. It’s weird Kim Soo Hyun isn’t going when he’s gone to everything this year. I still suspect he’ll win top excellence though same with JJH.

    Yoochun always wins every year so I wouldn’t be surprised if he wins Excellence for 3 Days, though maybe not. YAAS will get nothing since SBS forgot it even exists, even if the ratings were better than most things they aired this year.

    SBS gives so many awards out usually, who are they going to give them to if nobody goes.

    • I know right!!! SBS didn’t bother promoting YAAS or do the least for it!! Sure I felt betrayed with the drama since I’d have been a better vilain (and I swear I’m such a nice girl) but … but it had remarkable ratings compared to other shows, and actually the acting was good, soooo goooood. Cha Seung Won, Lee Seung Gi, Go Ara and Ji Gook (sorry gookie forgot your name) deserve some awards!!

      I want Cha Seung Won and Lee Seung Gi to win best couple award LoooL, because their scenes are what I remember from the show the most. Puppy and hot ahjusshi!!

      • LOL, please define ‘remarkable’. YAAS’s ratings averaged at 12%. In comparison, other SBS weekday dramas had: 3D (11.8%), IOIL (10%), DS (11.7%), Temptation+GG (9%). How is being 0.2-3% higher than others deemed ‘remarkable’? YAAS had some big names yet lacked hype. Moreover, it hardly had the competition that a drama like IOIL had. So I think its completely fair if SBS doesn’t give them the big awards although I do agree that CSW better get a top award. He’s fabulous.

      • YAAS aired against the same dramas IOIL aired against though you know, it aired against others as well and stayed in first place (something that can’t be said for the other dramas mentioned even with the two delayed episodes it had). Anyway, not remarkable by any means though I agree. I don’t expect any big awards for it at all since SBS did not give a shit about it when it was airing or after.

      • Depends on if they go. They should give CSW the made up award they gave Jo Insung last year lol.

        SBS is really generous with their awards though so I’m be surprised if was snubbed totally.

  5. I can sense Pinocchio will get some awards, same goes to YAAS and DS. Whether you like them or not, they bring ratings and buzz to SBS.
    Pinocchio is fine, I can see PSH will get Excellence or Top Excellence. LJS definitely win. Daesang for Jo In Sung. Ahn Jae Hyun may get Rookie Award. Sad we can’t see JJH on drama awards. She and JIS are the most deserved contenders for Daesang.

  6. Yes. I forgot about YAAS and 3days. Ofc yoochun, seunggi, goara, and our beloved hot ahjussi chaseungwon will attend. But i doubt they all come. Maybe just yoochun and goara or yoocun and seunggi. SBS didnt make lots of drama with high rating this year. the highest maybe around 15% (if ycfts isnt included). Im also not so into sbs drama this year. S.K current fav was drama in cable tv like misaeng, liar game etc

  7. and it haf double
    digit ratings and was number one in the timeslot in it’s entire runz so yeah the ratings was good than most of the other drama’s .

  8. YFAS. even the leads dont attend the ceremony, Shin Sung Rok should attend. and I believe he should win an award. the best villain in 2014

  9. a very good news for me. Good that GHJ wont attend this awards, I prefer her focus on her Play, and happier that JIS most likely will win daesang! I hope that other cast specially the onw who portrayed Jaebum will win an award, he deserves it.. and really wish writer Noh and PD kim win award too… IOIL’s tema is definitely the best this yea

  10. Aargh! I’m so torn. I badly want to see the daesang go to JIS because he really kicked it up a notch with IOIL. But it’s depressing and kinda creepy that he’ll get it basically for showing up. I would have loved it if just once this year he could beat out KSH in actual competition. Even if Love From Another Star made heaps of money, I don’t think KSH’s acting performance was the magic ingredient. In the acting cage match between those two, JIS would totally win.

    But I guess when you get 30%+ ratings, there’s no way the network could say no, and this is their party. So maybe I should just be glad KSH is staying home to wash his hair? Sigh. You beat him in my heart anyway, JIS. I try so hard not to be a fangirl, and then you come along.

    • Why sounded so insecure with KSH’s attendance ? Fear that he will steal daesang from your JIS? Relax. Daesang will go to either JIS or JJH. Make sure no fanwar between them, ok? Even if KSH is not going, it is unlikely that he will stay home and wash his hair. He has a lot of stuffs to do.

      Btw, looking back at JIS’s acting history and his past achievements, this IOTL with such low rating is not anything remarkable. And by dragging KSH in your comparison of any kind with JIS, you are just simply degrading JIS. KSH dare not be the same level as your bias in terms of ages, recognition, acting experience and career length.

  11. Sbs 2014 awards is not exciting to me anymore..I only want to see JJH walk in the red carpet and take home daesang,because she will not be in dramaland for years again

  12. I definitely agree about Jo in sung winning Daesang because his role in IOTL was superb. But it really reeks that Gong Hyo Jin doesn’t ever attend these award ceremony anymore. This sucks because she deserves recognition as well. She was also amazing in IOTL, she’s an excellent actress and she doesn’t get the recognition she deserves.

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