Fate of jTBC Sageuk Maids Uncertain as Fire Burns Down Set and One Crew Member Passes Away

This is such an unfortunate tragedy I have nothing to say really other than give my deepest condolences and provide a straight news update. In the early afternoon on Saturday December 13th, the warehouse filming set of the jTBC sageuk Maids erupted in a fast moving fire. Most of the cast and crew were not filming as it happened to be lunch time so the majority of the production was off set dining. The blaze was one of those five-alarm fires that burned fast and hot, needing 12 fire trucks and nearly 30 firefighters to extinguish.

The production quickly did a role call to make sure the entire crew was accounted for and the lone female production member who was found not accounted for ended up perishing in the fire. The network has cancelled the second episode airing of Maids scheduled for that Saturday night and the fate of the drama remains unclear as the network is focusing all its attention on the crew¬†member who lost her life rather than the broadcast situation. I wasn’t watching this drama but feel so heartbroken for such a devastating¬†situation for all involved.

The pictures taken of the blaze and the aftermath show just how devastating it was. Investigation is now underway to determine the cause, but regardless of whether it was due to negligence in either construction or use of the space, or worse yet intentional arson, the reason won’t be much consolation to the production member who lost her life and her family and friends. Nor will it help the future of this drama which impacts the financial security of many of the people who toiled behind the scenes to bring it to screen, getting paid a comparative pittance compared to the stars but doing all the heavy lifting.


Fate of jTBC Sageuk Maids Uncertain as Fire Burns Down Set and One Crew Member Passes Away — 11 Comments

    • deep condolences to whole the crew, casts, and everyone whom involved in the drama. and o sad to hear that is the main writer who died at the scene. this is so unfortunately tragedy. another devastating tragedy in 2014 for the K-Industry. may she rest in peace.

  1. Deep condolences to the deceased and her family and loved ones. Such a sad/painful way to die and the whole crew and cast must be deeply saddened and shocked. May they recover and get over this devastated incident well.

  2. RIP! Such a terrible tragedy! I was really looking forward to this drama it seemed interesting! But I rather that they cancel it… It’ll cost too much time & money to build or find a new set!

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