Moon Chae Won Turns the Brilliant Legacy Tables on Lee Seung Gi in New Stills from Today’s Love

I love me a good OTP reunion but it’s even better if the set up is completely changed up. The reunion is already putting the same two people together, why repeat the exact same thing even if I loved it the first time around. The pairing of Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won isn’t exactly the typical OTP reunion since they didn’t play a couple that ended up together in Brilliant Legacy/Shining Inheritance. In fact, she spent the entire drama calling him oppa and begging him to love her while he just fell more and more in love with her stepsister played by Han Hyo Joo.

Moon Chae Won’s character was pretty awful in that drama but there were moments I felt bad for her, she knew Lee Seung Gi’s Hwan first and their high school scenes were adorable. The upcoming rom-com movie Today’s Love is looking more and more like Seung Mi’s revenge on Hwan whereby the tables are turned and he pines for her and gets used and tossed like tissue. The movie released a bunch of new lead stills this week and all of them are so cute and showing basically the same thing – Lee Seung Gi being Moon Chae Won’s lovelorn lackey. I love it!


Moon Chae Won Turns the Brilliant Legacy Tables on Lee Seung Gi in New Stills from Today’s Love — 19 Comments

  1. I almost wished she ended up with him in Brilliant Legacy, up to the point when she started to conspire with her evil mom. I don’t usually feel sorry for secondary female characters, but totally felt sorry for her in the first 10 episodes or so. Her Seung Mi seemed more complex and interesing than Han Hyo Joo’s one-dimentional Candy character.

  2. Moon chae won !!! Kyaah really adore this unni. She looks good with anyone. I have to watch this movie for sure ^o^
    While in this movie, she reunited with lee seung gi (brilliant legacy), i hope in her next project she’ll reunited with jung il woo (my fair lady).

  3. Nopes. It looks not natural. Could barely get thru the trailer. Nothing beats My Sassy Girl and here the lines, the situations all seem like just trying too hard to be cool. It isn’t working a wee bit.

  4. this can’t be unseen..they definitely looks so adorable together! lee seunggi is my love, so i approve this onscreen couple (i know nobody need my approvement)

  5. this premieres on the same day as HJWx2’s Chronicles of a Blood Merchant. Our King & Queen are competing!! I hope both movies do well.

    • There was no such rumour in the first place. He was rumored with other female (if not mistaken, GHS) and he brought up some other female co-stars whom he had been working with (incl. PBY, MCW and some others) and stated that he expected to hear rumors with them too (hinting that the media made it up). And somehow, his word got twisted as a ‘fact’ that there were such rumors..spreading within his fandom.

      • This rumor is still out there but silently even thou they last worked together like what decades ago but it is nearly forgotten.

        The only 2 rumors out there with LMH is PMY and MCW(but the later one kind fated away) I don’t mean shipping or fanfics.

      • I was just trolling since I’m bored by the way I don’t believe in anything the K-media or K-pop fans says I see it rather as a one huge shipping paradise alltogether. don’t take bait next time (smiley)

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