Rurouni Kenshin Sequels: Kyoto Inferno is Awesome and The Legend Ends Drops on DVD Jan 2015

I’m usually a few months behind on following up with Asian movies that I’m anticipating. I’m too lazy to schlep to the theaters that play foreign films and a few months wait is never too taxing when there are other dramas and movies to watch. This past summer saw the second and third Rurouni Kenshin movies premiere in Japan, titled Kyoto Inferno and The Legend Ends respectively. Kyoto Inferno has just dropped on DVD and holy is it good. Got all my Kenshin love juices burbling again, and it’s good that the DVD for The Legend Ends arrives next month in January 2015 so I don’t have to wait too long as Kyoto Inferno ends on a major cliffhanger.

These two movies deal with the second arc in the manga, the Kyoto or Shishio arc since most of the action moves from Tokyo to Kyoto and the main villain is Kenshin’s swordsman equal the badly burned psycho Shishio. The casting remains spot on and even Takei Emi is less bland the second time around playing Kaoru. But nothing beats watchiong Sato Takeru continue perfectly capturing every detail of Kenshin, and boy does the boy look marvelous from every screenshot and angle. Check out all the goodies for The Legend Ends below and then go scour the web to watch Kyoto Inferno. Be ready for a major star guest appearance that the end that made me cheer and clap like a trained seal.

Man, my attempt to be coy about the major star guest appearance is totally scuttled by the movie poster for The Legend Ends. Yes, that is indeed Fukuyama Masaharu and he’ll be playing Kenshin’s sensei (swordsman teacher) in the third movie. Holy yeah!

Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends Trailer (English sub):


Rurouni Kenshin Sequels: Kyoto Inferno is Awesome and The Legend Ends Drops on DVD Jan 2015 — 27 Comments

  1. Thanks Miss Koala! I watched RK-Kyoto Inferno yesterday and I loved it! Can’t wait for RK-The Legend Ends.I bet it’s gonna be even better!

  2. I just watched Kyoto Inferno last night. One word to describe AWESOME !!!!!! I cant wait for the next movie in the trilogy. I think they did a wonderful job adapting the manga and even anime. Sato Takeru as Kenshin was spot on. He normally is not my cup of tea but DAMN he is hot in this movie. Now I am going to look up what else he acted in to check him out. I highly recommend if you have not watched the other 2 movies in this trilogy, you need to watch them. They are good. None of that useless romance thrown in just to get the female audience. The romance in this one is well played and appropriate. 🙂

  3. I watched it as soon as the English subs came out….. loved it…. waiting for the next one….

    Been searching for where I can buy it in DVD with English subs

    • It actually comes out tomorrow on DVD/BluRay – which since it’s late today, means it’s actually available right now! Often the trick for English subs is to find a Hong Kong or Singapore edition, which unfortunately I don’t see right now.

      The UK edition, which I know has subs, will be out in April. The Japan editions have Japanese subs, however you can often find English (or other language) subs at subscene or allsubs. Now, that requires you to be able to play a Japanese region DVD and know how to get the subs to work. (Hint, rip it to your computer and sync the subs) Now, as for who carries it – normally I order either from YesAsia or Lawson – which is – and yes, the site is in Japanese. Either that or I use the rather effective method of begging friends flying from Japan to pick me up a copy in Narita. 😎

      Go forth and enjoy! I actually have a copy arriving real soon now, so I’m going to enjoy some Christmas movie magic. 😎

      • April is just in time for Mother’s Day. Alone in the house with the Rurouni Kenshin. Now I am already thinking about spring:)

  4. So are they doing a 4th movie? I didn’t realize the 2nd arc was split in 2 movies. I just assumed each was an arc. I really hope there is a 4th movie! I have to go find Kyoto Inferno with subs NOW!!!! Thanks for the review!

    • As far as I know this is it, hence The Legend Ends as the third movie. The Jinchu arc, the final third of the manga, is not being planned for a live-action movie.

      • I don’t really care for the Jinchu arc per see, but I *SO* wish they’d make a prequel with the juicy material from the flashback. From Kenshin’s argument with his sensei, their separation, to his hitokiri days and his story with Tomoe… Basically, I’d die happy if they make the Truth & Betrayal OVA into a movie! Please make this happen!!

      • Me too. I would love for Tomoe’s story to be depicted in live action. Wonder who should play her? BTW – Kenshin’s farewell fireflies scene with Kauru is not depicted in the movie 🙁 Director says the anime has time to develop the romantic relationship between Kenshin and Kauru up to that point whereas in the live action drama – there wasn’t enough time. So, the beautiful fireflies scene is not appropriate for the movie

  5. So I visited amazon and every DVD I see is *restricted* non-USA region. What the actual f*ck is up with that? And here I am willing to drop 40 bucks without blinking.

    Oh dear koala, how were you able to watch this? :<

    • The BluRay is Region A – which should work in US players. Or, you can simply keep a spare DVD drive around set to region one or get a regionless one. I have a region 2 DVD drive. None of the Japanese editions have English subtitles, but they can be found online if you know how to rip and merge them. You can get it from YesAsia instead of Amazon, it’s due out tomorrow.

      • OMG! would you be willing to share what site you watched it at? I’be been searching so hard, but can’t find it with english subtitles anywhere. I’d appreciate it if you would share! thank you!

  6. I watched Kyoto Inferno yesterday….in the office! Hehe. Good thing I was alone the whole day! 🙂 The fights scene were a feast for my eyes. It’s soooooo good.

  7. Sato Takeru is awesome as Kenshin and moreso in the third movie. Kyoto Inferno is great for manga readers because the story is easy for me/them. My sib who don’t read manga found it complicated dan draggy and preferred the third one better. Anyway still getting a copy to watch this weekend to watch with the rest of my family. Oh and Masha was really a treat! Next they should make 10 episodes drama of Kenshin because the story would be elaborated much better!

  8. i love love kenshin (the movie) all of the 3. i don’t read the manga or watch the anime. the movies are great. my fav is “the Legends Ends”. i watched kyoto inferno and the legends ends at the theatre with my husband. but he didn’t enjoy the movies like i did. btw he read the manga and watched the anime.
    now i’m a fan of sato takeru.

  9. I saw this two days ago and loved it. It’s as captivating and intense as the first movie. Actually, I became so intrigued I started watching clips of the anime after I finished. That’s and impressive feat since I’m not an anime watcher. I’m looking forward to the final one. Thank goodness I only have to wait about a month. Here’s to hoping the finale is just as awesome or beyond awesome.

  10. I was lucky enough to watch both movies in a marathon at the Japan International Film Festival Down Under. It was absolutely awesome. The director was around to answer questions. Sato Takeru was phenomenal as Kenshin – he absolutely nailed the role. The supporting cast was fantastic too. I hear the boy did his own stunts! He deserves all the accolades.

  11. Thank u! I watched this last night right after i saw your post about it and it was AWESOME. Thankfully, the third sequel will be out very soon. And seriously Takei Emi ‘s acting and her character are seriously annoying. They could have made her more useful or badass i don’t know. The only thing i like about this character is that Kenshin cares so much about her which is so sweet and delightful to watch. Anyway: AWESOME Movie!!!

  12. I was able to see Takeru Sato(and man the guy literally glows) and others in the flesh last year when they came to my country to promote the sequels.I’ve watched the two sequels in the big screen and Kyoto Inferno is certainly my favorite,a little dissapointed with Legend Ends but it was still awesome. I want another Rurouni Kenshin movie.

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