L and Sungyeol Spread the Cheer with Holiday Themed Star1 Spread

If the rest of the members of boy band Infinite want to get into acting, I’m game to give them a try since 2014 has been quite good to the few who have. L (Kim Myung Soo) has been acting even before this year but all his earlier acting gigs have been nonstarters as far as I’m concerned. Whether it was The Master’s Sun or Sly and Single Again, at best he’s inoffensive and worst he’s plain dreadful. I still don’t think he has the thespian gene or potential but after My Lovely Girl at least he’s shown himself to be pleasantly fun to watch in the right role.

An improvement is always commendable. Best part was being the only likable human character in that drama. His group mates Woohyun and Sungyeol costarred together in Hi! School: Love On and I also quite liked their screen presence and raw appeal. Leading lady Kim Sae Ron acted circles around them both but what they lacked in ability was made up somewhat with earnestness. A few of the boys are featured in a Star1 spread for the holidays that capture their engaging appeal, not to mention right now I’m totally a sucker for stuff with straight up holiday cheer.


L and Sungyeol Spread the Cheer with Holiday Themed Star1 Spread — 5 Comments

  1. L is so adorable! His dimples are everything to me. Infinite supposedly has a new album out in February so I will hope that poor Sungyeol gets more then one line a song.

    • Not in February. It’s a single. The teaser has been out for days. The new Japanese single “Dilemma” will soon be released on X’mas Eve, 12/24. The MV was leaked by some fans who posted on Youtube already. It’s composed by the Japanese rock guru Hotei Tamayaso. L has a lot of lines, perhaps more than the main vocalist Woohyun.

      • I thought L only sang twice?

        Then again, he’s the best at speaking/pronouncing Japanese. The rest…Sungkyu/Sungyeol are alright, but the others need help.

  2. I never thought in dramaland there’d be serious fans paying attention to Kpop idols bcz idols have been mostly notorious for ruining on-screen chemistry. But Koala, to my big surprise, a drama buff like you even dedicated a single thread particularly to my INFINITE boys. Yehhhhhhh! Shout out to you! Thank you for giving them positive reviews, even I don’t fully feel comfortable and confident in their acting activities as a hard core INSPIRIT (the fandom name of INFINITE). INFINITE is my bias Kpop group. hahah I hope you don’t find Kpop fan club naming comical and ridiculous. Fan club names are part of the childish culture for Kpop fans, mostly teens and 20-30s.

    I’m glad all the members are now back to their group music activities for which ppl admire them most. It’s good for the members to experience a variety of showbiz genres including short stints of drama for which they’re not expected to be remembered by fans. They will be remembered by fans for their top notch music/dance and live performances. And music is where I hope to see their continual dedication, not drama.

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