Original Screenwriter of In Time With You Picks Her Ideal Korean Leads for the Remake

I’ve always found famed Taiwan screenwriter Mag Hsu an intelligent and thoughtful scribe. Her most famous drama is likely In Time With You, but over the years she’s written many well-received works such as Mars, Silence, An Innocent Mistake, and most recently Apple in Your Eye. With news that her In Time With You was going to be remade into a K-drama, she happily discussed her optimism that the remake would capture the same spirit of her original work while the Korean PD would add his own directorial flourish to make it different.

Mag has always felt Ariel Lin and Bolin Chen were the perfect leads to bring the characters of Chen Yo Qing and Li Da Ren to life, and clearly her opinion proved to be correct and universally shared. Therefore the press has been quite eager to hear which Korean acting talent Mag wants to reinvent her famous characters for a new audience. Mag was very specific in her vision – for Li Da Ren she wants either So Ji Sub or Gong Yoo, and her dream would be for Jeon Ji Hyun or Jung Yu Mi to play Chen Yo Qing.

I have to say first that Mag has really really good taste in Korean actors and actresses. She’s also aiming for the stars on this one, especially with Jeon Ji Hyun. I can’t see anything luring her back to the small screen. Jung Yumi definitely could take on this role and play it marvelously, except she’s sorta already done it with the same self-absorbed bitchy character she played in Discovery of Love. She needs to avoid getting typecast here as the hard to get brittle female lead with loads of attitude and not as much empathy.

The two men Mag wants are basically perfect either one, and both have clamoring fanbases that are dying for a return to dramaland. Make it happen, Korea! It bears noting that the folks Mag wants are all much older than Ariel and Bolin when they did the drama, even though both played characters that just turned 30 in the story. Mag actually wants the Korean version to play older, which may then require a different set of younger actors to play the high school version. I can’t see any of of these folks convincingly pulling off a high school role anymore other than as a joke. If So Ji Sub takes the role then Yoo Seung Ho definitely should cameo as the high school version just for kicks.


Original Screenwriter of In Time With You Picks Her Ideal Korean Leads for the Remake — 60 Comments

  1. Hehe the remake would be pretty decent with So Ji Sub or Gong Yoo. The potential female leads are only 3-4 years older than Ariel Lin, Bolin played the lead roles in 2011.

    Although Ariel Lin is special as babyface who can still play high schooler just like the Korean version of her in Jang Nara.

  2. I feel like Gong Yoo has done the sweet beta-male before, and Jeon Ji Hyun the alpha-ego female. They could do those roles for sure, but personally I’d prefer to see them in different roles (especially Jeon, since her two biggest characters were alpha-females) – even more so because these actors are perfectly capable of doing all kinds of roles.

    The other two I haven’t seen much of (well Yung Yumi in Discovery of Love where she played that sort of character, plus in a film, where I liked her much better)… no real opinion on them in these roles.

    It would actually be nice (but highly unlikely, esp. if they are going to go for 30+ actors) to see less familiar faces…

  3. I think yoon eun hye would also be good for the role…i dont think she’s had a role like this before, no? And the story is already set out so there are less chances of it going wrong, right? *touch wood*

  4. Oh, I would LOVE to see So Ji Sub in a role hopelessly in love. He did it in Always, but was so quiet then. His best acting so far IMHO, but now I’d want to challenge him a bit and make his character more vibrant! More lively and at the same time longing. His beautiful eyes can do it. Perfect.

  5. Mags truly does have amazing taste in acting talent. *______*

    Gong Yoo and Bolin totally remind me of each other, Gong Yoo would be perfect for the part. For some reason I can’t see So Ji Sub playing Da Ren at all…

    I think Jung Yumi is a far better actress than Jeon Ji Hyun but I love them both, I think they would both nail it.

    Of course though really it all depends on the script/PD. If they introduce pointless kdrama melo bs I will flip some tables 🙁 🙁 🙁

    • I agree with you between the two actors, I would also choose Gong Yoo and Jung Yumi among the actresses. I can imagine GY and JYM as friends, also. 🙂

      But really, I don’t like these k-celebs for the remake especially the actors, they are just too popular to act as Li Da Ren. It would be awesome if an underrated or breakthrough actor will take this role. Li Da Ren was Bolin Chen’s breakthrough role, anyway.

  6. Is Ariel’s character in the original and self-absorbed bitchy type? I was going to watch the original, but I’m not so sure anymore. The male lead isn’t some pushover right?

    • ana on:

      Ariel’s character is flawed with her taste in boyfriends but she is a good friend to the hero. They are best friends, good to each other often. She is self-absorbed and is sometimes too stupid to see how Li Da Ren feels about her. But is not bitchy type. She is alpha-male type hero in female lead role. The male lead is pushover only to her because he stands beside no matter what.

      Its a great drama, and realisticly flawed, not too nice heroine. A must see drama. Its better than 90% of Korean,TW romantic dramas.

    • I loved Cheng you Qing ( Ariel’s character)…yes she was a little self absorbed but I wouldn’t call her bitchy because she was never a mean person… She was very driven and opinionated and even though I’m nothing like her, I related a lot to her issues and insecurities…I think that’s the reason why everyone loves the show because of how realistic it is about relationships not just with lovers but friendships and family too..I think you should give it a chance

  7. omo, this writer is jjang …. so please dramagods, let it be with Gong Yoo and Jung Yumi … thrid is the charm! In Dogani I tho they’re going to end up together but nope T_T then during their cameo in Cyrano Agency they looked so ridicously cute together yet their ending was :/ ….. if they really cast them I think I’ll throw a party XD both are so talented and have too much chemistry together .
    Please dramagods, PLEASE !

    • hahahaha.. so agree with you Jung Yumi and Gong Yoo..
      additionally the character is perfect fit for Yumi. Cheng You Qing is the combined character of DoR and INR2 that Yumi played…!!!

  8. I would be in for either SJS or GY. JY is my best choice too, although I do feel like she does a lot of roles like this already. YEH – I’d be ok with her too.

    But I’m not sure how it would work with a kdrama flare to it. I think the storyline as it is would be way to “boring” for kdrama. I feel like kdramaland would have to spice it up a little. I love this TW drama as it with a few exceptions. So I’m not really sure how I would like a remake.

  9. I’m not much fond of Gong Yoo, ever since his Big flop of the drama-that-shouldn’t-be-mentioned, but the other three actors I can relate.

    Especially So Ji Sub, who is on my To Do list. LOL. I love SJS over leaps and bounds and with his winning performance of the hot ghost shield last year that got me crying overnight.

    And Jeon Ji Hyun is amazing. The girl has stamina and acts every role perfectly. I watched Blood: The Last Vampire again yesterday night and I kept marvelling over her talents.

    She broke Eric’s heart. She broke Sung Joon’s heart. She’s the breaker of all men’s hearts, Jung Yumi. Such a naturally talented actress. She would be perfect to the role too…

    Argh! Dilemmas…

  10. I only have tepid interest in the remake. If Gong Yoo is cast, then I definitely will not watch it. Just my personal preference. No offence to Gong Yoo’s fans. I tried to watch his dramas including Coffee Prince, One Find Day, and Big. I got through none of them. Ppl raved about CP. Yoon Eun Hye was absolutely charismatic, gorgeous, and sexy in CP, even in tomboy style. But Gong Yoo turned me off. Similarly in OFD. I just have to admit he’s not the type of actors who will draw me into plot line, regardless how the original writer recognized him as an ideal candidate for Da Ren’s character.

    Sorry, I’ll put my bet on So Ji-Sub for the remake to be successful. As to the female lead, I have no strong opinions either favor or go against either one. Discovery of Love failed to keep me hooked up from the very first episode. So I have no say about Jung Yu Mi’s acting. Jung Ji Hyun is an ace actress and can nail any role given to her. But I doubt she’ll be interested in taking a remake given the original is good enough if not perfect! What benefits for her to risk every on-screen moment compared to Ariel Lin?

    Among all the TW remakes, only “Witch’s Romance” kept me on hook through the end because the chemistry between the two leads was so unbelievably convincing beyond the huge age gap. And imho, this Korean remake surpasses the TW version “My Queen”. “Fated to Love You” dragged me through the 2nd ep and that’s it. The K remake of FTLY failed to give me kinda suspension and excitement that I experienced when watching the original TW version.

    So these are just my personal opinions. I’m only speaking for myself. As I said, I’m not really anticipating much for any remake given 90% of the plot is most likely predictable.

  11. I love the idea of Gong Too and Jeon Ji Hyun for the characters…but I have a feeling neither might pick the show…I can’t picture So Ji Sub as the character though I can see why his puppy dog eyes might make him a great choice and I don’t want Jung Yumi to do this for the same reasons you mentioned, it would almost seem like an extension of her role in DoL…but if they want to go a little younger I think Sung Joon might be a decent pick…though honestly it would be my dream come true if someone would cast Song Joong Ki when he returns from the army soon

  12. Gong Yoo and Jung Yumi would be great in the roles 😀
    I didn’t know the writer wrote Mars too, that was a drama that stayed with me for a long time.

  13. I echo all the cries for Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye. That would be my favorite reunion ever, since Coffee Prince was my first drama and love. If not, he and Jung Yumi would be good too. *fingers crossed for dream pairings*

  14. Sorry for Jung Yoo Mi’s fans. I’m wondering how this actress always get the roles to play someone who broke the hearts of so many hot men. From Eric, Kim Ji Suk, Lee Jin Wook. Do the writers see something appeal from her? Because I’m not. She’s not pretty, not sexy and the most important things, her characters always annoyed me too much. If the qualifications of great actings are good in crying, clinging, shouting and bitchy stuff, so..no wonder she’s been casted. And Eric acted with her not only once but twice!! Ugghhh…!!!!

      • Why so angry? I just tell my opinion about her. I’m not saying super hot/sexy but at least the writers should give us some preference why those guys like her. In her dramas, they didn’t describe the appearance nor intellegency or great behavior from her that could make those guys fell for her. I much prefer the lady who has brain rather than beauty. BUy yeah, again it’s drama after all. I hope Eric won’t have reunion AGAIN with her. He should pick up Han Ye Seul or Han Ji Hye instead if really wanna have reunion. Aishh..

    • Eric could do reunion with whoever he wants. Stupid fans. I hope Eric marry her in real life so you’ll crying river a whole of your life.

    • I think Jung Yoo Mi is pretty, especially during cry scene, no k-actress cry beautifully like her. I’m Shinhwa fan and Eric is my bias, I wish Yoo Mi and Eric become a lover IRL, get married and have a georgeous babies like their parents…heheheh

      • Sorry, but Yoo Mi isn’t Eric type. And Eric also not her type. Jung Yoo Mi is Yoo Ah In’s girlfriend. They match each other well.

  15. I like her choice of actors but I immediately thought of lee seung gi and moon chae won because the plot of ITWY is similar to the film that they just finished filming…..shame this drama wasn’t casted first =\

  16. As much as I want to So Jo Sub in a drama again I can’t realistically believe someone could friendzone a beautiful hot man like him. Not if he also has Li Da Ren’s awesome personality & loyalty.

    • If a man has a great personality and is interesting and intellegent than you can look beyond his image. I have a close friend, who is extremely built. He does triathlons but he has a great personality, he is fun to be with, and takes good care of his body. He is also religious and is extremely careful what he does with his body. I have been friends with him for more than 25 yrs. l would never do anything to jeopardize that friendship. You need to look at the larger pic when it comes to the opposit sex . I do not know the story to be made into a movie, however.

  17. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Koala. I am fan of GYEH, so I can know a lot of news about them and thanks for all your news.

  18. Love Ariel and Bolin….
    As much as I love JJH, GY and SJS… not much of a fan with JY… but I am cheering for a Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye reunion or JJH to pair up with either GY or SJS… I really miss YEH and want to see her in a good drama and story line. Her last few dramas was just a flop and honestly I couldn’t even watch half the eps.

  19. AGREE WITH THE MEN! Especially Gong Yoo but that is also because I miss him, but if So Ji Sub is on this OMG! IDK WHAT TO DO! I also think we need someone new for the girls and yeah, I wouldn’t Jung Yiumi to be typecasted. If they want a baby face, then Dara but I don’t know if she could play that coarse role. I just think they should get someone who is fairly new but has some experience in Ariel’s role.

  20. I thought it’s a movie/drama casting, and I told my sister who is a huge fan of the two guys and JJH, she was so happy then I found out it’s a wish! Sigh, I hope they are hearing our wishes and the writers to have Gong Yoo back to dramaland.

  21. So she wants someone who can really act and not some stupid 20-year old idol pretending that he is in his thirties, no surprise here. I personally would prefer someone equally talented, but a little less A-list, if you know what I mean. There are so many amazing Korean actors who don’t get recognition that they deserve.

    • Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays…anything you like! Thank you for this comment! My thoughts exactly! Acting over silly idols! I pitty the writers these days…I know that when money talks everyone listens, but then again…poor them! They have something in their heads, some plot that makes sense I mean and then, an idol pops up with all of his/her entourage and the rest is the bitter history!Even A-listers actors/resses have quite a hard time in finding suitable roles these days, so we can only imagine what happens to the others!

  22. i still wish for soong joong ki to play bolin chen’s character.

    if so ji sub or goong yoo will play bolin chen’s character, i guess they have to get another actor to play the high school part, i just hope there wont be any discordance with 2 actors playing the same part, it was much easier to relate to bolin chen’s character because he was played by the same person.Same vulnerability you see from his teenage years to his adult years.

  23. If I were to choose, I would like a reunion of ChaeKi!!! Song Jong Ki and Moon Chae Won… Song Jong Ki can be perfect as bolin chen’s character, his looks and the way he acts. and Moon Chae Won proved she can play alpha female lead, like in her movie Love Forecast… I think they will be perfect…

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