First Intriguing Teaser of Ji Sung and His 7 Personalities in Kill Me Heal Me

The beleaguered production of Kill Me Heal Me might actually be the storm before the calm, everything going wrong before it arrives only to have the end product actually turn out watchable. I don’t know but I like what I’m seeing. With leads Ji Sung, Hwang Jung Eum, Park Seo Joon, and Kim Yoo Ri, the drama released the first teaser preview yesterday and it dropped without a lot of fanfare but made quite an impact for me. The teaser video features male lead Ji Sung as the chaebol with 7 different personalities.

He’s seen walking down a dark hallway and narrating that he’s 28 years old before opening the door to a room (inside his mind) with six other versions of himself. There’s the dangerous cool guy, the mysterious X, a pair of male-female high school student fraternal twins (the boy is suicidal and the girl has got attitude), a 7 year old girl, and an older fisherman. The six alternate personalities push main dude out the door heralding a start to a psychological battle to control his body. The Ji Sung focused teaser is complemented with new drama stills of leading lady Hwang Jung Eum as a doctor.

First teaser for Kill Me Heal Me:


First Intriguing Teaser of Ji Sung and His 7 Personalities in Kill Me Heal Me — 18 Comments

  1. Ok I was going to avoid that drama because of the hot mess casting. But man, Ji Sung makes it look good.

    On a sidenote, he’s not a method actor right? Otherwise he is going to be psychotic father to be. Imagine poor wifey having hubby come home just after filming being Nana. Eeek.

  2. Seriously, I wasn’t going to watch it with the previous cast members but with this line-up, I am all in lol.
    I just finished Good Friends/Confessions and I just gotta add “I love Ji Sung” he has such a warm aura/charisma onscreen. Can’t really explain it but squeaaaaaaaals <3
    Whatever, he really makes the drama watchable so my body and mind are ready 🙂

  3. Ok, lol. I cannot fathom why he has the represented personalities unless they are “actual people” from his past. This is billed as a rom-com, right?

  4. I am not really keen on split personalities but will give this and Hyun Bin’s drama a try since I like both pairs of leads (Ji Sung/Hwang Jung Eum and Hyun Bin/Han Ji Min) in these 2 dramas.

  5. I think this might turn out good after all… I hope so for Ji Sung. But considering one drama can’t manage 2 dynamic personalities (of the male and female lead), I wonder how the total 7(?) personalities will turn out.

    I do like this teaser, fingers crossed..

  6. I was in with the mention of Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum. Now I am definitely in by seeing the gold jacket and black eyeliner personality. Ji Sung will bring me to the yard everytime. LOL

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