Kim Soo Hyun to Attend SBS Drama Awards But Loses Samsonite CF to Lee Min Ho

The SBS year end drama awards was shaping up to be the most star-studded of the big three since it led the way in splashy prime time dramas. A few weeks ago there was media attention on the biggest stars of the 2014 SBS dramas maybe not attending which would be a blow to the ratings for the show as well as determinative of who may be winning the Daesang at the end of the night. The event is less than a week away and the outcome appears a lock for Kim Soo Hyun to take home the Daesang for You From Another Star now that he’s confirmed to attend, while Lee Bo Young is also attending despite being pregnant as she’ll need to award the Daesang as the winner of last year’s award.

I think Jo In Sung deserves the SBS Daesang for his incredible and incredibly raw performance in It’s Okay, It’s Love, but I understand the network’s decision to give it to Kim Soo Hyun at the end of the day. YFAS is the only breakout K-drama all year from any network, plus even if I didn’t like Kim Soo Hyun’s performance in YFAS plenty of viewers did. Winning the Daesang, and overall raking in so much dough all year he can build his own Scrooge McDuck vault to swim in the coins, may mollify Kim Soo Hyun losing his high profile Samsonite Red CF to Lee Min Ho for the coming year. I’m still seeing the Kim Soo Hyun-Angelababy Samsonite ads in Asia but next year is Min Ho-sshi’s turn to sell them bags.

Which one do you prefer? Or shall I say, which guy makes you want to buy a Samsonite Red bag? The brand has changed CF models every year, I remember before Kim Soo Hyun it was Song Joong Ki who repped the line.


Kim Soo Hyun to Attend SBS Drama Awards But Loses Samsonite CF to Lee Min Ho — 46 Comments

  1. We are sorry, but as much as we like KSH, but Jo In Sung deserves to win… Next year should be Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye…

  2. “Which guy makes you want to buy a Samsonite Red bag?” Neither. Now if YEH were to recreate her stalker persona from the CASS ads as a tourist visiting, let’s say NZ (to pick somewhere completely at random), who uses a luggage mixup as an excuse to fixate on one of the locals, THEN I might be interested.

  3. Lee Minho for me.
    If KSH and JIS both are attending, what will they give Lee Jongsuk? I hope KSH and JIS share the Daesang and best actor to LJS for Doctor Stranger/Pinocchio.

  4. I think KSH will run riot at the SBS awards this year just seeing how they they decorated the place with the Do min joon pics from you who came from the stars… I have no doubt he will prolly win minimum 4-5 awards that night..

    If I were Jo In Sung and they were not going to give me the daesang I wouldn’t attend the show in the first place.. I remember Jo In sung attended last year to only watch LMH run riot and clean the house out of awards.. But he regained his Momentum back at the APAN star awards huge win for him that night but KSH and LMH were nowhere to be found that night.. they were basically out of the country not even in town..

    • Jo In Sung’s performance was superb for a very challenging role in IOIL, KSH’s was average for a fairly non-challenging role in YFAS. KSH can be good, but that drama did nothing to showcase his talent.

      This is why I can’t take Korean award shows seriously. I totally understand the Korean actors/actresses that choose to skip these ceremonies entirely, like JJH (if she were getting the Daesung, I’d understand that at least – vastly different role than Jo In Sung’s, but that one at least showed skilled acting).

      • Amen. It kills me to watch KSH get all the awards any time he bothers to show up for a ceremony. I understand the importance of highly-rated shows to a network, but they could also use awards to acknowledge hard work. (They could call it a Confucian thing.) You could tell JIS worked hard for IOIL–he totally “leveled up.” If he lost to JJH, I could handle it because she did outstanding comedy, but really–KSH in that particular part?

        I’m feeling petty on Jo In Sung’s behalf–enough that I get a little pleasure from knowing KSH lost a CF.

        Even though I know that’s really, really, really ridiculously petty. I do have a new year’s resolution to be a better person!

      • Honestly, if I were an actor and received a top award for a mediocre part I did knowing that someone else had a more much challenging role that he performed superbly in and I’m just getting it because the drama made more money/had higher ratings & because I’m showing up the ceremony… I’d feel like someone’s making fun of my acting.

        But I guess they don’t see that way, they just see it as a “Most Popular” award or something maybe? Who knows… that’s why I have an extra ounce of respect for all the actors that don’t bother with the farce of the award ceremonies.

  5. Like Lee Min Ho’s face needs to be plastered on MORE shop walls? His mug is already all over the place flogging random stuff like massage chairs (yeah, real classy). Oh well, I’m sure he’s raking in the money, so we don’t have to feel too sorry for him selling his artistic soul. 😉

    • Hehe..He is still raking less than Kim Soo Hyun. KSH took all the commercials while LMH was filming Gangnam1970 movie. Go Go Minho, more commercials 🙂

  6. i think they both equal when it comes to money but leeminho is a bit quite about this thing like reveals income, assest, etc. i know he must be super rich not just money from his CF but his global tour, CF event, china tv program, etc

  7. oho i prefer Song Joong Ki’s though. ahhh the mandatory military service.. but these guys arent too bad. its just that, their faces are everywhere on almost everything.

  8. Jeon Ji Hyun deserves the daesang if we were to take acting, rating and popularity into consideration, but i guess she won’t be attending the award ceremony. If I were to pick a daesang winner between JIS and KSH, i’ll go for JIS since he is a better actor.

  9. Not a fan of either guy but if based on the photos I’ll buy it from LMH.

    Yeah Song Joong Ki come back. Good looking guy with acting talent 🙂

  10. For me, I prefer KSH. As for SJK, can’t wait for May 2015 when he’s out of the army! Hopefully he does a drama first and not a movie.

  11. This article is just another bait for jealous LMH and LJS fans to come and bash KSH. This only shows how sick human nature truly is. This only shows what a great year the KSH is having… I’m so happy for him :)))))))

    • You forgot jealous JJH, JIS fans out there. Count them in the list ! They are trying hard to pull KSH down with their words,but look at how they are talking about their biases. No attending if not being given Daesang? Such a cocky/ show-off attitude ! No? So just stay home, because many people know that they have been trying hard to act mysterious for ages. And broadcasting stations don’t often given Daesang for acting in flop rating dramas.

      • Oh come. In competition for being attacked by opposite fans, Lee Min Ho ranks one. He was always attacked for taking deasang, looking fat, looking slim, looking awful, dressing badly, dressing good, …. KSH is good, I don’t deny, but Lee Min Ho is better in this CF. I am sorry KSH’s fans. Waiting for SJK is killing me by the way. I wish him got out of military service and immediately making a drama, esp. pairing up with Moon Chae Won. ah…. my innocent man syndrome….

      • No need to say sorry because there is nothing about LMH that can make KSH fans feel inferior for KSH himself.

      • Haha…. that’s a haughty remark. I am not a fan of LMH but an admirer of KSH. Yet, KSH’s fans really pissed me off sometimes…..

  12. You’re really such a bad provocator. . .kim soo hyun is really good actor, it is no doubt…he is also a hard worker actor..he really desdrve the daesang. Ok

      • Of course there is. Because the writer opinion to prefer the daesang to jo in sung + said that don’t really like KSH, Indirectly have the implisite meaning as if KSH don’t deserve the daesang. So there are some negative comments to KSH

    • I thought you knew the rules of this blog?? This is a Robin Hood blog where they steal from the rich and give it to the poor..

      Basically LMH and KSH are targetted with negativity in this blog. Even thou I don’t agree I find it some how funny.

  13. As an older woman and a non-asian as well, I must admit that KSH is a far better actor than LMH, or had better choices in terms of acting…not sure yet! But better than Jo In Sung??? In what universe?? The universe of the SBS’and its CEOs?Or the CFs’world? it all about money and nothing but money? Or is it about true talent? Same old story all over again…(sigh!)

    • Jo In Sung?? lool!

      It depends on the masses but not on single individuals opinions and sadly for your taste.. LMH is the best actor according to the masses taste, basically delivers there needs and some how found his way of making love to his audience thru the screen.. Kim soo Hyun has the masses on his lap as well.. so the Question is Who is Jo In Sung? I mean Seriously who is Jo In Sung?

      If you can’t get the hearts of the masses plzz step down and accept your fate because you didn’t do enough to capture peoples hearts.. And thats what LMH AND KSH are all about..

    • When your bias’s acting couldn’t help make his project a success, you had no choice but held on to something else to bash others, ie, CF, CEO, money? Remember one thing, lady: Korean drama awards are not like Blue dragon, Grand Bell, or critic association where they used to give awards for acting in movies that could only sell below or a bit more than 1mil tickets (but the public majority didn’t even remember those actings).

      The irony is that : since JIS won “Apan daesang”, his fans started to think that he was eligible for any daesangs. If last year he even lost important awards to LMH (who you thought was not better than KSH), what will secure him a win this year from KSH ? Go and fight with JJH who has just confirmed her attendance, and leave KSH alone. Also, keep making 10%rating dramas and see how long they will remain themselves as better actors with that.

  14. Youre fighting for nothing…Jun Ji Hyun has already confirmed her attendance in SBS Drama Awards. So for sure, she might get the Daesang which I want LJS to take it.

  15. to be fair & judging on acting alone daesang should be givin to JIS, LJS or JJH
    they are the ones who really deserve it especially JIS & LJS .. but unfortunately in such awards only ratings/money speak ..
    happy that JIS won the daesang ….and LJS won the Grimae 2014 and he is the youngest actor to win it (at least his acting has been acknowledge by the professional people in the industry ).

  16. I think JJH & KSH will share daesang award because this drama is not popular like this if they lack each other. Both of them are wonderful actor and actress. I wish they can get this award or at least one of them should get it, it’s no doubt if they get it because they are so good in acting.

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