First Official Still of Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min in Hyde, Jekyll, Me

For awhile it was looking like the upcoming SBS Wed-Thurs drama Hyde, Jekyll, Me would win the time slot competition over fellow multiple personality rival Kill Me Heal Me over on MBC. That drama was looking like a possible DOA what with not being able to lock down a main cast much less start filming. Winning by default isn’t bad but not exactly a resounding validation that Hyun Bin‘s post-military comeback drama choice was the right pick. With KMHM racing to play catch up with leads Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum on board, suddenly it looks like a race again.

I have to give the early round to the first promo picks from KMHM which play up the comedy and crazy angle, whereas the first still from Hyde, Jekyll, Me leave much room for improvement. Hyun Bin’s hair is crazy bad, the slicked back flat top accentuates his small head and gives him an unfortunately receding hairline illusion. Why couldn’t the two leads have kept their normal day hair? Han Ji Min does rock her auburn long locks and the sight of the two together is pretty darn cute at the end of the day.


A late addition to the cast is idol group Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri playing a girl with a major crush on Hyun Bin’s chaebol amusement park president with split personality.


First Official Still of Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min in Hyde, Jekyll, Me — 18 Comments

  1. Probably a little too early to compare KMHM and Hyde, Jekyll and I’s promotions. The first one will start airing three weeks before and have already released a teaser, several stills and BTS while we only have that one single picture for Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min’s drama.

    Read that Hyun Bin will have a change of tone of voice and haircut showing its change of personality, I guess that’s why they tried to do something a little drastic with the haircut.

    But good luck to both productions and may the best win!

  2. I can’t wait of seeing HYUN BIN on screen, all of us a looking forward to this upcoming drama! Keep it up HB we’re following on YOU!

    • Totally agree, the man is so fine and his acting is really good to me. I absolutely loved him in ‘Late Autumn’. I reckon that’s his Jekyll version, hopefully he has a better hairstyle as Hyde (all messy and sexy?)

  3. NOOOOO, Please not Hyeri. I can’t stand her!!!! She seems so fake to me, and her singing O.O I’m not sure she will be a revelation in acting. Anyway I hope she doesn’t appear much, girl really annoys me.
    In the other side I’m so exited to see Hyunbin and Ha Ji Min.

  4. Yay! First still looks good, I dare say. Although Koala is right about HB’s haircut, so maybe his other personality will be his sexy one? Watch, this will be like Jang Hyuk’s hairstyle transformation in FTLY, except HB will probably have to change his hairstyle more often, since I don’t know when the other personality will emerge? HJM’s hair color is okay, thought I do wish it was a tad bit darker.
    I will try not compare this drama to Kill Me, Heal me, b/c I like both OTPs and for me to favor one over the other will be difficult. But with this multiple personalities thing going on for both plots, the comparisons will be inevitable.

  5. His hair styling is unique, that’s what make this stills stands out- a refreshing change from the standard mushroom cut which has been worn by many actors for years. Perhaps this manly image is meant to make a drastic contrast with his other character personality, possibly a cissy, weak, flower boy type. Anyway, will watch him in anything.

  6. there’s a resemblance in view on the still;
    looking at Han Ji Min and Hyun Bin, is like Han Ji Min and Jung Jae Young..
    the glasses, the stiffness, HJM hair

  7. i really like his haircut though. It’s not the best, but it give a certain feel to the character. I could totally feel what his character is going to be like just from that first still alone. He seem uptight, cold, calculating and restrained. It’s unbelievable what a haircut can do to a person

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