Ji Sung Runs Through Guyliner in Latest Stills from Kill Me Heal Me

MBC must’ve sent the costume coordinator for Kill Me Heal Me out to buy an entire shopping basket full of eyeliner. At the rate that Ji Sung is going through it to whenever the leader of Cha Do Hyun’s six other personalities comes out to play, that might not even be enough. All of Do Hyun’s other personalities have names and attitudes and the leader of the pack is the homme fatale by the name of Shin Seki. It’s no wonder he’s the alpha of the other personalities since the first stills of him in the drama involve blood and beating another dude up.

I never thought the day would come that I want Ji Sung to wear guyliner more often, LOL. I think he looks fantastic as Shin Seki, all coiled and dangerous with a decidedly flashy fashion streak. Fans of the Secret couple should have a blast watching those two leads pull off completely different characters and romance build up with each other. Hwang Jung Eum‘s first year resident psychiatrist is described as super smart and pretty but her personality and habits don’t match her exterior. She eats like a horse, is shockingly strong, and has poor hygiene. On top of all that she suffers from bipolar disorder. Like I said, KMHM ought to be interesting to say the least.


Ji Sung Runs Through Guyliner in Latest Stills from Kill Me Heal Me — 9 Comments

  1. LMAO never thought a day would come when I would see Ji Sung with a guy liner! I loved the leads in Secret and was addicted to the drama. I cannot wait for this one!

  2. I guess, its going to be two major personalities here the original personality and this “guyliner”..the others probably wont get much screen time…..

    Another twist to Jekyll and Hyde

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