Someone Like You Releases First Previews and Holds Pop-up Exhibit in Taipei

If I didn’t know how smoldering Kingone Wang could be onscreen opposite his leading ladies in any drama, I would be freaking out right now based on how terribly awkward he is doing the promo rounds with Kirsten Jen for upcoming SETTV Sunday night drama Someone Like You (Chinese title Hearing Happiness). He looks alternately confused and sullen, even when asked to do the trendy Kabedon (wall press) on Kirsten, who thankfully always looks like a cheery overly enthusiastic chipmunk at media events.

The two leads were at the popular Huashan Culture Park in Taipei to unveil the drama pop-up exhibit featuring a romantic walkthrough for couples including the chance to take a heartbeat test on a machine that supposedly measures whether a couple’s hearts beat faster around each other. I was at Huashan just last week and now feel totally bummed all I saw was the Le Petit Prince exhibit. The network released previews for the drama to go along with these new promo efforts and I really like what I see even if it’s basically a mash-up of many SETTV idol dramas of yore. If Kingone keeps bringing it like he already does in the previews then I’m so in for the long haul. 

First previews for Someone Like You:


Someone Like You Releases First Previews and Holds Pop-up Exhibit in Taipei — 3 Comments

  1. Looking forward to this too, hopefully it will be lighthearted and not too angsty! On a sidenote, can you imagine how awkward would it be if the couple’s heartbeat don’t increase when they are around each other though. Haha!

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