Hyde, Jekyll, Me Drops First Poster and Character Stills of the Charming Cast

The first drama and character posters are out for Hyde, Jekyll, Me right in time to start off the 2015 drama year on a positive note. It all looks good but not great, not that I was expecting great or even needing it to check out this drama. Hyun Bin really is enough to lure to me, and having him play two personalities is doubling the pleasure.  I like the color scheme in the posters but am a tad underwhelmed with how it continues to look like a standard K-drama rom-com without anything fresh.

One would think a dual personality male lead is unique enough to mess up the joint a little but all I see are chaebol bicker and fall in love with plucky poor girl, and instead of her warming his cold heart, there’s already a nice guy version of him around to win her heart first. It doesn’t help that Hyun Bin’s cold guy personality is basically Kim Joo Won from Secret Garden mashed with So Ji Sub‘s Joo Joong Won in The Master’s Sun. The mashup would be complete if Han Ji Min is the first girl to ever crack his hard shell and the one who holds the key to curing his condition.

First preview for Hyde, Jekyll, Me:


Hyde, Jekyll, Me Drops First Poster and Character Stills of the Charming Cast — 12 Comments

  1. Okay, I don’t care about jerky Hyun Bin. Cute Hyun Bin sells it for me. Dat dimple. This drama seems rather tame compared to KMHM, but that might work to its advantage even if nothing really stands out much right now.

  2. Still torn. Kill Me Heal Me is definitely more engaging if we only look at the promo material, but it has more chance than Hyde, Jekyll, Me to turn into a trainwreck (hero w/ 7 personalities, lady who ALSO has a personality disorder, fauxcest. It’s really ambitious). Hyde, Jekyll, Me sounds formulaic and cliche as hell, but if the execution and acting is good, this is going to be a cozy and comfy watching. Sometimes we don’t need more.
    Must admit I don’t really give credit to teasers/promos. I’ve been burned so many times and they have been misleadings more than once. Esp. with SBS. I recently found the promotion of Pinocchio really underwhelming, yet the drama is excellent. Maybe the charm will work again here. So, yeah, I’ll wait for the finished products before making any hasty judgments.

    • Yep, its definitely too early to tell which one would be good. Although i would be honest that i am more attracted to the teasers of KMHM both shows have good actors and actresses so the win for this one woudl depend on the writing and directing. So ill try and see where it goes from there.

  3. Yep same with me. I’m going to wait until both finish airing before I determine what I like. I have definitely been burned by interesting promos and then crappy and even crappier execution and storylines. On the extreme end, I’d say the promos of those dramas were the best part of it.

    I think comparison with KMHM is inevitable since they are up against each other in this time slot. I think KMHM definitely has the ratings advtg over JHM. I really do have to see what this drama is going to present to me first. I’m no huge HB fan but I like him enough to check it out. I’m curious to what kind of depth we will see, if any, between his character’s two personalities.

    JS, I would say, I am more of a fan so I would check KMHM out solely for him. 7 personalities – but is there any depth to any of them? I will watch and wait and see. Like I said, jury is out on both for me personally until the whole is done. 🙂 I hope I like them both.

  4. arrgggh i love HB but i cant find any chemistry between him and HJM, or maybe just me… i find KMHM more interesting but HB is here,,, what to do? accckkkkk – KDRAMA Addict Problems

  5. Yes i like hyun bin and han ji min, and i can see that there is chemistry and i will definately watch it BUT this drama needs that someethng extra to make it unique and more intriguing… From the teasers it just seems like your average rom-com with the arrogant chaebol and the upbeat poor girl that falls in love with him.. this drama would be awesome like 5 years ago… Nowdays dramas have changed so much and HJi need to brng something more o the game o make it exciting…but we shall see in the future…

  6. I happen to like your average rom-com so I am quite excited that this one is coming down the like! If Binnie can sell it, all the more better.

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