Park Shin Hye Quiets Detractors with Credible Romantic Attraction and Tension in Pinocchio

Whether Pinocchio is considered a modest or moderate success as a K-drama, one element of undeniable breakthrough was leading lady Park Shin Hye finally showing off an all-around acting performance that includes credible romantic stirring and attraction on her part. Whether she got over the hump on her own or leading man Lee Jong Seok had a helping hand in it, the result is a win-win for the audience to watch a drama showcase a central OTP who loved each other both as family and as mutually attracted young lovers. It was becoming a broken record about how she always looks like a deer in headlights when asked to do a kiss scene, at least we know she doesn’t have an aversion to making out with Lee Jong Seok LOL.

In the upcoming video preview for episode 18, there’s a glimpse of a shaving scene that hits me harder than previous kiss previews. Ha Myung hurt his hand and In Ha is shaving him while staring at his lips like she wants to lick the shaving cream right off him. Talk about rawr, kitten! I don’t blame her, the shaving cream totally emphasizes Lee Jong Seok’s luscious lips, of which Park Shin Hye is now plenty familiar since Pinocchio hasn’t been skimpy on the skinship between the two leads. If there’s any room for further improvement, Park Shin Hye can keep working on her lip movements and try using more tongue, a little slip here and there would raise the sexual tension exponentially, yes?

Pinocchio MV:


Park Shin Hye Quiets Detractors with Credible Romantic Attraction and Tension in Pinocchio — 46 Comments

  1. I was a little annoyed that people were getting on her case about that. I mean, yeah, she showed some discomfort with Lee Min Ho in Heirs, but she had great chemistry with Yoon Shi Yoon, which produced one of my favorite tender Kdrama kisses in recent memory. So I knew she had it in her.

    I’m glad she’s getting all the support and praise that she should be getting.

  2. Kekekkeke… Agreeed… She’s somewhat improve a lot here, but she could do much better, if she used her tounge and explore more… Still feels that the kiss scene still reserved, it feels like she is guraded.. But bravo she is improving a lot..

    My favorite, would be the kiss scene on ep 8!

  3. Yep! As one of those detractors, I’ve been vocal with my praise for her much improved performance in this role. I personally thought she shone in FBND, but only in the scenes on her own. For me, she had the same zero-chem problem with the lead there, too. Although that could be because I found the character of Enrique to be skin-crawlingly repellent. 🙂

    But there’s no doubt about it, she’s sold the deal here. I’m very pleased for her, because obviously, it’s such an important part of a K-actress’ “toolkit”, and so making such a “dramatic” improvement should bode well for her future growth as an actress.

  4. Uh, I don’t think the tongue thing is going to happen. This is public broadcasting.

    Anyway, the people that criticized PSH for that closet kiss scene with Lee Min Ho are messed up. He sprang that up on her without telling her yet somehow it’s her fault for giving an awkward reaction. If people can’t even see what is wrong with their reactions and are unable to even grasp the situation then they really are hopeless.

      • I am guessing that you did not read any of his after the kiss interviews where he says that the director did not want him to inform PSH about that closet kiss.But if you choose to just label him as disrespectful towards his co star with out having all the facts that is another story.

    • Every time i read articles about it, it actually makes me sad. The girl was violated. How could a director do this?. And not to mention ppl on the intl side were too much with their criticism. No actresses should undergo the same.

  5. Breakout performance of PSH, I love her here the best female character in Kdrama in 2014. And also PSH kisses here is romantic not deer in the headlights and looks who benefited, I think LJS loving every scene, he looks like in love same with PSH.

    • Second that. Choi inha is the best. *heart eyes* For me, the best female lead character in 2014. I really love dalpo and inha. One of the best OTP in kdramaland. 🙂

  6. LJS approach to PSH is always so gentle. It great that he makes her feel comfortable first.
    I look forward to this week and hope to see more cute moments.

  7. Finally a compliment! Sometimes it tiring to always her people complimenting her weak points its a nice change to have someone point out her improvements. There is definitely more room for improvements!
    I think it also helps that LJS makes her feel comfortable and at ease so the environment with them feels natural and it helps the chemistry greatly.(

  8. Oh yes, I think now I know why many people say that jongsuk is so gentle, even shinhye can feel it and create the real chemistry with him.

  9. Dang.. Park shin hye’s RAWR expression.. So seductive.. I think she is showing phenomenal acting in pinocchio. All the kiss scenes were very beautiful(and hot hehe) and so full of feels.

    Nah.. I feel tongue movements aren’t needed here. It might affect the natural feel of this scene.

    Loved that mv. So beautiful. 🙂

    • Also tongue action in a kdrama? In a public broadcasting channel with 15+ viewers?. Don’t think its gonna happen. It definitely isn’t in the hands of the actress to have the final word of judgement either.

  10. PSH is good in this drama. For her evolution, I wonder if her personal life has changed (like a boyfriend). She was a child actor and worked a lot since that. She always seems innoncent for me ( she goes to the church, any scandals).

  11. I wish people would stop bugging her to kiss her leading men a certain way. I’m pretty sure that decisions on how to kiss come from the director, and actors can merely suggest their take on the script. Demanding that she ‘use her tongue’ or open her mouth more gives the message, “Hey, make it a bit more racy! We want it racy!”

    It’s unfair to her, and it’s creepy on us.

  12. I’m so glad that LJS is her leading man. They really harmonize together and showed perfect chemistry on screen which appeals to be realistic for me. I wonder if there is something going on between them. For Jong suk, I can sense that he’s truly head over heels to Shinhye just the way he looks at her. Hope their on screen romance will turn into real-life.. They are just match made in heaven.

    • Nah.. He looks head over heel with Park Bo Young in IHYV too. I don’t think he really like PSH. It’s just a perfect acting. Frankly speaking, I don’t think there are actor that really like PSH. she’s so sweet, demure and almmost like sugar.

      • You meant LBY? and most of his hardcore fans know he had a crush on her back in ihyv days so… go figure
        And you don’t think there are actors that really like PSH? Why not? She is beautiful, fun and talented? Who wouldn’t fall for her in a better question

      • she might look sweet but that girl is sassy. Don’t underestimate her because of her sweet look

      • @PSH Its lee bo young-sshi. Is being sweet something wrong to be not liked? No actors like her?. Why do i get a feeling that you are probably shipping her with an IDOL?!!!.. haha. Anyways, Its their personal life. At the end of the day, we can only make assumptions. She is an amazing girl. Whoever gets to date her is lucky.

  13. Park shin Hye is a very private person when mention about “dating”.unless she is going to get marry with the person than she will make that announcement. Anyway she is a very lucky girl surrounded by a lots of popular and handsome guys.

  14. Its good to hear good critics about PSH improvement.Pinocchio has also suppass 860m views.can u believe it?jong suk’s fanmeeting tickets in China were sold out in 30seconds with the highest price.its really true that Shin hye always make her co-stars more popular

      • well it’s not wrong if Pinocchio makes him even more popular there which is proven by the numbers
        And PSH is a contribution of it.

        Just like LMH was already but but Heirs made him huge. PSH was his partner.

        Let’s not mention LJS,JYH etc…

        It’s like she has good luck charm.
        So while people said she is lucky to work with all the hotties. I think they are lucky to work with her because in most cases she seems to make her partners shine and getting more popular

      • Shin hye made lee jong suk more popular.take a lOok ast the number of views pinocchio has(860m. Views) that’s more than whatt doctor stranger got which was (670m views).the drama is currenty the most seached drama and most wached drama on Youku.his fanmeeting tickets were sold with the highest price in 30seconds.he’s currently the most seached actor,who did u think made this happen? Doctor stranger or Pinocchio.thanks ti the production team,lee jong suk has finally cemented his popularity in,give the costars and the production team some praises and not just lee jong suk himself

  15. yeah, I think her romantic connection with LJS really shines in Pinocchio.

    (and give her some credit for it too, it’s not all LJS, even he can’t generate sparks with a co-star if that co-star gives him nothing back – look at his last drama before this for evidence)

    • I know right? JS’s acting was great there but I can’t root for their romance at all. She is like wood or something… I can’t see anything from her face…

  16. i have watched all of PSH’s dramas and have to say that this is her absolute best as an actress. everything seems to have aligned for it. yes, i’m not big of her kissing scenes in her previous shows and i have to admit she can still do better on her kissing scenes on pinnochio but there’s been a tremendous change about her.

    i think the director, camera and editing team is actually making the best choices in panning out of her kissing scenes with LJS. have you noticed that when things are supposed to get a little “hot and heavier”, they pan out to show the overall scene as opposed to focusing on the actual kiss? i think that’s the case because she still doesn’t really fully immerse herself into it.

    anyways, that’s my 2 cents. but don’t get me wrong… still loving their chemistry here!

  17. What a great fan-made music video, now i’m tempted to start watching this series. Only problem is LJS is not my cup of tea, even my love for Park Shin Hye can’t convince me otherwise.

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