Plucky Ha Na Brings Out Sweet Alter-ego Robin in Fourth Preview for Hyde, Jekyll, Me

The fourth and latest preview for Hyde, Jekyll, Me is the best yet, showcasing in a short thirty seconds just enough backstory and juicy tidbits to whet my appetite. It’s actually arriving next week now that Pinocchio wraps up tomorrow, turning the Wed-Thurs time slot into a battle of the personality disorders. Unlike Kill Me Heal Me and the main personality being the sweet likable one, this drama writes amusement park chaebol president Koo Seo Jin as the cold mean one while his alter ego Robin is all smiles and kindness. He’s also the one not wearing glasses and has less shellacked hair for better differentiation.

Putting aside naming the alternate personality Robin, which immediately makes me want to yell Batman in response, I like that the drama is paving the foundation for how the two personalities coexist. Seo Jin apparently has been keeping Robin from coming out for the last five years, likely from being the cold, repressed, has no life asshole so he doesn’t get too close to anyone to trigger anything. Meeting leading lady Jang Ha Na ends up releasing Robin, much to Seo Jin’s dismay. He even nicknames Ha Na “Bul Gil Ri” for meaning bad luck or bad omen for her presence causing calamities for him.

Fourth preview for Hyde, Jekyll, Me:


Plucky Ha Na Brings Out Sweet Alter-ego Robin in Fourth Preview for Hyde, Jekyll, Me — 27 Comments

  1. This is the first teaser I watched and I was keeping my expectations low despite the strong Binnie love.. but woohoo! Seems like I’ll be having a fun 2-3 months ahead of me! And also finally, a drama for Lizzyd!

  2. Still this drama has the same vibe as secret garden a copy of his old cold hearted chaebol character and mean to the powerless leading lady they are playing it all over again which is mehh!! i may give the first episode a try just to see how the kind side of him aka robin will turn out to be!

  3. I was going to watch it but now i think i’ll pass coz the teasers look so silly, and not impressed by the acting either in these previews. So tired of those cold rich guys being violent towards the girl. Robin doesn’t look very credible I don’t know so cliche, one being super super kind and the other is like a total jerk, come on you can do better characters than these!! Looks like a show for teengirls. But maybe i’ll be proven wrong and it will not be that bad, I will probably watch the first ep if the reviews are good. On the other hand I’m really enjoying KMHM which has more interesting and complexe characters. And the acting is very impressive. Everyone has been comparing these two shows, no matter the ratings the winner for me will be the one with better story line and actors. The ratings doesn’t reflect anything. Good luck to both

    • Tell me about it…even though i like hyun bn and han ji min this drama (at the moment) seems like a drama that could have been made like five years ago..nothing new… The mean cold chaebol guy and the poor sweet girl tha will save him bla bla bla! On the other hand everything about KMHM is no new and have a modern approach! Besides ji sungs acting s from another world…

      • I agree. Ji Sung is really impressive. He’s killing it. That guys is great in everything he does, and very different. I like how he always choses not so easy roles to play. I have a huge respect for him!! HB is not bad but far from JS’ s level in my opinion. And this character is like nothing new to him. He should have picked something different for his comeback. And HJM is really bad for me. I already see her having this same suprised big eyes look on her face the whole series. And yeah KMHM looks good so far. The best thing about it is the main couple. These two are on fire haha their chemistry is the best.

      • Allelujah sister!! Agree with u 100%..hope people dont get mad that we are talking about KMHM on this post but i Cant help it! The show is soooo good! And ji sung and hwang jung eum should just work only with each other in the future…just sayin!!

      • I concur actually i don’t know why hyun bin picked this drama to me it’s nothing new it doesn’t matter if the show ends up getting good ratings or not, what matters, at least to me, a fresh plot with impressive acting and great chemistry for the main couple! i do like hyun bin and i think he is a great actor but watching the teasers and reading the synopsis i can’t help but only see his character in secret garden it would have been better if he picked a new captivating role for his comeback that is of course my opinion…As for Ji sung i applaud him he took the opportunity in KMHL to show case his versatile skills, seven different personalities are hard to display and at my surprise he is doing extremely well.

  4. I’m currently watching KMHM and I’m quite enjoying it, but that doesn’t mean I’m not excited for this drama as well. I’m finding that a lot of people are making negative assumptions about this drama already, and I’m surprised because people made assumptions about KMHM being a trainwreck before it aired, and clearly it isn’t. I know everyone is entitled to their opinions and nobody has to watch both, so I’m not angry or anything. I’m just surprised that people are choosing sides. My own opinion is simply that we should be counting our lucky stars that we get to see both Ji Sung and Hyun Bin on screen 2 times a week. I’m crossing my fingers that both dramas continue to be, and will be amazing!

      • Oops post it accidentally. So yeah I was going to say that it just keeps on deceiving teaser after teaser. It just really looks bad from the plot to the acting. From the teasers i don’t see any credible emotion from the two leads (Ji Sung killed it in a 30 sec preview for kmhm). Here it looks so soulless and fake like some kind of fairy tail for kids. I’m really just dissapointed and there’s no hate, just my opinion.

    • Yes im not bashing hyun bins drama in any way, i am just expressing what i feel about it based on the promotions… Who knows maybe they are not telling everything n their synopss and the drama turns out completely fresh and new… but at the moment its kinda mehh.. but i will definately watch t after KMHM!

    • Gah I should have written this in my original post: I wasn’t talking about the opinions/comments here! Sorry for the confusion. I actually have some of the same reservations as you guys about the promotion of the drama. I was really talking about some of the people I’ve seen in forums bashing the drama with what were more like insults with no grounds rather than constructive criticisms or opinions. I’m sorry if anybody was offended!

      • It’s ok hehe. There will always be negative people, insults and such things, just don’t pay attention. I know it may be hard sometimes lol but hey what can we do after all

  5. The anxiety attack in the elevator reminds of Secret Garden which is ok since Binnie rocked his character. Why tamper with a winning character role?

    • Ehm cause maybe its his job as an ACTOR to challenge himself and portray different characters and play new roles and showcase different things each time??? so if his role n secret garden was succesful he can keep on playing the same character?

  6. Lol at the comment…instead of talking about this drama,everybody is supporting KMHM while criticizing this drama….

    Damn people, give this drama a chance…The 1st episode is not even being aired yet…

      • i think i have to repeat myself AGAIN!!! everything we wrote we wrote it as comments on how the drama looks from the PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL AND ITS GENERAL SYNOPSIS ALONE!! i don’t get it why people get so defensive about it… so because its hyun bin we have to build a monument for him and praise his acting and all his dramas? (which by the way i wouldnt say it but the heck i will, even though gorgeous appearance wise he is mediocre to say the least as an actor, but that’s just me, so to each his own)..

  7. Well maybe kmhm will win in the ratings war, which is fine and I like it and ji sung too. But I do think that I will enjoy this drama more. Traditional rom com, I don’t mind but I’d like to see how much of an actual similarity it is to SEGA. Nothing that anyone puts out is mind blowing new anymore, including kmhm but for me, it’s about how they take it and make it their own. If they can pull me and get me invested in this story and its characters than i am all there. So praying that that will happen for me with this drama. If the masses of netizens don’t like it, so be it. I am still hoping for the best here.

  8. Yeah KMHM is daebak!!i’m dying wait for the next eps!altough never seen Ji Sung and Hwang Jeung Eum drama’s before (“Secret” was too sad for me,i can’t stand watch her cry for entire episodes) but their chemistry too amazing!

  9. I know, right? I don’t know why but JS-HJE just… so perfect together (as on-screen pairing). They’re the best pairing for each other, especially for JS since I see HJE great with Joo Sang Wook, Choi Daniel, Kim Jae Won too; but I see so many of JS drama and he has best chem with HJE. No wonder they reunite so fast.

  10. Hmm… the drama looks really pretty. An uninteresting kind of pretty. I’m still gonna watch the first ep to judge for myself. I’ve never been a rabid fan of HB though. Not that I dislike him! This drama will probably be a hit. It’s just that the promotions are so, meh. Just there.

    I’ve been watching KMHM too…<3 And completely enjoying it, too.

    • I think what makes KMHM rock is that JS’s 2 main characters are both lovable in their own different way, beginning with the teaser. Whereas HB’s characters don’t feel that exciting and a little bit formulaic, i.e. sweet guy and cold guy. Of course, this is just my impression from watching the promos.

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