Kim So Eun Upsets WGM Fans by Explicitly Putting the Kibosh on Real Life Romance with Song Jae Rim

The tides of public affection can change on a dime and usually it’s when something disappoints for whatever reason. The super popular current We Got Married onscreen pairing of Kim So Eun and Song Jae Rim recently passed their 100 days show married milestone, with the couple going to Turkey for their fake married honeymoon. The couple was a fan favorite from the beginning and with the viewer excitement over their chemistry onscreen there is now backlash over Kim So Eun basically making it explicitly clear that nothing is ever going to happen with her and Song Jae Rim in real life.

She gave an interview to a Chinese paper recently explaining that nothing could ever develop between her and her WGM costar because they only see each other once every two weeks to film an episode and in between they don’t even keep in contact because both are too busy with their own schedules. Their fandom is naturally upset at her for popping their delulu bubble, less that anyone in this day and age actually thought WGM was real but more at Kim So Eun for being so cold and blunt about it rather than playing along with the game.

I still haven’t checked out an episode of their WGM pairing but I did love their sultry Allure Magazine spread from last November. With that said, their real life interactions do not give me any indication that Kim So Eun could be having feelings for Song Jae Rim, whereas he was less obvious and seemed to actually harbor a little harmless crush on her. Her body language in pictures speak volumes – she’s leaning or looking away from him while he’s leaning into her, and even their posed shots are cute together without giving that extra hhhhhmmmm factor when two actors leave viewers wondering if something more is going on. I do get WGM fans annoyance with Kim So Eun for being unnecessarily candid at this point when the show is going on, there should be some “heh heh maybe” element left on the table otherwise even the limited satisfaction of watching fake couples goes out the window.


Kim So Eun Upsets WGM Fans by Explicitly Putting the Kibosh on Real Life Romance with Song Jae Rim — 99 Comments

    • It’s only lame because you haven’t invested your emotions into this show. Most humans are empathetic. Meaning, we humans base our feelings on what we see and how they can affect us.

      The only reason people are upset is because the whole ‘fakevsreality’ is brought to light and our emotions are torn. Sure, she may not have feelings for him but the illusion of the show was to portray romantic feelings between the couples. Yet, that illusion has been broken.

      The purpose of the show is to trick viewers into believing in the romantic couplings. It may be scripted but viewers aren’t supposed to think about that.

      Can you blame the people getting upset?

      If you invested your time and your emotions in watching this couple and then suddenly they reveal something like this then of course you’d be upset. It’s natural.

      Not lame, stupid or petty but a natural reaction of the human mind.

      • I actually do know the definition of empathetic.

        Anyway, what’s the difference about bringing it to light and not? Isn’t that clearly self-delusion? Like, you know that the show is be real but when it’s put on the table you vehemently try to deny it. The thing is, I’m not sure why people are upset, because ultimately the show will continue and you can still continue watching them as you like. How will this even impact the viewers when they already knew it all along?

        You may say that it’s unprofessional of her, but I think that’s just an excuse. Many actors and actresses, when filming dramas, say that they don’t have feelings for their partners even during the broadcast period. No one ever gets upset about that. If you can convince yourself that WGM is “real” in the first place, I don’t see why you can’t just ignore her comments and continue believing in that.

  1. I watch this pairing weekly and it was a bit disheartening to hear Kim Soeun say that. It’s common knowledge that WGM is scripted and I hardly believe any WGM couple will ever actually date in real life but the main point of the show is to sell that rosy virtual marriage. It’s kind of hard to enjoy the show now since one would wonder if she’s been acting all along. I’d like to think that there’s a part of her that genuinely likes Song Jaerim, even just as a friend. (P.S. Spoiler! It’s kind of funny because in the most recent episode, neither knows each other’s birthdays and Jaerim kept guessing the wrong date even after they’d told each other in previous episodes) N’ertheless, I’m still going to keep watching the show. Those two together is a trip.

  2. I have not watched the show, but am aware of this pair’s popularity so I can say to Kim So Eun, good for you, she is proving that besides being an actress that she is a real person with her own opinion as her personal tastes in men & life. She is showing that she is a straightforward person, a major problem with fans is their fantasies of celebrities, they believe they have ownership of them. Assumptions can be dangerous especially with k-entertainment, better the band aid is taken off now instead of later, its likely to hurt all parties less. Especially should these 2 have different special someone’s in the future, the negative impact could have been greater.

    • She’s allowed an opinion but she as an actress and an entertainer should have understood that by stating her opinion, people may get upset. If you’re saying ‘actresses are people too’ then yes I agree but I also have to say that she should not have chosen entertaining and acting if she could not keep a professional profile. Yes, she’s a ‘real person’, a ‘real person’ with a job. Her job was to play the role of a wife, she was doing brilliantly until she broke her facade. That is why it turned into a huge problem.

  3. Glad she can own up to it though! I find their pairing cute, but I feel like he’s doing most of the work and she’s just like heh, I’ll play along.

  4. she’s kind of retarded…really she should know better…it ruins the fun of watching the show…and honestly, i think he can do better than her anyways…

    • Why do people who watch this show treat it like it is reality though? It’s clearly stated as a variety show, meant to entertain. There’s no promise of a relationship actually happening. If shippers want to delusionally ship the two, then they should do it within their own bubble. Kim So Eun setting straight that the show is indeed a scripted variety show is speaking the truth. Viewers know this but when they’re confronted with this fact, it’s her fault. For what exactly? For not letting delusional shippers who want the two to be in a relationship to continue to believe there is something real there? Come on now. Even you can see how nonsensical that is.

      Shippers can ship all they want, but it absolutely makes no sense to hold Kim So Eun accountable for fans’ delusions.

      • But that’s exactly the point of the show. People watch it knowing it’s fake, but still wanting to be delusional about potentially a real life relationship. That’s the whole appeal of the show. If people just wanted to watch scripted romance, they could watch any k-drama.

        WGM isn’t a variety show like Running Man that is primarily based on games/guests, and any “shipping” (like Gary-JiHyo) is secondary. WGM is a show dedicated entirely to the “relationship,” so yeah, of course KSE’s comment is not going to be well received by viewers.

      • @ nan If people choose to willingly stay delusional, that shouldn’t be held against Kim So Eun for not fanning the delusion. It still makes no sense. Fans can still watch the show without actually being delusional about the romance.

        People need to stop ignoring the variety aspect of this show. There are a whole bunch of cameras and crew on set with the couple if you weren’t aware. Kim So Eun is being blasted for just stating what viewers are already aware of. If you choose to ignore that this is a variety show, that this is scripted, that they are most probably on the show to promote themselves and not to find a relationship, that’s all on you. You have no one to be mad at but yourself for willingly choosing to delude in the “realness” of the couple.

      • You are not getting the point. Kim So Eun is not wrong, she is just unprofessional. Her job was to act in a virtual marriage. Nobody expect them to date in real life and get upset if they don’t. They are upset because she lacks tact. I admit some people are really delulu about couples that have long ago stepped off WGM. But KSE is still on WGM right now. Just like acting in a drama, WGM is another semi-drama she is working on. Her job is to provide the fantasy for their viewers. Can you imagine an actor while acting in a drama, then turn facing the camera and say, “i dont really love her, we are just acting and you are watching a drama right now!” This is what she basically did with her interview. People are not dumb enough to think all WGM couples are real, just like they know that actors in dramas are not really in love with each other. But why do people still get moved and cries while watching a drama? Because they are being deliver a fantasy, a story ~ a very similar premise WGM is delivering.

    • So she’s retarded cause she was being honest? That’s a bit rude no? Blantly honest yes. At least she wasnt lying & trying to fake it like Oh Yeon Seo!

      She’s just being realistic this show is scripted & meant only for entertainment.. Look at the delusional Khuntoria fans! Nickhun & Tiffany have been dating for a long time but that didn’t stop them.

    • indeed, i know variety is just variety, she can has a boyfriend and act lovey dovey with her partner in WGM, but i don’t like the way she draws a line with jae rim, if she say that comment after wgm ended, it’s okay. but at least she knows she still act as wife on the show,she should know how many fans love them together, even for a show.

      i saw so many wgm couple who said they didn’t contact each other after wgm ended (only few couple who said they still keep in touch even their show has ended long time ago) but she said it now? i can’t believe. it’s pity because jae rim looks like her a lot.

      • Agree with you. I think she should spare a thought for JaeRim. I can see that JaeRim likes her alot.

      • yeah, I’m currently watching their drama; ‘our gab soon’ and I can’t help but get addicted with this couple. Heck, I just found out about this now. I don’t feel like watching their drama anymore… I’m very disappointed in her. Well, truthfully saying, I have to admit that everytime I watch them in WGM I can’t help but keep on trying to find any little hint of her being attracted to Jaerim. But I just can’t seem to. Now that I think about it,it seems like she was just playing along while Jaerim was deeply sincere about his feelings and it won’t be easy for him to forget about her. I’m afraid this would negatively affect Jaerim. What disappoints me the most is the fact that she actually said this when she was still freaking on the show. Her job was to convince the viewers that their feelings towards each other were real yet she carelessly ruined it. It’s like a magician purposefully failing his tricks and makes the audience know the secret behind his tricks. Some people think it’s rude for us to blame her, but please think about it again. Don’t you think it’s silly?

      • i agree with both of you.. poor jaerim ?, so frustated because these two cannot make it in real life

  5. I think I would feel a lot better about this if Song Jae Rim didn’t seem so smitten with her. It makes me sad for him and the audience of WGM (myself included) that fell for their “romance” developing. I think it will be so much less fun to watch now. I guess I shouldn’t watch the show if I hope it’s real, I’ve been burned enough by previous couples to know better!! Lol, we are just hopeless romantics, I guess!

    • SAMEEE like srsly Jaerim is too kind for his own good. How could she NOT fall for him? He’s such a loving person and it seems that he’s a person who falls in love easily and Soeun had made him lose his control over his feelings yet she just took him for granted.

  6. Dramas are dramas, because the actors promote the characters’ romance. Variety is tricky, because they use their own names. It’s not her fault if people want to be delusional, since the actors do not promise anything beyond a make-believe show.

    Did anyone consider the fact she might have met with problems in her family or romantic life due to all the insane shipping? It would make perfect sense to set the record straight sooner, rather than later.

    The producers might love all the fanatics who can’t tell reality from fiction (this is clearly made to sell delusions anyway), but I doubt letting it carry over to real life is something the participants themselves agree to in their contracts. Work is work, real life is real life and she has every right to say it, if she feels she needs to, if she feels pressured, disrespected or if it is affecting her actual personal life.

    Such folks should get counseling for their irrational expectations, rather than blame a woman for reminding them her job is just a job.

      • Then she should talk with the producers and end her couple in the show… is against the rules of the show to date other people, that’s how messed up this show is for the actors and idols involve in it… but she accepted the terms and she can’t say that she didn’t knew what she was getting into.

    • Well, yes… maybe she wants to date in real life but I think both parties in this controvercy are to blame.

      First of all, I don’t know which episode explains it, but there is a rule against the people in this variety dating outside the program… and that’s because it is make belive. Now things are more “professional”, but I remember other couples going to other variety shows acting their WGM part, so this show makes real and fake really confusing, because you don’t see them as a couple only on their show. I remember “couples” wearing their rings 24/7, even when they were not filming… and that takes me to my other point. WGM is not a new show testing the watters. Its been on air for ages now so anyone who accepts to participate in it knows full well the deal and how everything goes down. They know the couples blow up, shipping starts and then goes to another level. Hell, Kunthoria and Yongseo shippers are alive and well still today, and those couples were on that show eons ago… So, she knew what she was getting into.

      I think she should have been more smart… and fans should chill frack out.

  7. I watch the show too and I think it was imprudent of her to be so frank while the show is still running. The whole concept of the show is to sell the romance. All for entertainment. Now if you put the kibosh on it this early on – the point of doing it becomes — pointless – for want of a better word. Where’s the entertainment factor? After all one of the selling points of this show is the “will they – won’t they” factor (date in real life)

    Don’t tell me that all the dramas we watch are not for entertainment sake and to feed our fantasies – that’s the magic of movies/dramas after all.

    She was hired to join – she agreed to join and she’s not “promoting” it so to speak. It is a job after all. It’s like being in a rom-com and not wanting to promote it.

    So being herself or not is not the issue here. Being professional is – and although I am not manic about them – I acknowledge that there are some out there who have unhealthy rabid expectations – I do think that going forward my enjoyment of watching the show would be tainted. When once I enjoyed the fluff and sugar and spice – it now comes with a slightly sour after taste.

    • How do viewers not know it’s scripted though? Time and time again WGM has been proven to be scripted. It doesn’t even have to be proven outright because the show is labeled a variety show, and people know those are scripted. WGM even has writers for the show, and that’s not a hidden fact. If, as a viewer, you’re buying into the delusion of the will they/won’t they and have that bubble bursted, that’s on you, not the actress for stating as it has always plainly been.

      • Wow. Okay I understand the point your making, but you’ve got it wrong. We viewers do know that it is scripted. Of course we do, we’re not idiots. But when you watch something, do you stop and think: ”Hold on! This is all fake”?

        No because that isn’t how the typical mind of a viewer works. We know WGM is scripted and that it is a variety show. In fact that’s the reason why we indulge our emotions into this scripted show. This is a TV programme that is supposed to entertain us and we as viewers buy it and it is the job of the writers and producers of the show to sell it. That’s how it works.

        Now onto So Eun’s comment, it’s not wrong for her to state her opinion. But it’s wrong for her to do it whilst we viewers are already trapped in the variety illusion.Literally, people like me watch the show just to see these ‘ships’ and how their relationships grow. Sure it’s scripted. WE KNOW THAT! It’s in the back of our minds, but we know that. Yet, she let down fans of the show as it brought to light that our imaginations were getting ahead of themselves and that we needed to come back to reality.

        Her personality is blunt and truthful. That’s fine. But she could have stated her opinions after the show. Not only has it ruined watching the ‘SORIM’ couple but it has also potentially ruined future couples. She decided to announce that they only film ‘every 2 weeks’. Now we viewers are brought the reality of the fact that they hardly see each other.

        This comment may have ruined the illusion of the show. Could possibly damage her career and not to mention the career of Jae rim, as he could be perceived as a complete player. Don’t get me wrong though, I love So Eun but damn she should have waited till after the show.

    • Well said. I would also like to add.. if you commit to a show such as WGM you should follow the rules. If she wanted to change the show, point that this is an illusion, we all know that, but the point of the show is to create dreams and happy endings. We all dream. SoLim couple made us believe the feeling was that real although we all knew it’s only a show. Maybe i’m old fashion, but when you commit to this show, act and live by the rules you should abide by them during that time. People should not play with other peoples hearts nor emotions. I am glad she was blunt and honest, but if that was the case, bursting a romance bubble was not a right thing to do right now, if she wanted to do it she should have done it after the show, or never sign up to do the show in the 1st place. It was a stupid mistake on her part, but JaeRim, don’t feel bad, that in my eyes gained you more popularity anyway so you are a winner this time. 🙂

  8. I read that interview and the knetz comments…they are making her out to be the bad guy and Jaerim the victim when it’s all a variety show that they’ll be leaving soon anyway since their wedding and honeymoon are done. People are on the WGM boards demanding they remove her *smh*

  9. Haha… I have never watchd WGM, but read loads about this couple. No one should take WGM seriously, but it’s odd that she would say that instead of playing along to the fans. I mean, it keeps you popular when you have so many fans tuning in because of the imaginary pairing,so how is it beneficial to burst her own bubble.

    The only thing I could think of is [1] She is annoyed of being paired up with SJR all the time in the media, [2] she has a boyfriend, and he minds all the talk that is going on about her and SJR having something going on in real life. Or maybe she is just direct without thinking too much about the reactions of fans. I guess we are not used to that at all, since most K-celebrities have their PR down pat.

  10. The point is not whether this show is scripted or not or whether she’s bring honest or not. The point of the show is presenting fans with a fantasy that we are watching their romance unfolding. Who’s to say that nothing can happen between them even if the show is scripted. How many co stars got together after the drama variety ended. There was even a couple who dated for real after WGM.

    It’s inconsiderate of her to lay out her cards like that right in the middle of filming. No one says that until their stint is over. If she went on the show to gain popularity, why is she doing the opposite now. Frankly it’s better if they get off the show, cos all I think about is that all the her interactions me behavior are fake.

  11. I think most people know they are playing it up but I guess part of the fun is wondering “what if?” I mean, it was not a smart thing to do but if she does not want to play the game and just be known for being part of this couple then more power to her. At the same time, she’s got to be careful with the opportunities she has right now since she’s not really well-established yet. She seems smart and knew what she was doing and took the risk.

    I’ve noticed it seems like Jae Rim is getting more shine than she is which seems to happen when a couple gets popular. He is more well known than she is at this point so that might be part of it. I hope she’s able to get more opportunities from this. She seems smart and knew what she was doing and took the risk. I doubt most SK care though lol…

  12. I dislike the entire genre of “reality” TV, in any language and from any country, but find WGM to be more distasteful than most, for exploiting the willingness of its audience to disconnect from actual reality.

    For that reason, I’m giving Ms. Kim a BIG shout out for her candour and directness. To hear her “come out of the closet” and say “I’m an actor, this is just a job” warmed my grumpy old heart. The fact that so many people are upset by it shows that both she and Mr Song have clearly done that job well, which should givem them professional satisfaction. I wish them both well in their working lives (which may tangentially touch my interest) and their personal lives (which are none of my damn business).

  13. She’s not too smart to ruin their delusions so soon. She should have milked it for all its worth first. Though maybe she felt it was getting out of hand, which is sort of was. WGM shippers still plague celebs years later.

  14. I do not at all at all at all understand WGM at all. Meaning, why it’s so important to keep the fantasy off camera.

    This is what I do understand:
    Producers figured out that the crack in watching dramas is the OTP interactions. So someone said, what if ALL WE HAVE ON THE SHOW IS OTP interaction?
    No plot.
    No side characters.
    No actual development of logical attraction.
    Just two usually very pretty people sit near each other and have fake dates, fake kisses, fake honeymoons with fake pretty photo shoots.
    They spend a hella lot less on writers, actors, costume, etc.
    The audience can coo, ooh and awwww, nobody gets hurt.

    To make them actually have to pretend OFF screen that this is real, OK, I get it, sells more tickets, but she should be able to say, “No, that’s a show, and I am a real person, too.” Fans should not blame her for their fantasy bubbles popping. DON”T POP THE BUBBLE! JUST KEEP BELIEVING.

    Reel couples rarely become real. Sure it happens, but, come on! It isn’t her fault if it’s not.

    • After all the chemistry hype about SJR and KSE – I tuned in for the first time.

      I don’t understand how people get drawn in because I just felt they were 2 people acting in a room … not a real life couple. It felt weird actually, I couldn’t buy into it, and dropped it after that one viewing.

      To her, props for being honest.
      It may have been annoying for her since she was stuck with the BOFlowers fangirls once upon a time, for a long time.

      Even drama-shippers should draw the line between actors real lives/drama roles and chemistry.

      They have bfs, husbands, gfs, wives, real relationships … Delusional shippers should start putting themselves in those outside shoes before infering all kinds of significance in supposed shared intimate glances, body language etc etc etc in press conferences.

      Unless relationships are 90% solid, such silly rumours might actually cause insecurity and doubt to take root.

  15. Wow this whole non scandal has really made me so mad. I was a Jae Rim fan going into WGM but I just have got so much respect for So Eun. The way she’s delt with Jae Rim and his cheesy dialogue…he’s a strong personality and she could have just faded interviewing@ the background but she has given as good as she’s got and then some on this show…what I’ve learned from So Eun is that she is blunt and forthright. In all her past pairings in dramas and movies she has quickly shot down any notion that she might be involved with her co-stars. She doesn’t do the usual media play of acting like there might be something going on for the sake of baiting fans…

  16. I love this discussion thread! So much fun to read especially because I find the reality is neither the cut and dry “It’s just a day job, people” or “They are obligated to maintain the facade” two extremes. This whole brouhaha for me is really boils down to workplace EQ.

    Those who say stars cast on WGM can do whatever they want offscreen during the airing is not seeing the whole picture. Yes, WGM is an “acting” gig much like any other, requiring two stars to go through the dating-married gamut in highly scripted settings. Absolutely it’s fake. But there is a tacit understanding that there is a possibility for more. Otherwise even married or openly dating stars can and should be cast in WGM because it’s just a job, right? But it’s not just a job the way two actors cast as an OTP in a drama can have open personal lives where one or both are married but still sell the onscreen romance. WGM peddles the possibility – just like in real life it’s totally possible and can happen for coworkers in the same work place fall in love. Going to work at a job doesn’t mean love can’t blossom even if it isn’t guaranteed or required to happen.

    What WGM sells and the viewers buy is seeing two publicly single stars pretend to be a couple and who knows what might happen in the future. Saying it’s just a job and the WGM stars can do whatever they want in their real lives during the airing is ignoring that element of the show. And if that element feels intrusive or restrictive then that’s another debate, whether a show like WGM should even exist in the first place. I wouldn’t be surprised if cast members have a clause in their contract that they can’t publicly date while doing the show. Which really is the rub here, that Kim So Eun appears to not play the game while enjoying the popularity surge that comes from doing the show where there are rules of the game. The rules are to act like a couple onscreen and leave the possibility open for more.

    I think a suitable analogy would be two costars playing an OTP onscreen openly announcing while the drama is still airing that they fucking can’t stand each other in real life. Even if their onscreen acting is phenomenal and sell the romance, and no one actually thinks they had a thing going in real life, but hearing the reality that they can’t even stand each other when the cameras aren’t rolling will understandably color the viewing experience. It’s the same way a star who has committed an infraction (as many in recent years have done) leads to viewers announcing an inability to watch him or her onscreen anymore in whatever acting capacity.

    I think Kim So Eun can say whatever she wants but the WGM fandom backlash is only understandable. It’s really poor workplace EQ in my opinion in her response to that question. Playing along as a celebrity is par for the course – plenty of costars act cordial even if they couldn’t stand each other in real life. If WGM is an acting gig like any other, then the smarter career move would be to not be so resolute in her answer and just gloss over it like pretty much any previous WGM cast member does. And if she’s dating/going to date someone else in real life, then wrap up her run and retire the couple. Either way it’s going to be difficult to both (1) do and say whatever she wants while still (2) doing the show which peddles the possibility of romance however infintesimal the reality of it actually happening.

    • Koalas, I couldn’t put it better myself and couldn’t agree more. It’s her responsibility to her partner and the show to continue “selling” that delusion. She’s being unprofessional, and definitely lack of EQ in her response.

      If she had done other dramas and was put forth this question, then her answer is fine. But the premise of WGM is to “sell” the delusion that it can lead to a real romance because from what I know, they had to sign a agreement whereby they are not allowed to date anyone during WGM period. This is to ensure that their interactions is like a true couple on screen.

      The fun part of watching them is guessing if they do indeed like each other for real. And I’m sure many agree that JR seems to really like her. Now that she killed the hope, what’s the point in being on the show then?

    • Said it absolutely well, and great use of that analogy! Plus I think Kim So Eun could’ve said it more lightly, like she doesn’t see that happening right now or blahblahblah. No one, nor her would know what happens in the future, and they’ve really only worked together for a few months. Feelings change and as they get closer, they might feel more comfortable. Not saying things will turn into reality but just saying the possibility is always out there, so she shouldn’t say it like it’s impossible and take away that space for “what if” for the viewers of the show.
      Nevertheless, I won’t think much about what she said and I will stick to my opinion of “who knows what happens in the future”. So many times people say “never gonna happen” and in the end? It ends up happening.

    • I guess I can understand in theory that she had poor workplace EQ with regards to her comment but I still can’t understand the absolute hysteria an vilitrol being directed towards So Eun. This is really her first foray into a true variety program so maybe she misjudged the response her every word and gesture would be given. As I said in an earlier comment So Eun has shot down every attempt at the media to ship her with co-stars. Her press with Kang Ha Nuel for their ghost movie comes to mind. Neitziens are truly unforgiving. A 10 year career is now in jeopardy for one comment. Have people watched the interview? Did they see her body language during that question?

      • It was just that people saw a “couple” forming and it’s interesting and romantic. Her just blatantly saying it like that just dashed the romanticness of the show. I completely agree that it fully unprofessional of her saying those things in that interview. It’s not just her career but also SJ’s career as well. I hope this passes over and everything goes well for her, but if I was a director I would never hire her because I would never know what would come out of her mouth.I wouldn’t know if she’d bad mouth my show. I just wouldn’t trust her. She pretty much almost( hopefully not) ruined her own career.

      • She laughed while that question was asked, her eyes shifted nervously around, and she touched her hair. So really i wouldn’t be surprised if there was something more to it.

    • Actually, the show did have a real couple on the show. It was Hwang Jung Eum and her boyfriend and even then the scenes were still scripted. I remember her boyfriend saying on the show that he was moved by HJE having to repeatedly film the scene in which she goes up these flight of stairs.

      Fandom backlash is not understandable. This is just fan entitlement, which is not surprising among shippers unfortunately. From what I’ve seen, there hasn’t been a moment shot from WGM in which she hasn’t been cordial to her costar. Fans can be disappointed reading those words, but that doesn’t make any of their anger justified. It’s seriously just shippers being angry that their ship isn’t happening and holding Kim So Eun accountable for not following through on that possibility.

    • I think the backlash is not as big as everyone seems to think it is. From what I see on other news outlet, the majority seems to think like you. They know the truth about WGM long before So Eun said it and they know there’s no lie in her words, but they also think it’s not smart of her to say it the way she did and when she’s still on the show. Those people would move on very soon.

      There are angry entitled shippers who now hate her of course, but I think they’re just a minority.

    • I agree with Ms. Koala. I’m more of Kim So Eun’s fan than Song Jae Rim.

      But what she did was definitely unprofessional. I think one of the reasons why most of the people who are saying that the fans anger is misguided stems from the fact that they have an actual bias against WGM.

      To put what she did in a non-variety/WGM program setting, So Eun is like a spokesperson or endorser for Brand A.

      It’s like while her contract with Brand A is still in effect and her Brand A CFs are still airing, she was asked in an interview if she liked using Brand A and she confidently answers that no, she never used Brand A or in another scenario she was seen using Brand C, a direct competitor of Brand A.

      Change Brand A to WGM or romantic interactions with Song Jae Rim and you’ll get how unprofessional she was. If I were a casting director I would definitely doubt if she could show “loyalty” to the brand/show. If she couldn’t handle the fake “romantic interactions” she shouldn’t have signed the contract

      Besides most stars, like Emma Stone- a known endorser of Revlon, are asked to not be seen in interviews or in public gatherings without being dolled up or looking less than stellar since she’s the face of Revlon. She can’t even take a selfie with random people if she doesn’t look like she just stepped out of a Revlon Ad. (True Story)

      • I so totally agree with you…I think she should not have signed on to WGM if she was not prepare to face the consequences of being in it.

        I think she was completely unprofessional.

        The whole entertainment industry is build on an “image” which she knows perfectly well; it’s to sell an illusion.

        Once you wake people up from that illusion, you burst their bubble and your “product” stops selling or suffers.

        And she just committed a “no no” to her industry.

        As someone already mentioned, I will not be surprised if directors become wary of her, because that’s like saying: “yeah.. I represent Revlon lipstick on TV, but I wear Mac off camera”…completely dumb statement on her part if you ask me.

    • At the risk of looking like a crazy stan and come back a few hours later to add a new comment, I just wanna say something about the workplace EQ you mentioned. I think the issue lies in the fact that So Eun treats WGM like every other drama/movie she’s been in while it’s not exactly the same. There’s so much more going on in a drama/movie and with WGM the OTP is the only thing that matters. It’s not like she said that she dislikes JR. In the same interview she said he’s a friendly, cheerful person that makes it easy for them to get comfortable, etc. That’s the workplace EQ you were talking about, correct? But for a WGM couple, that’s not enough. This is not the first time she shot down the possibility of her dating her co-star. During her BOF days, she said she and Kim Bum are just friends and the dating rumor made it awkward between them. When she promoted Mourning Grave, she also quickly cleared up the rumour between her and Kang Ha Neul. No one flipped any table then. So this time she did the same thing, not realizing that WGM is actually not a drama and the shipping is quite different as well.

    • I find myself agreeing with you 9 out of 10 times, but in this case not so much. If the interviewer asked her whether she would like to do another season with SJR, that question would directly be about the show and she would indeed be obliged to asnwer the question as her persona being part of WGM, but the question had more to do with her personal life (asking her whether she would really date SJR OFF screen). Pretending like she would, when she knows she wouldn’t is what I would call fake and unnecessary.

      Saying that WGM is a vareity show that sells the idea of a couple maybe, possibly getting together in real life, doesn’t make it any less of a scripted show, nor does it have anything to do with her personal life. If she feels at this point that SJR is not of any romantic interest for her, she may be vocal about that. Regardless of what fans want or think. I think it is only right of her to actually tell her fans (the viewers) that she’s not in an actual relationship with SJR nor will she be in the near future.

      Saying that she shouldn’t have said anything if she wanted to be considered towards her fans (or fans of WGM/SGR) is one of the reason I dislike the entertainment industry in general and the Korean entertainment industry in particular. It is exactly the reason why so many celebrities hide their dating status, even though they would like to make things public. And it’s one of the reasons why celebrities can’t enjoy their private life.

      So if one of the celebrities is willing to speak up (whether it’s beforehand, during or afterwards) tell the truth and break though this barrier of keeping “delusions” alive, I can only applaud that.

    • Thank you very kamsa! You took the words right out of my mouth Ockoala! No one is denying that WGM is fake and a show where people “act”…it’s a job. It’s another project an actor agrees, contract and clauses and all, to work on for a period of time. And as in every job, the actor has a responsibility towards its production staff and viewers to sell and promote the hell out of the show. It’s especially important to WGM which is finally recuperating from dismal ratings, thanks to them and the other couples. It’s striking a balance in being professional and accountable to those behind the scenes, and sensitive and appreciative to the fans who support the show (have you heard of fan-service??). To top it off and rub salt on the wounded hearts of the shippers, she mentions a totally different guy when asked who her ideal type was. Let’s compare SJR’s answer to a similar question during a different Sina interview, he didn’t flat out deny that KSE was not his ideal type, but skillfully (thanks PR team) crafted a statement that insinuates he’s looking for someone he can communicate with, has reverse charms, knows loneliness (which in viewers’ minds is KSE) and then states at this point she may or may not be his ideal type because ideals are like a dream. Easy. No backlash, still probably a partially true sentiment, and keeps shippers hungry for more. Now that’s charismatic and smart.

      Sure, I like a girl who’s honest and straightforward as people claim KSE to be. And I see that in some sense. But what irritates shippers is the fact that just shortly after winning the Couple Award, she says in her thank you speech that they will work harder to show a better image. Yet, she shatters that very image with a single statement in the midst of the show. So in effect, the story they are trying to sell in WGM is no longer sellable.

      I understand the need to separate the actor’s personal life with their job, therefore KSE’s desire to draw the line…but because of the nature of WGM where the actors/idols use their own names and they claim they are trying to show their true selves on the show to increase their popularity, the fans can’t entirely be blamed for blurring the lines between reel and real. Having signed up for this show, the participants must be acutely aware of the fandom and hysteria around it and therefore, must be careful and selective of their words and actions. KSE understands the power of WGM by recognizing that the show made her more approachable to fans…so why alienate them all of a sudden?

      This isn’t KSE’s first foray into variety shows, so this can’t be claimed as a rookie mistake. It’s a deliberate statement. And as someone already mentioned here, it might be because she doesn’t like her name being synonymous to SJR’s, she’s worried he’s more popular, or that’s really her true nature. Whatever her reason maybe, what’s been done, cannot be undone and she will have to ride this tidal wave of backlash for now.

    • @ockoala I completely agree with everything you said.

      I am an avid fan of the SoLim couple and her answer to what supposed to be a standard question to WGM participants, took me by surprise. Many are saying that So Eun is just being honest and blunt about it. I’d say, she’s being honest if she said that they’re not in a relationship because that’s the truth. But to say in absolute terms that she can never be in a relationship with SJR is arrogance on her part. She is part of a couple/pair, she should’ve been more careful with her words and should’ve thought of the repercussions and consequences of such statement. She strikes me as a smart person, so I can only think of arrogance as the reason for such words.

    • She’s always been a blunt person.. Check her other interviews… She’s very straightforward with her answers which sadly could now be the downfall of her popularity now…

    • That’s kim so eun’s style. Very honest, blunt, and doesn’t mince words. She even mentioned that on the first day of filming WGM with jae rim and he said “she’s not going to be easy”.
      She even says sometimes she gives her agency a hard time because she’s too honest.

      • >>>”very honest, blunt, doesn’t mince words”

        Never really paid attention to her before, other than the usual ‘sweet looking’ BOF hype usual = but my respect of her actually just went up.

        In the general culture of pretentiousness, ass-kissing and PR fakeness – she’s refreshing.

      • Well…she’s just going to have to face the consequences of her words…why go on a show where you have to be fake when that goes against your own personality…

        I call that “a dumb decision”.

      • @sogazelle well she’s an actress, I would say going on a show that goes against her own personality wouldn’t be that hard for her. Having said that, I don’t think WGM as such goes against her personality. She is willing to play along ON SCREEN, doesn’t mean she has to do the same (being fake, that is) OFF SCREEN. Until this interview viewers liked her pairing with SJR the most, so obviously she did something right. But this doesn’t have to translate into real life, as far as I’m concerned. And if she wants to remind people about that fact, that’s fine by me;)

        P.s. I think this has blown out of proportion though

      • @sogazelle

        it’s not that simple as you think.

        Kim So Eun and Song Jae Rim came onto this show with the same exact reasons and that’s one of the reasons why they were paired up. Song Jae Rim has stated countless times in his interviews that he wanted to change the cold, aloof image that people had of him. Kim So Eun wanted to get rid of the sweet, innocent girl that everyone had assumed she was and show the real her. In some ways they switched some aspects of each other’s personalities as their public image was the opposite of their real one. In one of her interviews, she stated that she felt happy and comfortable that she could finally show this side of her to the public.

        The only “fakeness” that she is aware of is providing the setting and scenario that would make for a more entertaining watch. They don’t plan all these activities, they just go along with it. Like EVERY variety show, some parts are scripted. Some members act or say things that are a bit over the top and dramatic for that “entertainment” factor but such is that case for any variety show. They are entertainers, after all.

        You do have to realize that these participants are not reciting lines over and over over a script created by a writer. They have to improvise and play off each other, and thus their own personality shines through on these shows. That’s why people find this show so weird. They’re playing themselves but it’s a virtual marriage.

        So Eun said more people had approached her warmly than before and Jae-Rim just landed his first leading role and signing the CF contracts so this decision is probably one of the best decisions they’ll make in their careers.

    • I wish more celebrities were like her; why should she be cryptical about it, that only leads to confusion and vagueness, etc. If there ever comes a point in which her thoughts and feelings about SJR change, and they do start to date in real life; and she happens to get this question again, I’d rather she answers honestly with a blunt yes, than have her swim around it and come up with some non-answer.

  17. Hahaha i can see a marriage coming to an end sooner than expected!? I would pay to see how JaeRim reacted/response was to her interview. I see he’s a guy that can turn that gentleman to a “see you later and don’t let the door hit you on your way out guy”. Lol

  18. Jeeze. Salty fans. I give Kudos to Kim So Eun for her honesty. The show is scripted and fake. Most of their actions are forced or faked. I watched a episode yesterday and everything was sooo awkward and fake. I just couldn’t finish the whole episode. I think I only watched the first 5 minutes. Enough with the hatred towards Kim So Eun.

    • Ditto on the “awkward and fake”.

      I never watched WBM before but having read the hype about this one tuned in finally for one random episode. Totally couldn’t buy into any fantasy, much less believe there is any real romance going on. It just feels so staged, for want of a better word.

      Found her a little candy-sweet insipid before (BOF), not particularly impressed after Liar Game … but AFTER this bold outspokenness now – hey, on the contrary I have now developed way more interest in Kim So-eun! 🙂

  19. I don’t see any reason to be upset over what she said. The people who are actually upset are likely not very aware that the show is scripted. There’s a set of activities planned out for the couples and a big camera crew following them around, heck they even have breaks in between takes. People should just enjoy the show like they would a romcom drama.

    • Sad, but so true. All this shipping and worshipping makes me hide the fact that I enjoy watching Korean dramas from any real-life acquaintances. The last thing I would want for myself is to be associated with this kind of delusional behaviour.

  20. She should have waited until after she left WGM to say something like that.

    I’m not upset over what she said (it’s been years since I last watched WGM), but I do understand the fans’ feelings. WGM might look like a ridiculous tv show, but if you fall in love with a certain couple then of course you’ll root for them.

    We all know it’s fake. But it’s still nice to dream.

    • I agree here. Like an unrealistic drama for us fans it’s a base to dream. We know it’s fake marriage, but we also are waiting for a happy ending.. Perhaps it would be nice if they started dating or married in real life after the show is over?? When that romantic bubble is gone, it’s hard to gain trust again. I love SoLim couple, and I’m still a fan, but the damage has been done here by her…. if you commit to a show such as WGM you obey the rules and get yourself out of trouble until the show is over. I feel for JaeRim – he could have also do it, and put himself in jaws of gossip, especially I’m sure every girl is crazy for him because of this show, but he did not do it, and it’s harder for a guy to keep faithful than a girl. Men get more tempted than girls do, so maybe that is why I vote for JaeRim this time. I feel the pain he was into, plus instead of him getting upset, he trusts her, and feels pain for her. Acting or not, eyes don’t lie. I believe he was more into her than her. I believe he is more ready for marriage than her. I don’t accuse her, because we know media can be cruel and rumors worse, but when you sign up for WGM show, and make vows it’s like signing a contract. So why would you want to break it???

  21. I am laughing.

    Also a bit dumbstruck that she’d say something like that. It goes with her apparent personality: blunt, honest, hates fakeness. On the other hand, I’m cringing for her because the backlash must be great.

    But then, I’m laughing again… imagining the furor happening in different WGM forums now.

    Goldarnit, and here I wished this show would boost her back into the limelight. I’ve been waiting for her to appear more on my screen since BOF.

  22. Personally i think people are taking that one line she said out of the interview and blowing it out of proportion. Notice she didn’t say anything about disliking him, but fondly saying that it’s easy to get comfortable with him due to his friendly and cheery nature. She even say it’s hard to get into a relationship when they’re so busy with their own work lives, so right now she thinks that there is “definitely not” a possibility of dating for real. Nothing shocking. Are people upset? Yes. Should people get so angry as to ask her to be offed from the show? No.

    Also keep in mind that Kim So Eun has prior experience of seeing what a large, passionate shipping fandom can do to her relationship with her costars.
    She said that there were so many rumors with her and kim bum dating that it made things awkward between then. She probably regrets it since they were schoolmates even before BBF and they were good friends. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s worried about things becoming awkward between them much like it did with her and kim bum.

    The shipping with this couple was really intense with the knetz and international fans. They won best couple with just 3 months whereas the other couples are going on 6 months, 9 months so that already says alot about their fanbase.

    I honestly don’t take her interview too seriously despite knowing how honest of a person she is. It seems like alot of the people here who are investing so much time in criticizing haven’t even watched their episodes yet and I’m just going to say it now — If you watched the show you’d see that there’s some contradictions going on between what she says and what she does. Look at the eyes and the body language. They don’t lie.

    Bottom line: She was being realistic when she said a relationship wouldn’t be possible. But that does not eliminate the possibility that she has growing feelings for him. I say this as to provide some more dimension to most people’s thinking here who thinks it’s so cut and dry.

    As one of the many philosophical lines jae-rim says: The world is not so black and white. Throw away that dichotomous way of thinking.

    • I am in agreement with you. The fact that she says or thinks this now does not eliminate the possibility of relationship developing later. So I still continue to watch the show with an element of “maybe there could be something more.”

      Her words may have sunk many on the SoLim ship. Certainly, she could have been more vague to appeal to the more sensitive fans. But she also said that she would never reveal a relationship as it never benefits a Korean actress. Therefore, the shipper fantasy can still continue if one takes into account her desire for privacy.

      Whether her words came from her blunt personality, brutal honesty, or her need for privacy, it does not detract from my enjoyment of the show. For me, they have a lot of chemistry, play off each other well, and are noticeably getting closer/comfortable with each other. All of which contribute to the possible relationship illusion and, of course, the entertainment factor.

  23. Kim So Eun is new to variety shows, since WGM is her first, so maybe she didn’t know she should play coy and act like there could be a potential romance between the pair, but instead and just straight up told the truth to the media that she and him would never happen. It was a rookie move for her, but maybe she can flip it in a few weeks (or months) and tell fans that he could be someone for her.

    The fans are a bit nuts though, WGM is just a scripted reality show where stars play a version of themselves. The show it self is cute, but the possibility of the couples becoming real life couples is pretty slim since they barely see each other and these young idols are all so busy with their schedules.

    Wasn’t there a real life couple that appeared on WGM in the early seasons? The actress from Kill Me, Heal Me, Hwang Jung Eum, I can’t remember if they met on the show or were a couple before it but they still seem to be together.

  24. I don’t find what KSE said all that objectionable even in the case of her currently being on WGM, so the backlash is ridiculous and overwrought, if there is indeed a backlash. What I wanted to open up to discussion is on all the nuances in this situation rather than focusing on the two extremes. Just because one has a RIGHT to say something, as she did, there is still the meaningful discussion of whether she SHOULD say something. Does that make sense? KSE didn’t say anything that was against her WGM contract (assuming) but clearly it crossed the time of basically splashing ice cold water on fans of the show she is currently starring in. Did she need to? What was the point of it? Was she simply unable to be tactful and play the media game?

    So she is just that blunt that she has to say the truth and the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Then what would happen if she was working with a costar on a drama that she loathed in real life, and was asked during media promos how she felt about working with him, and she was so blunt she said “I can’t stand him, he’s a tryhard asshole who can’t act” or something like that. Sure she can chalk it up to “I was just telling the truth about how I feel!” but then her work offers might dry up. I think being an entertainer is HARD, really really hard, because one is not at liberty to say what one really feels but needs to be tactful and professional even if everyone know’s it’s just playing a media game.

    • These kinds of sit down interviews are usually briefed with the actors even before they get asked the questions. So her agency and kse has a good idea of what answers to prepare even ahead of time. If there was a question that her agency did not particularly think best for her to answer, they would probably ask for an editing of that question or completely omit it from the interview if they didn’t like her answer.
      If they didn’t think her answer would cause such a ruckus given the crazy knetz then i’d say that that was shortsighted on their end because no one on WGM history every denied that possibility while on the show. Ever.

      Jae-Rim was interviewed by the same exact person just a month ago and when asked is so eun your ideal type, he answered maybe yes maybe no. No trouble there, since he left things to the viewer’s imagination.

      It’s actually quite interesting when you’ve followed kse and know her interview patterns. When she was filming Liar Game with Lee Sang Yoon simultaneously appearing on WGM with Jae Rim, when asked which costar she preferred at the Liar Game press conferences, she actually replied much more sharply there. Summarizing what she said, she said that on Liar Game, she is loyal to lee sang yoon, and on We Got Married, she is loyal to song jae rim. She capped it off by saying “I’m playing it smartly, aren’t i?” No big deal there.

      So indeed she is not a fool when it comes to being in the entertainment industry and personally i dont think it has anything to do with her being new in the variety sense. She’s been there done that with the shipping because she’s a very adaptable person who can be both sweet and sassy so people had always shipped her with guys she works with.

      There’s no way she’s oblivious to her and jae rim popularity on WGM and she had to know the repercussions that it would bring if she denied a relationship. She was most likely weighing her options coming into this interview and im guessing the big debate here is why she chose to go with that answer, not so much about her being honest or not.
      If she was spurred to give such a definitive answer, then personally I believe that there’s way more going on behind closed doors then we think.

      Anyways there’s actually some people that are smelling something fishy about this interview so i would probably take it with a grain of salt.

    • Lol! I don’t think she’s that blunt. That would actually be a dumb move if she said she hated her co-star. I think she can play media game but she just draws the line at leading shippers on. But if that’s the case, she shouldn’t have joined WGM in the 1st place. Maybe she just wanted to have some more fans and more exposure like the other two couples and didn’t expect the shipping to get out of hand like this.

  25. the comments on netizenbuzz are scary.the insults,ughh.some said thats why she’s still not popular dispite being in the industry for 10yrs

  26. Now that she has become popular thanks WGM , she makes her saint nor touch , i find pretentious without offending fans (sorry)!
    Thanks to spoil later episodes pffff

  27. I’m not thinking to much about this but she should answer more wisely. As Yura answered. Given her personality I understand her but she herself has promoted her cuteness and lovely moment with her co-star in her Liar Game drama said that it is her job. Then now it is her job to tactfully given a wise answer regarding her onscreen partner.

  28. Killing the fans’ bubbles just like that shows the lack of work ethics she has. She has her own life but it’s part of her job nature to maintain that ‘possibility’. I would take a presumptuous guess and say that she probably is interested in someone else who thinks that she and Song Jae Rim are more than an onscreen couple.

  29. well I really dont get it way make it a big deal everybody knows that the show of we got married its a show only nobody really dates its just a show but you your right in one ponit she should off said it in a diferent way but trust me nobody perfect and she was being honest trust me its better than getting ilusional she is in actrees that her job honestly for my point of view she was honest about it becuases no actor says there daiting and when they have good chemestry thats when the rumors starts like in boff with kim bum.

  30. Haters dont need to ruin Solim Couple as So Eun sank that battleship herself with her retarded comments. Now every time i watch WGM and see this couple im like wow this girl can really act (FAKE!) sorry Jaerim all your effort is wasted dude lol. So Eun is a good actress cause it takes a lot of skill being Fake!

  31. I love Solim couple! I think he liked her more than her like him, but I understand that… after all it’s a fake show, and from a woman point of view it’s a fake marriage and women should play hard to get anyway. Saying that, I think it’s not right to get herself in scandal. If you agree to make a show such as WGM, you should obey the rules and at least stick to the marriage part for that period of time. If you don’t just say it and exit without causing any damage to yourself and the other person. I felt sad for JaeRim. I really like the guy, he seemed really into her more than she was into him. How can you not like that guy who tries even with fake marriage I would melt a little and at least have a respect to finish the show. Rumor… where is the fire there is always a smoke, if she denied the rumor she should have at least be fair to JaeRim and tell him or text him what was going on instead of getting the rumor spread. Even fake marriage is hard to keep, so imagine the real one. It takes two to make it right. Have you forgotten your fake vows? … I will cherish you forever? …. was that fake too? I really vote of SoLim couple…. They are the cutest among of the three so hopefully that sad incident won’t spoil their chemistry or make fans more upset. We should let it go, let this be a lesson to others, marriage is a hard work! …. even being a fake.

    • Oh and one more thing… it’s kind of stupid of her act this way… she likes $$$…. so why would she be so silly and make the show lose money now… fans are upset, some might not even be watching the show from now on at least till they cool down…. huge loss of money making for the show… so hey, no one is winning right now from this. If she thinks she gained popularity from this perhaps we all give her credit for honesty but her life depends on fans…. so if the fans are feeling threatened and don’t like her anymore – she would have a hard time to make $ anyway as an outcast….. so in my eyes she made this mistake not thinking of consequences. She is hot tempered. It would be smart for her to just wait and say or do things after the show is over. What a stupid move on her part!

  32. I love Kim So Eun more and more !
    I did not really notice her in BOF, only that she was cute !
    I totally followed her after WGM, not only both her and SJR but her !
    She fell on him, and I think it helped her to be aware of herself, and she has to grow and show more of herself !
    I just wanna say to her, that I love her and do not be scared to be herself !

  33. I just want to see Kim So Eun and Kim Bum together…. They both were lovely and cute together in BOF…hmm if these two were a part of WGM it would have been an awesome one

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