Kim Woo Bin Sleek and Stylish Starting Off 2015 in New Fashion Spread

I haven’t seen much of Kim Woo Bin lately, that happens when he hasn’t done a K-drama last year in 2014 and I typically watch less K-movies. He was busy filming movies all of 2014 and the first of the movies to premiere was Criminal Designer (The Con Artists/The Technicians) over Christmas break. It was billed as a Thieves-esque caper movie, with a less star-packed cast of course, but using the same heist setting that can be so fun to sit through.

The movie premiered in second place after Hwang Jung Min‘s period movie Ode to My Father, but alarmingly it dropped nearly 50% in the second week to 5th place while Ode retained it’s first place position and increased 16%. I guess the movie won’t have the same Thieves level success but for Kim Woo Bin’s first headlining cinematic role hopefully the reviews have been positive on his acting and screen presence. There’s a new fashion spread that showcases his sleek style to his best advantage shilling for a C-bedding line. Here’s the hoping he does a K-drama in 2015.


Kim Woo Bin Sleek and Stylish Starting Off 2015 in New Fashion Spread — 14 Comments

    • You know me and my battle against socklessness and dress pants. I still have half a tractor trailer full of socks left from various new show press conferences where men are not wearing socks with their dress shoes and pants.

      I’ll even offer to put the socks on the poor boy. 🙂

  1. Woobin!!! I can’t wait to watch his upcoming movie ‘Twenty’, because he will be paired up with Jung So Min in that movie!! <3
    whooaaa!! can you guys imagine how amazing it will be?
    I'm so excited already! Kim Woo Bin and Jung So Min, anyone?!!

  2. hate to be that fan, but… Woo Bin’s movie is not called “Criminal Designer.” The official title is “The Con Artists.” 🙂

  3. That movie has too many titles, lol. But it got about 2.5 million admissions, so it counts as a hit especially with a cast of rising actors.

  4. I don’t think the movie did great, but like someone said above, 2.5 million admissions is nothing to sneeze at, it’s quite definitely a hit.

    As for the drop in admissions, isn’t that likely to be because Con Artists premiered literally on Christmas Eve and then was followed by the weekend i.e. HUGE moviegoing time in Korea? The drop came on Monday….and doing that much business against Ode was not bad at all especially when equally high profile films with bigger name casts flopped. (Royal Tailor, anyone?)

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