Breaking News: Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi Tie the Knot and Bu Bu Jing Xin Fans Rejoice!

OH MY GOD! This is the second time Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi have given me a mini heart attack. It’s been just over a year since the former OTP costars of the popular time-traveling C-drama Bu Bu Jing Xin announced they were dating via weibo. Now they have just one upped themselves – Nicky posted a single picture on weibo an hour ago that has lit up the entire entertainment C-interwebs. It was a picture of two Chinese wedding certificates along with two wedding rings and a comment about cherishing happiness. They got married, people! RUO XI AND 4TH PRINCE GOT MARRIED IN REAL LIFE.

Anyone who has watched (and cried cried and cried some more) BBJX totally must feel the same gushing feeling of happiness for Nicky and Shi Shi plus finally getting the long overdue happy ending feels that eluded our precious beloved 4th and his Ruo Xi. @$#^$*#*&!* I’m only partially coherent right now and this post even took this long to write because I’ve been watching BBJX videos for the last hour since the news broke. Congrats to the darling couple and wishing you cuties a lifetime of happiness! *back to crying tears of happiness to finally wash away the scars from BBJX*

My bet is that all the headlines are going to go with this classic line from BBJX spoken by 8th Prince: 若曦,你终究还是跟了老四 (Ruo Xi, in the end you still went with 4). Chalk one up for reel becoming real in a huge drama fandom wish come true.

On a side note, I hope their respective fandoms can finally get along now. Shi Shi’s rabid Little Lions (her fans) dislike Nicky for being “too old and too much emotional baggage from being divorced” to be good enough for Shi Shi. In turn Nicky’s devoted fans can’t stand Shi Shi fans and ergo don’t want him to be with Shi Shi if it means getting hate from that fandom. I hope the fan feuding ends now and becomes water under the bridge. As for the newlyweds, this is the second marriage for 44 year old Nicky while 27 year old Shi Shi is tying the knot for the first time.

Nicky – Shi Shi Romance MV:

Bu Bu Jing Xin 4th Prince and Ruo Xi MV:

The Incisive Great Teacher MV:


Breaking News: Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi Tie the Knot and Bu Bu Jing Xin Fans Rejoice! — 33 Comments

  1. Yay! I never watched BBJX, but I like both Nicky and Shi Shi individually, and this news gives me the warm fuzzies. I hope they will be very happy together.

  2. Great News! That BBJX MV brings back all the sad feelings of the tragic ending! I am very happy for this couple and wish them a lifetime of happiness together. May they treasure each other, have a loving family and grow old together.

  3. Awww. I’m a bit sad cuz Nicky Wu was my first crush. But I’m happy. They make such a lovely couple. I wish them a lifetime of happiness and love. 😀

    I swear the god if Hu Ge ever did this kind of thing, I would be having a heart attack right now.

  5. YESSS REAL LIFE HAPPINESS. I am convinced it’s the drama gods taking pity on Ruoxi and 4th Prince, and giving them a happily ever after. No one can convince me otherwise.

  6. Squeeeeee!!!! This is the BEST reel to real ever! Now that Rou Xi has her 4th Prince, BBJX won’t feel so tragic. Now we know how it really ends.

  7. What wonderful wonderful news… truly happy for both of them. Congratulations and a lifetime of blessings to Nicky and Shi Shi!!

  8. thank you for this! I didn’t know you have posted it, so I posted the (what I thought to be new) news in your other post. I’m soooo happy for LongShi!!

  9. And you know, I just started rewatching BBJX the other day…
    YESSSS. I’m so happy for them! I wish them all the best in their future together!

    On another note, I still need to find Incisive Great Teacher with subs. Any help?

  10. Despite some fans being hateful and not getting along, I find that most people are very, very supportive of this couple. So whether the rest of those idiot 腦殘 fans get along or not is not a big deal at all.
    Congrats to the two! I was very surprised as well!
    They love doing this to the world!
    What is with the entertainment industry this year? Only 3 weeks into January and everyone’s either having kids or getting married! wtf!

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