Lee Min Jung Nearly 7 Months Pregnant and Expecting Baby with Husband Lee Byung Hun

It feels so weird to report on a happy event but still feel rivers of reservation and this odd sinking sensation that all’s not quite well with it. Lee Min Jung‘s agency MST Entertainment released an official announcement on Monday morning that the married actress was pregnant and expecting her first baby. Lee Min Jung is reportedly 27 weeks pregnant, just shy of 7 months which would make it her early third trimester. Normally pregnancy news is kept under wraps for the first trimester since there is always a high risk of miscarriage even among healthy child-bearing age women and the early second trimester is when pregnancy news is shared with friends and family.

In Lee Min Jung’s case, her agency openly discussed the awkward and uncomfortable real life situation surrounding Lee Min Jung’s husband and baby daddy Lee Byung Hun, who has been embroiled in a salacious blackmail scandal the last 5 months, which is why news of Lee Min Jung’s expecting a baby was not announced until so late. I wish my congrats to the parents-to-be came immediately upon hearing this news but I just feel disappointed that what is normally happy baby news comes at the heel of some allegedly sleazy behavior from Lee Byung Hun and the timing now confirms he was trying to get some honey on the side while his wife was already pregnant.

I don’t feel sorry for Lee Min Jung since she’s an adult woman and chose her own marital future with the man she married. I do feel that this particular blackmail scandal can’t be taken without context of all previous scandals of the violent and/or relationship nature involving Lee Byung Hun. He is the victim of blackmail in this case but it’s hard not to reach the opinion that the totality of the man’s behavior and legal history is quite alarming and discomfiting to imagine he’ll be a baby daddy soon.

I also find this last blackmail case really complex in that the court didn’t find there was actually adultery on Lee Byung Hun’s part (i.e. he didn’t actually sleep with blackmailing model Lee Ji Yeon), but the court did find lots of suggestive and inappropriate conversations between the two that were evidence of amorous interest regardless of whether it was actually consummated in the end. That’s really the fine line – does a married person have to actually have sex to be considered cheating or is it shady enough that the person tried to get some booty but failed in the end?

In the end marriage, and parenthood, is between only the two people involved so my and anyone else’s opinion hardly matters in this case. Lee Min Jung’ expected due date is in early April and she is currently back in South Korea where she is planning to stay put until the baby arrives. Naturally Lee Min Jung has no entertainment work schedule lined up and doesn’t have any expected date for resuming work even after she has the baby. I do like her acting in the right roles and wish her a healthy remainder of her pregnancy. Bur I wonder if she’ll ever resume her acting career again in the foreseeable future or just become a full time mom?


Lee Min Jung Nearly 7 Months Pregnant and Expecting Baby with Husband Lee Byung Hun — 39 Comments

  1. I guess this news kinda gives us a glimpse on her decision to stay with her husband despite the cheating scandal. I can’t say I feel sorry for her for the reasons you stated above koala. However, I couldn’t help but feel sad over this situation she’s in. I mean, having a child with the man you loved is probably the most exciting thing in a woman’s life. But having a baby in the midst of the scandal surrouding her husband is just not healthy for her and the baby. What’s more unhealthy is staying with a man for the sake of the baby. But it’s her decision after all and she can think what’s best for her and her baby. I just hope it’s all worth it in the end.

    So explains everything.
    God bless her.
    I hope her parents and his parents are doing everything they can to keep her even-keeled. Pregnancy and childbirth is hard enough without all that other noise!

  3. Sometimes emotional cheating is worse than actual cheating. And even if there was no evidence of the deed, the implications alone is pretty shitty. Then there’s the inescapable stigma of being a divorced woman in a Korean society versus one that stayed with her husband knowing full well that he cheated…rock and a hard place of LMJ. It’s so easy to judge for us, who are outside of that situation, but no one knows what she’s going through unless they can say that they’re also a celebrity with a cheating husband in an asian society dealing with the same group of people.

  4. It’s easy to write an article and judge but i think the most and best thing we should do is wish her a safe delivery and wish her happiness in her life’s endeavours

  5. I don’t care if she’s an adult, I still feel terrible for her. To be in that situation as a first time mother… just terrible. Hopefully he uses this chance to change, but seems unlikely. At beast she’ll get a couple years of good behavior out of him before he acts up again.

  6. No wonder she decided to stay with him. Apparently, the reputation of divorced single mothers in Korea is terrible. At least Lee Byung Hun won’t be appearing on Return of Superman any time soon. I will never be able to watch anything of his ever again.

  7. I’m surprised no reporters figured it out though! There were a lot of pictures circulating online from the trip in LA! Tsk tsk I bet all the reporters feel stupid to not catch this hard hitting news!

  8. Geez wouldn’t a post just congratulating her be enough. Why does all the negative have to be brought into it. Everyone acts like they know everything that goes on, when in fact WE Do Not.

    Congratulations to the parents to be…

  9. I hope the first months of pregnancy at least weren’t terrible for her, pregnancy wise and her baby.

    With the whole stress/emerging knowledge about her husband’s doings surrounding the whole incident, I can’t even imagine how anyone going through the first euphoria of a first pregnancy would have felt.

    Whatever her decision – it’s her life to lead, and we don’t live in Korean society, with the pressure of LBH as husband.
    I would warrant a guess she is thinking like a mother in that new situation she found herself in.

    All the best to her. I hope at least his family will treat her nicely and value her, and make up for whatever the son’s not doing. And that she finds her peace and contentment being a mother.

  10. Pregnancy is already stressful enough, and having this entire circus brought upon her is just as unimaginable. The resolution behind her and her husband’s decision is only for them to bear and only for them to make.

    I wish her a healthy pregnancy, child, and family. Happiness is always so elusive, but those who are able to bear through the hardships sometimes get awarded too.

  11. I still think the marriage was a contract one, she wasn’t a very successful actress until she met him and then she suddenly started getting bigger roles.
    He’s not going to stop cheating, he’ll only find another way to get rid of the woman once he gets bored of her.
    Her family is quite powerful so she should just have the baby and then divorce his a** and go back home.

    • What big roles? Sure, she was lead in a few dramas but they weren’t really high profile projects or successful ones either.

      I would argue that since she met him her career has gone downhill.

  12. While we are sorry for Lee Min Jung and spite her husband’s behavior, I just wanna celebrate for the kids. He/She is having a tough life, even before birth. May God bless you kid.

  13. The news was to be expected as a cover-up for his many scandals but netizens still remains so “blissfully” blind to the obvious. How can one seriously rejoice over this child being brought to life in this messed-up couple?

    • A baby should have been part of their marriage ‘deal’ since he’s of the age where a grandchild is expected.

      Unless LMJ was totally naive and romantically/delusionally thought she could reform a ‘bad boy’ … she must have gone in with her eyes pretty wide open, since she has known him for quite a while.

      Knowing how possessively protective LBH is over his family (mother, sister) – having a child will just anchor the child more tenaciously within the Lee (BH) household, and make it harder to divorce if it ever comes to that, since she will be even more attached.

      Whether or not she has thought this through – twist this episode to her/baby’s advantage to further protect herself legally.

      Write it in legally that if he disrespectfully errs like this again, she is entitled to half his assets (is this the norm in Korea?) plus custody of child.

    • Why the hell do you care? It’s their life b*tch! No relationship is perfect they can always work it out. Your comment means you’re even messed up than them. You don’t your husband/bf doesn’t cheat on your? Come on! Hypocrite!

  14. Congrats on the baby!!

    They are both adults and I just wish them the best in this journey in parenthood. Hope for the best that he will reform his ways.

    • Ha ha ha. Who are you kidding that by saying he will reform his ways. He is married and knew his wife was pregnant and still was looking for other women.
      He brought his adultery to public eyes by suing those women that shows he does not even care about his wife feeling

  15. Once a cheater, always a cheater. Sure you want to cheat but at a time when your wife is pregnant! He has no thought of her in mind when does these days. No thinking of how hard it is for her to carry his child.

    IDK why someone as pretty and successful as LMJ sees in this man. She can get any man she wants. Even if she does not do well in the entertainment industry, she doesn’t need someone to back her up to get famous. Go find another career. Unless, she is really after fame. These are merely speculations from fans but it is still heart breaking.

    If she really does love him then I just want to smack him in the head.

  16. I don’t feel sorry for her she knew what she got into contract or not as a fully functioning adult woman, maybe she wanted a child but geez how selfish of LBH to create such a malestorm for his pregnant wife, he could’ve ended things quietly rather than indict them and publicly crucify them, yes they did wrong,and being duly punished but he has stressed his wife in the process ( he should have married himself as it seems that is the person he most loves) he has a dirty sleazy track record and unfortunately I don’t think that will change anytime soon, I hope LMJ is strong enough to cope with it all.

  17. Has anybody tought about the fact that she flew to LA at the start of both the case and the pregnancy (not to shade the bad light on her husband because I don’t think the issue would have been the same if it was known at that time that she was pregnant) and is only coming back now at nearly seven months when it’s not even responsible to take a plane at that stage. Not even talking about the chance for post-delivery mental trauma for a woman who gave birth in these conditions. This man is disgusting. Sorry if fans of his are reading this and to be clear I don’t even like Lee Min Jung but he seems to be full of himself and his own needs. Good luck to mom and children, they’ll need it.

  18. When I heard her pregnancy, I just feel so sad for her. I know it’s a happy time but what kind of a man does that to his while WHILST she’s pregnant with his baby. That’s absolutely disgusting behaviour. Though in saying that she probably married him knowing about his past sleazy behaviour….

  19. I feel sorry for the kid. LBH obviously has committment issues. Doesn’t sound like he’ll be a good dad. Now that’s the real problem.

  20. LBH just gives off such a creepy vibe that I’m surprised anyone would even want to be with him. I was wondering why LMJ was sticking by his side throughout this scandal and taking all those trips to L.A. to escape the media, but after hearing the announcement of her pregnancy it all kind of makes sense now. I know Korea has a big stigma against single mothers, but would anyone blame LMJ for leaving LBH. I guess we can only congratulate the parents-to-be and hope that they have a healthy baby and can work out the issues (if there are any) in their marriage.

    • As you said, he gives out this creepy vibe, i felt this even before i heard of the scandal. I have seen only bits of his work but not much as i cannot stand looking at him due to this creepy vibe.

  21. Being pregnant with your first child and knowing your husband is doing adultery and is shameless enough to let it know in public.
    She must have felt betrayed by her husband and must have felt humiliation.

  22. Regardless of everything, I just hope she still returns to the entertainment industry and have a life of her own! I’m sure she loves acting and I would hate for her to give everything up to become a full time mom because of her sleazy husband.
    I also think she chose to stay because she is pregnant, so since they’re already married and for the sake of the child to have a father…. she decided to forgive him. Very typical and normal decision. Won’t blame her and it’s her choice. We can only hope LBH comes to his senses after this reputation tear-down and stays faithful from now on.

  23. Im glad for hers sake and even if he is a cheating bastard she will have a child of her own to love, cherish.

    It would be terrible news if she became fulltime mom afterwards. She is one of the best in playing quirky female leads in rom coms. I hope to see her in many more fun roles.

  24. I don’t feel sorry for her. I just hope she and her child are fine.

    I still believe she probably thought she could change Lee Byung-Hun. But in the end he was too old when they got married and he wouldn’t change. Now she either has to live with him or divorce him in a couple years. Unfortunatey it would only mean bad things for her than for him.

  25. This sure surprised me. I cannot comment on their married life so I’ll just say congratulations to the parents and I wish her a safe delivery and a healthy baby.

    And thank you for the post ockoala, as usual it is informative and balanced. This site is turning out to be my go to place for unbiased news and comments.

  26. She knew and accepts it as a way of life as long as he provides her and the children a comfortable life with fortune/fame, it is the old tradition life that women accept husbands to fool around on rhe side. He is very clever to just fool around for fun but wont leave his family. It is a trade off many women are willing to accept in the male dominating society. I dont watch her or his work anymore.
    He looks ugly too me, and she is a fool.

    • Nice comment from a hypocrite! No relationship is perfect. You’ve never been cheated before and worked it out with your partner? You’re so pathetic. Get a life!

  27. You don’t feel bad for Lee Min Jung just because she’s an “adult woman who chose her own marital future?”

    That’s really harsh. I’m sure she chose Lee Byung Hun as her mate THINKING he would be faithful to her. But people sometimes hide their true colors VERY well, so to say “Well, she chose to marry him” is a bit insensitive. Especially when the poor woman is PREGNANT with the sleezeball’s child.

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