Suzy Won’t Be The Girl Who Sees Smells While Yoochun Still Considering the Drama

Drama fans who aren’t particularly fond of Suzy can breath a sigh of relief – Korea’s favorite young CF queen is not going to headline the upcoming SBS Wed-Thurs drama The Girl Who Sees Smells. After considering the offer her agency released a statement that she is declining the role due to her upcoming busy schedule with a Miss A comeback. I won’t second guess the reason but much appreciate the decision. I actually like Suzy but she’s really not acting-ready to get such a prime time slot with a drama centering around her convincingly acting as a character with the superpower to visually see scents.

It’s like asking a person who can barely look natural as herself in front of the camera to immediately play a convincing blind person – I may be harsh on Suzy but it partly comes from wanting her to really work on her craft and become an actress equal to the acting roles she’s being offered due to her popularity. She needs to do as Taecyeon does and do cable dramas and loooooong weekend family fare where she can just work on the craft through accumulating acting hours. She’s a hard worker and sometimes more practices makes perfect if one isn’t born with the innate talent. With Suzy out SBS has at least one or two more weeks to lock down another girl who can see smells.

Suzy may be out but Yoochun is still considering the role of the leading man offered to him, playing a cop who lost his sister to a serial killer and finds himself numb from the pain and can’t experience any emotion. Yoochun playing a law enforcement officer at this point is like a second job, considering he played a detective in Missing You and then a secret service agent in Three Days. The last drama I enjoyed with Yoochun was Rooftop Prince so I’m not averse to him accepting this role since The Girl Who Sees Smells will be written by the screenwriter of RP. Here’s hoping she packs this story with less one-note caricature villains with absurdly stupid evil plans, but brings back the bright bubbly comedy side that worked well in RP. The Girl Who Sees Smells premieres in March after Hyde, Jekyll, Me.


Suzy Won’t Be The Girl Who Sees Smells While Yoochun Still Considering the Drama — 43 Comments

  1. “less caricature villains with absurdly stupid evil plans” – Amen! I enjoyed the non-romantic lead pairing in 3 Days, and thought they worked well together, but an entire literal army of private goons with military style automatic weapons rampaging through the RoK unchecked and apparently unnoticed got a bit too OTT by the end.

  2. Eh, the production might go with someone like Jin Se Yeon and we’d be thrown from the frying pan into the fire. I hope that Kim Ji Won can get her break but I’m not holding my breath.

      • WTF. Her agency put out articles hinting that she’d be doing a drama in March but I figured we were safe because they came out before news of Suzy’s offer broke. Say it ain’t so!!!!

      • Oh god no.

        why can’t SBS cast actresses who can, you know, act? Wasting talents like Im Joo Eun and Lee Yoo Bi in supporting roles and then handing all these lead roles to someone who isn’t even fit to play the hero/heroine’s little sister…

  3. Suzy can’t really act, but actors/pd’s and everyone love her so I don’t see her ever doing cable dramas or weekenders to work on her skills. I mean, she just worked with freaking Ryoo Seung-Ryong of all people. She has leading lady status without any skills to back it up.

    I’m still not too interested in this drama, hopefully Yoochun passes on it too but he’s getting near MS time so he might not have too many chances to get another drama before he has to go.

    • you read my mind. I actually hope Yuchun won’t take this role, because the story a lil’ bit odd (my thought), but he’s nearing his enlistment and this drama is the last chance for him to say farewell to his fans.

      • Yeah, they are in the minority. Even while netizens complain about her shit acting, actors want to work with her and praise her. Suzy is pretty universally adored.

      • LOL, no they’re not in the minority. Among the general public, there are some people who don’t like Suzy at all and think she’s talentless. she’s universally adored in korea, but not too sure about other countries.

  4. sorry, but can someone tell me whats suzy’s charm ?
    coz idk but i always get this rebel vibe from her although she acts cute…
    but pls dont shoot me guyz, im really asking

    • Seconding your question. As a casual fan of Kdramas/Kpop who doesn’t care much for looking beyond the craft I don’t understand why the Korean entertainment industry revolves so much around artists that offer nothing but their visuals. I can understand that she might be charming as a person but I don’t see how that is relevant to drama casting. *sighs* Guess there is much at work behind the scenes, at least judging by how Jin Se Yeon, Go Sung Hee and I’m sure male actors as well are getting their roles.

    • Nothing really, as an actress she offers zero. You could say she is likeable and has some charizma,but overall she is bland and replaceable.

      The thing is, she is a huge CF name in her country and companies whose products she endorses have to push her in this big projects to get extra promotion. They get all those commercial timeslots during her dramas and it`s a huge promotional tactic. So really i wouldn`t be surprised those companies pay for her to be the lead.

      It doesn`t harm she is pretty and popular among international crowd so it gives additional attention to projects she does.

    • If I find it before I die I will let you know. LOL For me she is not even cute, let alone able to act. I feel like she is just very immature and not very bright. I stay away from all things that involve her.

      • Media play? Lol. At this young age, she posesses some aura/ vibe that couldn’t be seen in actresses at same age or even older. That is where her charm is.

  5. How i wish they cast Park eunbin. Watching her act in secret door made me want to see her more on dramas. She was has such a presence as the princess in that drama…
    if not park eunbin maybe kim go eun, want her in dramas rather than movie. and maybe kang sora….

    • There are SO MANY talented and beautiful young actresses sbs worked with recently, and yet they choose ……this block of wood.

      Park Eun Bin, Im Joo Eun, Yoon So Hee, Kang Sora, Lee Yoo Bi, would all make better leads for a heroine centred drama. It’s like repeatedly passing up fine chocolates for a half rotted Hershey bar, that’s what sbs is doing.

      • Yesss the ones you’ve listed and also others like Han Groo. Wish they could get a chance to shine in the spotlight.

      • I forgot Han Groo was in One Warm Word! She is so good and has chameleon-like versatile abilities.

        And still, with all these gems of young actresses in their supporting roles, sbs wants to bypass them and offer the role to, well, THAT.

  6. Good day!

    I wish Yoochun pair again with Park Ha Sun co’z they have a good chemistry in their last Drama 3 DAYS even if there’s no romance time for them on that drama but still the viewers felt their good chemistry specially on the last episode.

  7. She can no act, she’s god at looking pretty that’s it.
    Basically she needs to find a acting coach and take classes as she has so many upcoming projects that I’m dreading for.
    Can’s they just audition fresh faces and find someone who actually can’t act.

  8. As a fan I also would like Yoochun to pick another project, though as others have said it seems there aren’t many options. He stated earlier his preference to do another movie but perhaps the lack of choice led him to consider drama scripts.

  9. i like suzy personally… she look nice.. but i think her fame make her lonely, that’s why i think she decided to back off to focus on miss A. You know what it mean when one member is too damn popular and someone must be jealous! i think there are so many talented young actresses out there and they just need one breakout role and then people will start to take interest for them. See what happen to Moon Chae Won. She is so damn talented!! Among of the actresses that are ready to take a leading role are:

    1. Jeon So Min
    2. Kim Ji Won
    3. Im Joo Eun
    3. Han Groo

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