Hyde, Jekyll, Me Unleashes the Full Hyun Bin Fanservice in New Drama and OST Stills

Alrighty then. If Hyde, Jekyll, Me didn’t manage to impress in the first two episodes with a weak story launch and uninspired directing, it appears the drama is headed down only upside left to milk which is Hyun Bin in all his leading man glory. The first two episodes already showed us his post-army abs, sent him leaping over the roof, and doing some seriously romantic but implausible unless he’s a mermaid underwater snuggling of leading lady Han Ji Min. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the fan service bits in the first two episodes since that was frankly the only interesting bits so far.

I’m also starting to get the feeling the iants all the comparisons to Secret Garden beyond just Binnie playing a cold chaebol suffering from a mental affliction. Why else would the drama collaborate with Baek Ji Young for the just released second OST called “Because of You”, when any mention of Baek Ji Young and Hyun Bin immediately calls to mind the insanely popular OST single “That Woman” from SG. I overdosed on the track because I played it too much initially but it really is a classic. Too bad this new song is a pale imitation but does have Baek Ji Young’s gorgeous vocals at least. I’m also soaking up the OST picture above which is that straight from the cover of swoony historical romance novels.

Baek Ji Young’s OST “Because of You”:


Hyde, Jekyll, Me Unleashes the Full Hyun Bin Fanservice in New Drama and OST Stills — 9 Comments

  1. To be fair, Baek Ji Young also did King’s Wrath’s OST + Rooftop Prince’s OST. It was obvious she’d do something for Hyde, Jekyll, Me.

  2. Just shoot me if Suzy gets cast. I could only stomach her stoic acting in Dream High. But then that drama had so many other delightful actors/characters, the entire drama turned out memorable for me.

  3. Well if the story doesn’t give me much else then I will take fanservice. I am still am very intrigued after two episodes and can’t wait to see 3 and 4 this week. They have my attention and hopefully they can keep it. 🙂

    I don’t mind so much that she is singing yet another song in their collective dramas. As long as it’s not the predominate song in it. She does have a great voice.

  4. I wish hyun bin had just waited for a really really great drama…he’s an A-lister and he has more control over what projects he takes -there really was no hurry for him to be in a drama…

  5. Oh God, I listened to That Woman I know a thousand times. I still love it. I love her voice, and I usually like anything she does, but nothing really compares to that.

  6. Ok they have this week to prove themselves. Usually for me a good drama without a good start, ep 3-4 is where things turn around (if they ever do), at worse ep5, if by then it’s still yawn inspiring, gosh it’s likely just BAD
    To parallel it, same period broadcast healer was quite not the thing for me in ep1-2, but by ep 4 I was invested.
    And there are those dramas that kick u in the hearts right place from the start go:
    Eg YWCFAS – Cheng soong yi was a hoot the moment ep1 starts

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