MBC Late Spring Line-up: Hong Sisters Drama Return Followed by Vampire Scholar Sageuk

The late spring and early summer K-drama line up is slowly taking shape. First came confirmation that KBS was slotting in the bipolar medical drama Dr. Frankenstein for June, coming late to the split personality bandwagon but who knows if the audience has room for one more after a short break. Now MBC is doing a big one-two punch for the middle of the year – the network is doing a Hong sisters drama in May, reuniting the screenwriting duo with their last MBC drama PD from Best Love, and after that the network will broadcast the in-development sageuk vampire drama Scholar Who Walks the Night in July.

In talk for the leading man of Scholar remains Park Hae Jin but the drama is being produced by KeyEast so if Park Hae Jin passes then expect a male actor from the company. I think it’s highly unlikely to be Kim Soo Hyun but one never knows, he might be getting tired of filming CFs and want to act again. I didn’t write about the Hong sisters drama land return a few weeks ago since the news didn’t come with any details about what drama they are cooking up but now’s a good time for my two cents. I have a love-hate relationship with them but the affection remains much stronger than the annoyance so hopefully their next drama is both creative and solidly executed. I can’t deal with any Big mental meltdown.

The Hong sisters in this case refers to the duo behind Delightful Girl Choon Hyang, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, Hong Gil Dong, Fantasy Couple, You’re Beautiful, My Girl, Best Love, and Big. Their most recent drama was The Master’s Sun in 2013.

Scholar has quite the big name production talent behind it – adapting the screenplay from the manhwa is the screenwriter of Coffee Prince while directing is the PD who did MBC’s last big hit drama Empress Ki. I’ve still got Scholar Who Walks the Night ready to read, now’s probably a good time to check out the source manhwa and see if it’s as deserving of its popularity.


MBC Late Spring Line-up: Hong Sisters Drama Return Followed by Vampire Scholar Sageuk — 15 Comments

  1. praying that the new SARFT barricades against live streaming of kdramas means networks will finally pay attention to their quality and to what domestic audiences say instead of blindly casting idols and top stars for China money….

    and I hope they start with these new dramas. The Hong sisters have weaknesses as writers but they generally cast good OTPs so I look forward to seeing who they cast in the lead.

  2. Lots of sageuks this year – especially if the rumors that the Hong sisters drama is a fusion adaptation of Butterfly Lovers are true.

  3. the only sageuk im good quality wise,and im intrested in is MAIDS.quality and acting wise,i love it.i hope park hae jin accepts the sageuk vampire then either kim soo hyun accepts the Hong Sisters drama or Kim eun sook drama.

    • Kinda agree with you, MAIDS is bringing in the awesome. My first and only focus in watching MAIDS was kim dong wook but after watching ep1 & 2, i have a new appreciation for jung yumi whom i actually have this bizzare illogical dislike. She is really awesome in MAIDS.
      As for park haejin, i was hoping he wolf take kim eun seok’s descendents of the sun. I am not feeling the scholar vampire writer. I love coffee prince but hated paradise ranch which she also wrote so i am hoping both KSH and PHJ will not takr this project…

  4. Pretty please, i want Park Hae Jin cast to scholar ASAP! he’s made for this role and he deserves main role finally! it’ll be hard to see other actor get the role. anyway i want to see him in a drama this year, he was so good in bad guys!

    Glad that there will be new drama of hong sister,i’ve only seen from their work my girl,YAB,best love and master sun (delightful girl is on hold but i definitely will back to it sometime). i love their plots, especially their OTP (Lee dong wook – lee da hae, gong hyo jin and her 2 partners cha seung won and so ji sub)so i will wait for it patiently. hope the casting and plot will be good.

  5. I’m not able to watch just anything for Park Hae Jin (Dr. Stranger…) but if he takes this one I will definitely check it out.

    • You shuld check out bad guys with him. his role was fantastic as the psycho serial killer if it’s any indication. i loved him in MLFTS but he was forgettable there.

    • And since it’s the writer of Coffee Prince…maybe they can give a love call to Yoon Eun Hye…I would love to see her in a sageuk.

  6. I really hope Park Hae-jin takes the Scholar role, and I heard the female lead character is a cross-dresser, so can Coffee Prince’s writer just ask Yoon Eun-hye to do it. I think they’ll look good together, Park Hae-jin and Yoon Eun-hye.

    • Oh that sounds good! their pairing will be interesting and it can boost YEH a bit so that won’t be bad for her! she needs someting good after the crap that was mirae’s choice.

  7. If KSH wants the Vampire Scholar role it is his for the taking. There is no way his company will offer the role to someone else if he wants it. Ditto that KSH as the lead would be preferred by MBC.

    I am interested in seeing who is cast in both dramas. This should be interesting.

  8. I am so happy to see Park Hae Jin as a main role in Scholar. Please just be it and don’t ever change the main role with other actors.

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