Kill Me Heal Me Makes History for Fastest Network Airing of a K-drama in Japan

I’m genuinely impressed and happy for the much deserved success of Kill Me Heal Me. The drama has flaws aplenty but overall is so entertaining and interesting to watch. Most of the success lays with Ji Sung convincingly playing 7 different characters, getting some writing help with the comedic and comic book presentation of the DID medical condition with underlying serious moments. I don’t take this drama seriously in either the medical aspects or the minutae of the story details and enjoy sitting back to just laugh constantly with the hijinks.

With China locking down the licensing of overseas shows until after the run is complete, splashing cold water on the live-watch popularity of K-dramas online in the last two years, the networks are looking for other ways to more quickly recoup the production costs so it makes sense that Japan comes back into focus. The news is reporting that this week KMHM has been licensed for Japanese network airing, which isn’t anything new for K-dramas, but what is worth mentioning is the drama will air in early March which is the fastest any K-drama in history has gone from it’s run in Korea to hitting the airwaves in Japan.


Kill Me Heal Me Makes History for Fastest Network Airing of a K-drama in Japan — 37 Comments

  1. Really loving this show and Ji Sung is awesome in it! I was surprised and pleased to see how he can pull off so many different personalities.

    I don’t ever take any medical or legal aspects seriously in tv shows, so I don’t mind when it’s out there.

  2. i agree with both of u mis koala and bella… i really enjoy watching this drama. how surprise when every personality came out, especially Perry park… and i’m waiting the little nana

  3. It’s the best Ji Sung role in his carrer. Too bad he have very weak actress in his side – Hwang Jung Eum only shouting and irritating – ugh…

      • +1!
        I don’t see her weak at least she’s versatile and not stuck in one character. also she’s suppose to be noisy and as we see it makes ji sung’s host identity to become strong. at last he is starting to show feelings: be angry, jealous and etc. don’t want to compare it again to HJM but if she was third of Hana’s character he would probably let the suicidal personality to kill him..

    • It’s her character, watch SECRET and then tell me what you think. I like her she’s good and they’re compatable onscreen. I don’t like too the shouting but maybe its what in the script. But hope the writer will tone it down a bit,love her in a more serious romantic role.But the drama is funny, Jisung is really doing good portraying the 7 character. I found some scene very hilarious. But Mr. Writer would you mind toning it down Ji Ri character? Some drama if the actors have a good chemistry onscreen won’t matter sometimes the simple things that you can ignore and enjoy the drama itself.

      • Yeah I can see that. Now that I think about it, I think I did read her latest interview that she did for a magazine, and in it she talks how she might have over-acted some scenes in the beginning but that since then the director helped her to find balance in her acting and how she’s thankful to him, or something like that.

    • Yeah she shouted a bit much in the first couple of episodes but she’s toned down now she’s more acquainted with Do-Hyun’s situation. Her acting skills are really coming to the forefront now and she carries many scenes along with Ji-Sung especially with the switches between personalities. Her speech at the end of Episode 8 and the rooftop scene in episode 7 almost brought me to tears and it was ALL because of her delivery.

      She’s already proven her acting chops in Secret and I think Ji-Sung loves working with her because he know she has the acting chops and it would be fulfilling to play off of her. They are amazing seperately and together.

  4. Well deserved success the drama is pleasantly good it has gone far too good and beyond my expectations the story is fast balanced and thanks to the brilliant cast i enjoy it’s dynamic.
    Kudos to Jisung he won my heart he did set the bar way too high with his outstanding performance and let’s not forget his sizzling chemistry with Hwang Jung Eum since Secret days.

  5. Ji Sung is really pulling everyone in here. I have watched and rewatched the ending of ep 8 an embarrassing number of times because he not only absolutely does the physical comedy well (completely committing to it w/o reservation) but he does the subtle changes and depth of Do Hyun’s loneliness so well. I always want things to work out for my favorite characters, but he really makes me WANT Do Hyun to be happy because Ji Sung has made us see for how long he has been desperately unhappy. I hope he is remembered at the end of year awards because even if the plot tanks, I have a feeling he will be this good until the end.

    • I really hope he picks up an award or two for this as well. The problem with dramas airing so early in the year is that they’re sometimes forgotten at the end (the exception being big ones like YFAS) and that’s a shame in Ji Sun’s case as he is by far one of the best actors in Korea, in my view

  6. Watching this drama for Ji Sung alone.not a fan of Hwang Jung Eum’s face and offence,I just can’t stand her of the main reasons why i couldn’t finish Secret.

    • Ah well, you can’t please everyone. She is doing a phenomenal job either way and I bet she is proud of herself as she should be.

    • She is full of plastic sugeries, eyes, nose, cheeks, chin, lip. She looked great in her younger days, but once you get plastic surgeries, you have to keep getting them or it will show

  7. I can’t thank enough Beinnie for leaving this drama, because Ji Sung oppa once again got a chance to shine.
    HJE&JS are really bringing the best from each other every time they are acting together.

    This is fascinating drama in every sense of the word.., written with brain.

    I hope the 2nd half will not be disappointing in writing because Oppa can’t fail in his acting.
    Split scenes are done more then good, HJE emots well in her scenes with Ji Sung. Ji Sung emots well in all 7 ways.

    Drama give me more SQUEEEEEEEEEE

  8. Love this drama. As soon as I’d heard it was JS, and bonus, with HJE, I knew I would. Logic and reality be damned – if it could be as cracktastic as Secret.

    They have done a good job hanging a lantern on its willingness to change genres in one scene, so they know you know they know.

    He’s getting the accolades, and rightly so, but HJE’s ability to do whatever the director tells her to makes it all work. I don’t mind her face and I think her strange way of delivering lines works.
    I came out of my fanvid hibernation and made one (for trotwood) with SG’s rough and tumble POV. Here it is:

    • Haha love it! hope you’ll do more!!
      and i was exactly as you- the minute i read the two are going to be together in the drama i screamed like crazy. my family didn’t understand what got inside me lol.

  9. This is fast. Anyway, congrats to their marketing/sales team. Which last year drama that already got slot to air in Japan? I read somewhere that Naeil’s Cantabile will be air this month.

  10. This drama is sooooo good! I don’t understand why they had such a hard time locking down a lead! But I’m glad Hyun Bin & Seungi turned it down Jisung is just PERFECT! & HJE is so epic when it comes to rom coms!

    Is there a chance I’m just blinded by the awesome acting & just ignoring the bad plot or something? Because I’m just so dumbfounded how this drama seemed like such wreck before it aired! Never a judge a book by its a cover! I’m dying for the next episode more so than Pinocchio!

  11. So happy for KMHM !!! :3
    really love this drama, esp because of Jisung’s superb acting. I hope the rating will rise till 20% above too.

  12. Congrats to the team of KMHM. Ji sung as SSG is awesome. All the characters so tar are awesome.

    I want to say thank you to all the actors that were nice enough to pass on this role. I wish I could send them all flowers. Ji sung is perfect.

    Episode 8 was just so good. The last scene where he hears his alter ego warning about messing with his woman and he thought about it and went “F it. I am going in ” was just priceless. XD

      • How do you fight with yourself over the same woman? That other girl may get a pass when SSG realizes that CDH has moved on to his woman. SSG will need to fight to get out more so he can keep his place in her heart. He did say that she will put the others to sleep for him and he was very confident about it. So SSG is a man with a plan.

        This show is going to be interesting.

    • I’m waiting to shin se gi’s reaction next episode. that sure will be hilarious:
      CDH: do you still want to hurt my woman? XD

      • I think it made sense for HB to pass on this one – even though he did end up doing another DID story.
        Because he would have to play female characters in KMHM, I think that would be too similar to Secret Garden. He kinda already did that. Everyone would be saying, or, he looks like GIl Ra-im.

  13. I LOVE this show.. I know qualitatively, it’s not the best. It has flaws and some exaggerations. But I can’t help but enjoy this show. This show has heart, laughs and an awesome OTP!

    I am happy for KMHM and Ji Sung.

  14. I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo loving this drama! and I am not even a fan of Ji Sung or Hwang Jung Eum before.

    it’s just great to watch and acting wise, Ji Sung really deserves an award for portraying 7 characters in plain awesomeness!!!

    OT. how come they have been paired a few times? I am wishing for another HwanHye project together!!! calling Drama God’s!!!

  15. I’m loving this drama and it keeps getting better and better. I’m also realllly enjoying Heart to Heart. Both leads are doing a phenomenal job, have amazing chemistry and everything is just on point in terms of directing, writing, music, etc. I’ve watched every episode a few times haha.

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