SBS Ups the Romance Angle with New Drama Stills from Hyde, Jekyll, Me

It’s basically make or break for Hyde, Jekyll, Me this week. It was probably that turning point for other viewers last week or even the week before during the drama’s premiere episodes but I’ve been waiting (and waiting and waiting) so long for Hyun Bin‘s drama return I’m summoning reserves of patience and optimism to see if things pick up soon. I remember Lie to Me had really underwhelming first four episodes but the drama flipped the switch with me during the third week and I ended up rabidly addicted. The drama still wasn’t very good but at least being hooked made the watch more fun, and that’s really all I can hope for when it comes to HJM. I don’t get the sense either the screenwriter or PD knows what they are doing or at least have been making really poor narrative choices so far. The new drama stills teasing more Ha Na and Robin sweet times is cute and all but I’m more intrigued with Seo Jin getting his hard shell cracked more and more.

Sung Joon is sooooooooo wasted in this drama so far, and all signs point to his presence being the obligatory plot driver rather than developing some personality and story background of his own any time soon. At least he got Discovery of Love under his belt last year, that was a great drama to showcase acting and cast chemistry by the boatloads.


SBS Ups the Romance Angle with New Drama Stills from Hyde, Jekyll, Me — 17 Comments

  1. You and me both.
    I felt ep4 was enjoyable but I do also get the same fear that the writers and pd havent quite shown confidence in the story they want to tell.
    Do they have a plan? Come on how can u get hyun bin on board and not have a plan. Based on what we have seen, they just need to fix some immediate problems:
    1) beef up the female lead. She needs more background story, brighter lines to function more than just a plot mover. People need to identify with the female lead otherwise the OTP pairing is a yawnfest. She was picking up in ep4 so I optimistic abt this.
    2) capitalize on seojin and robin interactions (that’s the only spark right now and it’s genuinely funny)/ I want more
    3) u need more likeable characters surrounding the leads. Beef up sung joon screen time, hyeri too as her relationship with robin seemed cute.
    4) Screw the pretty and focus on the characters story. U don’t need to waste time and money on the pretty when the connection is not there. you already have hyun bin, it’s pretty enough.

    • Watch the first episode until the 3 episode I really don’t see any chemistry between this two. Hyunbin is one of my favarite actor. I just wait and watch it again when it getting closer to episode 10. Usually Han Ji Min really good but this time I found her really trying hard.

  2. Agree about sung joon. the guy has a talent and he showed it in DOL but here it seems he’ll just be the filler second lead and evn not that since we have robin..well i guess we have to wait and see.

  3. The problem for this show is they are fighting last year’s war. They are trying to recreate Secret Garden when South Korea has moved on.

    The harder they try to create Secret Garden magic, the harder they fail and the lower the ratings fall. Some of the comments says it all. HB is basically the same character from secret garden at a different company.

      • When the SPARK is not there it’s hard to watch this drama.Sometimes, even bad drama but if the characters connect and the chemistry flying off the screen still verable to watch.

    • I think that’s ungrounded.
      Seojin and robin are different from secret garden’s male lead (gosh what’s his name, mr sparkly track suit)
      Hyun bin can play a cold chaebol in his sleep but u can see his work here is different. He’s not the problem, they really need to work on other areas. Hopefully they know what are the problems, I believe these people are pro enough.. That’s the point of live shoots right? To change what’s not working

  4. I’m in the long haul but I am still hoping for all changes for the better. There has been a lot of talk about “is it Robin or is it SJ”? Which personality is it? So maybe that can at least inject some spark into it. I’m hopeful but I have my expectations in check. God can perform miracles but can the writer/producers/director here? I have my doubts and reservations. But at least spice up Hana! For the love of all things good… even if all the other characters are just filler, at least make the OTP awesomesauce.

    I agree, cut the pretty. I think they have advertised Lotte World enough in ep 1-4. 🙂 I think the main problem aside from the writing is that it does not know how to handle the balance between comic book and rom-com traditional kdrama feel. So it’s disjointed and has comic book superhero type scenes and moves slow. I did like the umbrella scene though.

  5. I have to admit, I didn’t make it past episode 3, it just doesn’t flow well and feels as if there isn’t enough story to tell. I’ll keep reading the recaps though just to see how the story changes.

  6. Yeah it’s a shame for Sung Joon bc I thought this role would be good exposure for him :/ he does have potential as an actor but I think he can be unconvincing when he’s playing a character older than himself – in DoL he looked slightly awkward in the role, like he wasn’t quite mature enough for the part. His acting was fine, but I thought his inexperience showed against Jung Yumi.

    His roles in SUFBB and Can We Get Married suited him more imo.

  7. The writer and director better do something about the lacing for this drama.

    I feel as if they are milking HB’s athletic abilities here. The piggyback feels like a trick to try to raise ratings. It feels pretty bad to be that I feel so cynical so early on already.

    And then there’s the missing Dr. I thought she was an actual lead not a missing lead.


  8. The romance is just not working for me. During the last episode I fast forwarded through the Robin/Ha Na scenes. They bored me.

  9. Their chemistry gives me chills ~ Gazes to each other alone makes my heart skip a beat. Idk, but this the first time I felt like this to an OTP. Can’t wait for tonight, addicted and enjoying the drama.

  10. They need to create sparks btw the lead first. It’s the most important thing.
    Hyunbin and hanjimin is just empty and bland
    Not that i criticize their acting skill but the writing and directing are horrible and cheesy.
    Stop trying so hard to create a moment but try to create a fuully packed and interesting storyline.

    Until now i don’t get this hana characte with her circus… Or how is her character supposed to be. I only remember the red checkered coat that she wore for almost 3 eps.

    The ridiculousness of Robin doing salto is just too much too

  11. I am still at the the half way mark on episode 3 and it’s been there for a few days. I just can’t pinpoint why this drama isn’t holding my interest. I do know one of the problems is about how much Screen time Sung Joon is having and how little his story line is developed. Other than that, I don’t have major feels about this drama.

    But it’s Hyun Bin and Sung Joon so I am going to try hard to hang in there till the end.

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