Delightfully Intriguing Jung Yumi Shows Off Wearable Winter Fashions for W Korea

I want to thank Jung Yumi for doing a fall/winter pictorial for W Korea that gives me great winter wear ideas for this season across the board. Not a single bad picture and every piece is wearable whether one is Jung Yumi level lithe and elegant or just average and wants to be both comfy and pretty. I am totally envious that she can pull off the over-sized turtleneck slouchy sweater without making her look squat and neckless. It’s a shame she’s not more popular but then again, that’s just not her style and M.O. to begin with.

Jung Yumi, along with her near age colleagues like Kang Hye Jung, Gong Hyo Jin, and Kim Min Hee, all own their acting spaces by being quirky and impossible to pin down. Actresses like them morph from role to role, project to project, sometimes likable, other times impossible to like, but always fantastic with the acting. I’m still smarting over her prickly and self-absorbed leading lady in Discovery of Love, a genuinely intelligent drama with complicated characters, but gosh darn it she would not be someone I want to be friends with in real life.


Delightfully Intriguing Jung Yumi Shows Off Wearable Winter Fashions for W Korea — 9 Comments

  1. Other than Gong Hyo jin and Jeon Do Yeon, only her, k-actress that I enjoy watching her acting no matter what is her character. Her effortless acting, really should get more and higher recognition. And I love this photoshoots. Effortlessly she gives a strong feeling of intriguing <3

  2. She’s actually very pretty but sometimes they make her wearing weird style. I was so disappointed when Que Sera Sera team production replace Yoon Eun Hye with her. But her acting was so good. There is something that makes her and Eric is so compatible eventhough their height difference is no joke lol.Her cute appearance really match with Eric’s manly feature. I hope they would have another project together in the future.

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