Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won Wrap Up Cute Promos for Box Office Success Today’s Love

I like incremental successes more than wildly unexpected wins, mostly because it feels better earned as well as more sustainable. It’s heading into the 4th week on the big screen for winter rom-com movie Today’s Love (Love Forecast) starring Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won. It’s brought in over US 13 million to date and managed to hold onto a 5th place position on the third week, making the media pundits declare that the movie is a solid success for the two young leads.

The movie will probably drop out of the top 10 by the 6th week or so and likely end up taking home about US 15-16 million total which isn’t bad at all for a lightweight rom-com that wasn’t particularly well-reviewed. I love Seung Gi and have a soft spot for Chae Won so it’s been a fun month of January watching them promote the heck out of this movie all over Korea. I wouldn’t mind if they did another movie or drama since the chemistry is clearly there, not to mention they appear to really have fun working together.


Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won Wrap Up Cute Promos for Box Office Success Today’s Love — 15 Comments

  1. The story of this movie is really weak, all I can say that Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won’s acting yet great chemistry save the movie.
    Plus, I wonder if it weren’t the Nation’s many things Lee Seunggi as the male lead, could this movie get this success in box officice? Since I heard that a lot of the movie goers are ajummas in their 40s, a thing that was out of expectation from the production since their initial biggest target were teenagers and people in their 20s.

    • Probably not, pretty much every review they were the only reason to watch and their chemistry was great (and should have had more focus). Regardless, it’s still a solid success for the two. Having LSG in your projects helps make things that would probably otherwise not do that well succeed, so they are lucky to have both of them.

      Though not expecting ajummas when LSG is around is kind of funny lol.

      • But according to the Max movie, Love Forecast’s major viewers were ajummas in their 40s, about 48%.

    • Actually the story could have been good if they taken it as a serious issue between normal friends/potentiel lovers, but it fell apart.

      I feel sorry for Seung Gi, his 4 firsts dramas (couting seven princesses) were really good and well written. After King 2 Hearts, his drama choices looked fabulous on paper but fail to deliver (but still, they were somehow good)

  2. Love forecast did really well.I would like to watch this movie soon for seunggi’s sake. Many people said their chemistry is fascinating. Normally its hard for a romantic comedy movie to gather a lot of viewers and reaches their break even poinT but they did it! Love forecast please continue the success ^^

  3. It did alright but all that heavy promotion paid off and it was able to hold its own against the heavy champ that’s Ode to my Father lol.

  4. I’m so glad puppy’s first movie wasn’t a flop!! He and Chae Won look so good together indeed, I think besides Han Hyo Joo and Ha Ji Won, they are his only close female stars (maybe Sistar Bora as well)

    I still want to watch the movie though I read a few reviews and feel like I’ve watched it. I truely wish Seung Gi takes up another drama before he leaves. True, I’ll have a dose with his album (and hopefully 2 MVs -greedy I know).

    And why people always assume he has only ahjummas fans, heck they are in their 30s (maybe ahjummas) and he still has more ahjumma fans then other celebs, but still. All age ranks like him, there was even a little boy who watched the movie twice (since he was in fanpics from stage greetings)

  5. seunggi has many ahjumma fans compared to other celebrities. but that doesn’t mean he has no young fans. example me lol he was famous by having many fans from all age ranks from choding to ahjumma. this movie’s success has something to do with his fans. and knowing all his hardwork has paid off is amazing. he is such a bless mankind ever

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