Kim Ji Won and Yoochun Become the Sensory Couple for SBS

This is definitely a good news week for SBS. Even if its weekend drama is tanking so hard at unprecedented levels of embarrassing, Punch is owning both the ratings and critical acclaim over on Mon-Tues so that should be sweet consolation.The network can also breath a sigh of relief with the audience opinion in the third week of Hyde, Jekyll, Me that is drama storytelling has gotten noticeably better even if the ratings is still the pits. I’d take drama I enjoy watching over drama that gets high ratings any day.

The casting updates for the next Wed-Thurs drama is also starting to look more promising, starting off with a drama title name change from The Girl Who Sees Smells to Sensory Couple. The former is more intriguing but puts the emphasis on the female lead while the latter highlights the romance potential and places equal importance on both leads. With Suzy declining the leading lady role due to scheduling considerations with her idol singing career, the offer has now gone to Kim Ji Won to step into her first major leading lady role, with the added bonus of getting to romance Yoochun. If girl says no to this chance she needs a CT scan stat.

I really like Kim Ji Won but love even more her smart career choices and very solid acting experience on her resume. She’s not some untried newbie vaulting to first lead with too few supporting roles under her belt. Last December she was even the leading lady opposite So Ji Sub in a web drama promoting Jeju called One Fine Day. She’s definitely ready to step into bigger shoes and I hope she rises to the occasion and delivers on the big stage. The agencies for both purported leads claim that the casting is still under consideration but insiders at SBS have indicated it’s pretty much a done deal, which makes sense as filming is supposed to start next week.

With the failure of Hyde, Jekyll, Me to rope audiences in with the first four episodes, which were qualitatively terrible, it’s a good reminder that any drama needs smart talent behind the scenes in addition to casting actors and actresses who can act and look good onscreen. Sensory Couple will be written by the screenwriter of Yawang (Queen of Ambition) and Rooftop Prince while directing is PD Baek who did Tazza, Pure Pumpkin Flower, and Dream.┬áTheir previous works have been all over the place in terms of quality but not so consistently underwhelming as to worry me this early in the game.


Kim Ji Won and Yoochun Become the Sensory Couple for SBS — 15 Comments

    • Yep, put out an article saying she never got the offer. I was kind of hoping that maybe the production would consider her now but if shooting is going to start next week… I don’t even want to know what unsuitable actress they have in mind.

      • It’s sooooo weird, this back and forth. All the first articles even had her agency saying she was considering it. o__O And normally if the agency is playing to get her the part then this news makes sense, but then why deny it so quickly. And if it was the network playing, it makes even less sense since she’s not a big name star the production wants to use to generate headlines.

  1. I love her but koala I really think you found the only bad picture of her in existence, her makeup artist did her wrong with those eyebrows.

    Too bad that she apparently didn’t receive the offer….now I’m nervous again about who they will cast.

  2. nooooooooo,why did her agency denied it.i was already happy and hoping she accepts the offer,but what this news.
    hope they dont give this to jin se yeon but jung soo min or han groo

  3. oh pleaseee let this happen, I miss her so much and I guess she made a good decision to change agency.
    and I’m still waiting for her reunion with Kim Woo Bin, nope, never give up hope.

  4. I hope Kim Ji Won will get a leading role this time. A drama that will be her biggest break.It’s her time to be recognize, she’s pretty and very talented.

  5. Wow. I can’t really believe she is Rachel in Heir. She is so versatile and chameleon. Her face is so raw and we can make her and style her into almost everything. I just searched about her and she is different in everything. Truly talented and her Jo Boa, Im So Eun and Jung Yu Mi remain the most talented actresess. It such a waste to let other be in a main lead when we have these really talented actress in dreamland.

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