Song Joong Ki Courted for High Profile Projects: Movie Fist Fighting or Drama Descendants of the Sun

I love Song Joong Ki so the news that he’s being inundated with acting offers despite it being three months away from his military service completion makes me happy and relieved. Happy that he’s not been forgotten despite the fast-churning popularity cycle in K-ent, and relieved that he’s got in his hands plenty of offers to pick and choose from which speeds up his return to the screen. Within the last week there has been two separate news reports of specific offers sent his way. The first is the sci-fi action movie Fist Fighting, which sounds less interesting a story than the behind the scenes drama in the last three years around the production.

The movie was initially a star vehicle for Jo In Sung, then the age bracket was lowered to star Yeo Jin Gu, and finally the movie dumped Yeo Jin Gu and tried to get uber-popular Kim Soo Hyun only to be left with no leading man. I thought the movie was two feet in the grave, who knew it’s still in the works and now wants Song Joong Ki to star. Song Joong Ki left for the army on a career double high note, with the hit movie A Werewolf Boy followed by the well-received melodrama Nice Guy, so it’s fitting that he’s been courted in both mediums. If he’s not in the mood to go Fist Fighting, Song Joong Ki can don military officer duds and go headline famous screenwriter Kim Eun Sook‘s high profile upcoming K-drama Descendants of the Sun.

Song Joong Ki’s agency has confirmed receiving the script and offers for both Fist Fighting and Descendants of the Sun, among countless other acting gigs thrown his way. The agency explained that Song Joong Ki is personally reviewing all the offers and will take his time to decide on the right project to dive into after his May military service discharge. The timing would be a perfect fit for Descendants of the Sun which is scheduled for extensive overseas shoots starting in May to make the scheduled September premiere on KBS. Song Joong Ki’s image prior to military service was always as the sweet nice guy (hur hur) so it’s interesting to note that the two first projects to publicly court him post-military are action roles, what with Fist Fighting being self-explanatory while in DotS he’ll be playing a military commander of a UN peacekeeping mission stationed in a war zone.


Song Joong Ki Courted for High Profile Projects: Movie Fist Fighting or Drama Descendants of the Sun — 27 Comments

  1. Descendants of the Sun sounds like a train wreck. If there is one thing I’ve learned about Kdramas it’s that the quality is inversely proportional to the amount of time spent in overseas shoots. The only exceptions I can think of are TBDAW and Bali. But since we all saw Heirs, I’m skeptical of what overseas shooting does in the hands of Kim Eun Sook.

    I want SJK back in dramaland as fast as possible, but I also want it to be worthy of him. How about a sageuk?

    • Let’s not forget that Heirs was coproduced by Dramafever. They were in charge of the logistics of the California parts. Sadly for everyone, they had 0% experience & you can’t improvise + the Director was a monkey. Add the cultural clash… Quite sure that the abroad scenes for Sun will be in Asia, so different scenario entirely.

    • KBS has lined up a really really good PD for Kim Eun Sook this time. PD Lee Eung Bok who did Discovery of Love, Secret, School 2013, Dream High, Hometown Legends, and Delightful Girl Choong Hyang.

      • That is a relief.
        SJK is like LJK with his projects. He has chosen well over his career, not putting himself into a bad situation.
        He is under no obligation to take anything unless he feels he will grow as an actor. I don’t think Heirs offered that for anyone, really.
        If he passes on this a better script will come along.

  2. now all we need for the female lead is to be Yoon eun hye.i pray she is been courted to play the female lead.(thats if song joong ki accepts this)

    • YEH and SJK don’t sound a good match for me. He has a really baby face…
      MWC, MGY and PSH are some of the names I’m hoping for

      YEH should go with a bit more senior actors now, instead of the trendy ones

      • YEH also has a babyface…It just depend how you style her…there’s barely 3, 4 years age difference between them.

        YEH can have chemistry with a rock…She looked awesome with Yoo Seung Ho who is definitely a baby…They didn’t look awkward at all.

        She also had great chemistry with Jong Yon Hwa of CNBLUE in Mirae’s choice, so I would not worry in that department.

        This would actually be an awesome role for her…seeing how she’s into charity in real life and all…

        I know I’m in the minority here, but I actually didn’t think that MCW and him match that well in Nice Guy.

        Apart from YEH, I can also see Park Min Young in that role…

        she’s another actress in her 30’s who not only has a baby face, but who would do great justice to that role…

        She’s totally owning her character right now in HEALER, and her popularity has skyrocketed enough for this writer who likes popular actors to consider her suitable for the part…at least I hope so.

      • @sogazelle: it doesn’t matter what you/we think, I don’t think YEH is among the actresses KES wanted to cast for this drama. She is still popular but no where near the top anymore…
        I do find YEH looks better with actor her age rather go noona-dongsaeng relationship. Missing You and MC were bad enough.
        If anything I wish her to reunited with GY

        Because of Healer I see more and more people crazy about PMY, but she still lacks on emotion for me. But she is decent with that kind of role, just like City Hunter. Sometimes people get confused between role and acting skills

      • YEH and SJK are about the same age and I don’t see it looking like a noona romance. On the other hand, PMY is still a big no for me.

    • I want pmy to be part of sjk drama. They awesomely look together esp in skks. They could build a good chemistry i guess. Chaeki is a great choice too. Or maybe psh… To many choices…

  3. I hope he can act with MGY in this, because they were the two main character in the drama “The Moon That Embraces The sun” Kyaa a baby face meeting (they are cute together)

  4. well im kind of worried. im not much of a fan of KES’s female characters. Most of then are such candy characters, crying and suffering most of the time and waiting for the handsome lead or second lead to rescue her from her misery.

    I just want some bad ass female character this time. who can stand on her own and not just let herself be manhandled in her rescue.

  5. haha, i think i was the first one mentioned his name for DotS here last month. While i dont like how FF treats YJG, i still think FF has bigger chance of success in both commercial and critic as it has big support from CJ.

  6. For me the later sounds more his alley but who knows about the other rolls his been offer. In my opinion he is a great actor so I hope he chooses something worth his acting chops!
    Ty Miss Koala for those army pics,hadn’t seen any in his army uniform.

  7. Why do I feel like Son Ye Jin is going to be casted here.. she’s one of the barunson actress and she did a cameo to Secret Garden too. But I don’t know maybe she’s going for Lee Na Young/Ha Ji Won level of actress.

  8. I hope he doesn’t pick descendants of the stars since I had to suffer threw Nice Guy (just really not my thing) because I like him so much and I hate to have to suffer threw this one as well. It really doesn’t sound like my kind of drama. Thought we never know and I could end up enjoying it a lot. I liked the first half of Secret Garden back in the day and the PD sounds promising.

    The Hong sisters are coming back with a drama this year. I hope I would choose that instead (I don’t think they have given out any offers to him though) or just something else. Fist Fighting doesn’t sound fun to me, even if I like sci-fi and fantasy. Just the way they dumped Yeo Jin Goo is turned me of that project.

  9. Man I hate Kim Eun Sook… but If it were a choice between those two projects, Id rather he pick her show because the other one sounds like an even bigger mess and at the least KES dramas are sure ratings hits and may do his career good…ofc this would mean that I would be ploughing through another one of her shows for a male lead….I can only hope that it would be more Secret Garden or even Gentleman’s dignity brand of light humor and less Heirs-esque drama…..I hope there is some sageuk with great scope in that pile of scripts he would rather pick…from his last few shows, I’d like to trust that he prefers quality work

  10. perfect! i hope he takes Descendants of the Sun! That would give us so many weeks of gushing over his handsomeness on top of great acting ability. Please pair him with the likes of Moon Chae Woon.

    Thanks for the post Koala sis!

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