J-news Reports Inoue Mao is Planning Sept 2015 Wedding to Matsumoto Jun

There was a total deja vu recall when I saw recent Japanese news reports, tabloids and weekly ladies journals and the like, reporting on the likely upcoming Sept wedding between A-list stars Matsumoto Jun and Inoue Mao. Did I time travel back six months ago when the same rags were reporting the same thing? Only after reading the actual articles did it become clear that the latest marriage watch is not rehashing last year’s gossip but new indications that the 9-year and going unofficial couple was ready to make it legal. Setting aside their top star status, just by doing Hana Yori Dango together and becoming a public darling onscreen couple makes the fan and media eagerness for them to go public soon very understandable.

Last year’s wedding chatter was on Inoue Mao wanting to get married before she started the year long filming for the 2015 Taiga Hana Moyu (花燃ゆ Burning Flower), but reportedly the schedule didn’t work out and MatsuJun’s agency Johnny & Associates was still having heartburn with him getting married while Arashi remains the top male idol group in Japan even 15 years in. Wedding watch was reignited last month when sources from the set of Hana Moyu revealed Inoue Mao is openly discussing plans for her wedding after the Taiga wraps at the end of September, wanting to wear a traditional Japanese wedding kimono rather than a white wedding dress. Sources further reveal Mao has also been getting wedding advice and tips from her Hana Moyu costar Higashide Masahiro. So there you have it, HanaDan wedding watch back on!

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J-news Reports Inoue Mao is Planning Sept 2015 Wedding to Matsumoto Jun — 55 Comments

    • I’m pretty sure it’s because his agency won’t let them. They’re worried about how it might impact his fame (and Arashi’s) if he were to get married, because you know how protective of idols fans get. But it’s a really stupid reasoning since most of his fans approve of the relationship and want him to get married precisely because it IS her.

      • He’s 30 something. He (and Mao) have a right to life that includes a not-secret relationship, marriage & kids if that’s what they want.

        Fans demanding the pretense of virginal idols is ridiculous and really something the industry should stop promoting, but even more so when those idols are above a certain age (most definitely 30+). I guess teenage fans might worship their idols with such naivety but a teenager shouldn’t be idol-worshipping a 30+ guy in any case. Seriously people need to get out of other people’s private affairs and get a life of their own!

      • i agree with alua. matsumoto jun and inoue mao have every right to bee together. first they are both adults. second tv-networks should realise that actors and actresses are humanbeings not robots or zombies. life, heart, soul and mind changes trough time. you can`t fight against wen ou find your soulmate your true love and it only comes once in lifetime. I will root for them.

  1. Happy for them! Love like that needs to be celebrated. And besides, correct me if I’m wrong, but Kimutaku managed to get hitched while still maintaining his and the group’s popularity. So, Johnny & Associates need not give themselves unnecessary heartburn. :p

    • The only reason Kimutaku was allowed to get married was because Shizuka was pregnant, hilariously at the time she was the bigger name in the showbusiness. He almost got kicked out and blacklisted for it, not to mention the crazy fangirls who went all crazy.
      Poor Shizuka is still one of Japan’s most hated women just because of her marriage.

      • Haha I was young then. I remember the press conference where he announced he was getting married and I was like “nooooooooooo, you got cheated!!! She must have tricked you! Did it on purpose to have ur chill you poor thing”
        Aw the days of youth, I couldn’t see that he was just in love and getting married plus it was seriously none of my business haha

  2. OMG! This is the mother of all my drama ships. I’ve been wanting these two to get together ever since the first season of Hanadan came out.:D

  3. If they really are dating, they’re doing a great job hiding it and a while back Jun was dating Shibasaki Kou.
    I don’t doubt that they’re friends as we know she and Jun still keep in touch and both were at Shun’s wedding.
    Meh, we’ll see, if they are a couple then I’ll be super happy for them.

      • Actually it’s not even been confirmed that they’re dating. It just suddenly exploded in the J-ent news that they are engaged and getting married(Tokyo sports)
        Rumors have been swirling for a few years but nothing has ever been confirmed and no pictorial evidence as with Inagaki Goro and Kanno Miho, Okada and Aoi Yu etc.

  4. HanaDan was 9 yrs ago?! The ship is real?! They’re getting married?! Such shipper feels. I need to bust out my old dvds and re-watch that gem.

  5. This is such awesome news, YAY for them!!!! I have no doubt that Johnny’s is losing its mind over the news their president is quite the control freak look at what he has done to the careers of Akanishi Jin and to a lesser degree Kuroki Meisa. She was pregnant and they got married but his last project was in a Hollywood version of the 47 Ronin, he is unable to work in Japan. However I think Mao and Jun are such big name stars that Johnny’s really can’t behave as they would like in trying to stop the union. It was really smart of them to work hard and build solid careers that could not be hindered by anyone before letting their relationship come to light. Yay for Them!!!!

    • Well maybe even more than SME. Generally talent agencies in Japan are pretty powerful, and how much exposure you get in the industry depends on how powerful your agency is, as well as how much the agency likes you. I think JE is the most controlling though.

      • IA! J&A has always been controlling, esp. with their artist’s relationships with other people. The company seems to have a say in who they can meet or shouldn’t hang out with..

    • Johnny & Associates are quite powerful and influental in Jpop Entertainment which manages only boys idols and even SM Ent didn’t dare to release their artists singles/albums on the same week as Johnny’s boygroups. (Except for Tohoshinki which also lose to NEWS when they both release on the same day).

      Back to J&A and regarding their talents relationship. They somewhat allow the boys to get in relationship BUT they must keep all the relationship hidden from public eyes and hidden from media. J&A is all about image tho but when the time comes when the boys want to get marry they must first and foremost reporting it to the company and it may take sometime to make it legal and then release it to the public.

      That’s why you see most of Johnny’s, who get married with are with their long-time girlfriend. Even Johnny’s being called as playboy from some others netizen, from my eyes they are the most loyal guys. The prove is just look at all the Johnny’s that already married. All of their wife are long-time girlfriend. Some of them have 10-year relationship before they get married.

      And being a Johnny’s girl/woman you must be real tough and strong. Cos of course at some point you need to face the harsh reality of fangirls…but in Jun case most of Japanese (fangirls) are blessed and accepted this couple just because the lady is Mao 🙂

  6. This marriage rumour comes around every year (and nothing ever happens). Usually when one of them are doing a drama or releasing something. Arashi is releasing a single soon so this rumour probably popped back up for publicity.

  7. My heart can’t take anymore “wedding news” if this turn out not to be true! Gawd, how I want this to be real. Please Please please. Jun + Inoue

  8. I really don’t get the idea of agency not wanting their talents to get married when they are old enough to know the facts of their lives whether inside the business or not…they know how to handle themselves & if they are worried about how fans would react there is nothing to worry about bcoz the fans were very anticipated & wishing that they woould end up walking down the isle…the agency shouldn’t have that kind of rule!!!it’s ridiculous!Maojun to walk down the isle make it happenu both good to each other & both of u are very amazing individuals,how much more together!!

  9. i’m touched . haha ..btw,Hope the news is truth and if so, congratulations and hopefully they will lived happily ever after . I pray for it,for my precious couple foreverrr

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  11. It’s already October.. Haven’t they got married yet? I hope their agencies wouldn’t barge in to their decisions.. I mean this is something every person wants.. to settle down.. I love them both since I watched Hana Yori Dango years ago.. Please let them stay together. I am fan and I would go crazy if they don’t end up together..

  12. TODAY..NOVEMBER 13 FRIDAY..I am watching HANAYORI DANGO..I am sooo touched and sooo happy for that drama..i learn many lessons on that drama..and now i read a news here that there getting married..wwooooww..i am sooo excited for them.I am there avid fan..i hope jun and mao stay together forever 🙂 GODBLESS thank you for the news 🙂

  13. if only I can fly from Philippines to Japan to see for myself that Inoue Mao and Jun Matsumoto are really getting married I do it a long time ago. Every time I read some article about their wedding I feel so excited but feel broken again to realize that it was just another gossip. I really wish that the wedding will soon happen between Inoue Mao and Matsumoto Jun. I love that couple so much to the point that it pained me whenever just by thinking that they won’t be together.

  14. I don’t know if this is true because it’s already July 2016 and they haven’t married and there isn’t any news about them… All the articles in other websites say there wedding is on September of 2015 but there isnt anything recent. Congratulations anyway

  15. Can’t wait to see them get married!!!!!I’m really hoping this is true this time. I’ve been checking updates about them!!!! Mao and Jun, congratulations!!!!

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