Luhan Riding High After Miss Granny Success with Elle China Cover and Remake of Blind

This break up might end up being good for both sides without any future conflicts. At least from the angle of popularity and potential both sides are doing just fine. One of the biggest movies in China last month was the C-remake of Miss Granny, which is being credited to a warm story and the entire cast acting well. It’s a stretch to just point out former K-pop idol Luhan‘s supporting role as the grandson for the movie’s box office haul but he definitely didn’t hurt it and the movie absolutely helped his transitioned career to actor. He’s also been getting so much buzz and media attention I swear he’s in the news every single day.

Luhan left the K-pop twelve member group EXO a few months after Kris (Wu Yi Fan) did, decreasing EXO to ten members as the two Chinese members went back to China to pursue acting instead. Luhan left later than Kris but is arguably doing better, with his first acting gig now a hit movie, landing the cover and pages of Elle China February edition, and reportedly co-headlining with Yang Mi the C-movie remake of the K-movie Blind which starred Kim Ha Neul and Yoo Seung Ho. I’m impressed with his success level but staring at the Elle spread makes me wonder exactly what fans are seeing. All I see is a very pretty boy, definitely not quite a man.

I haven’t watched the C-version of Miss Granny yet so no comment on Luhan’s acting ability, or lack thereof. It will definitely be big shoes to fill playing the same role that Yoo Seung Ho pulled off so well, but the upside is Luhan really resembles Yoo Seung Ho from 4 years ago when he did Blind, that teen boy aura.


Luhan Riding High After Miss Granny Success with Elle China Cover and Remake of Blind — 12 Comments

  1. Luhan had about 20 minutes in Back to 20 but his acting was fine. He also filmed a cameo in 12 Ducks as a dancing gigolo. (LOL)

    Kris acted well in Somewhere Only We Know and it’s a box office sucess too. He just confirmed the next movie in the So Young series with Liu Yifei. (I’m looking forward to Lao Pao Er because I was not expecting the swords).

    I am still bit sad CCTV cut Kris, Luhan, William Chan, and Zetao’s segment but it was nice they got all those interviews and public notice together

  2. Sad to hear Kris is doing less well 🙁
    And yes, Luhan looks like a pretty boy, I feel no attraction at all even though he’s my age :/ He just looks so feminine

    • Kris is actually doing quite fine and in no way not as well as luhan. They are pretty on par, kris is even slightly better. But popularity is a hard thing to gauze between these two. They both had box office success, starring in big movie with big costar and have great endorsements.

  3. This spread came out a while ago. Funny how u say he look like a pretty boy, but he is already manlier looking here compared to his Exo days. For one thing he’s tanner, and sporting darker hair instead of caramel hair color which often make people look young. Ironically all Knetz went on xenophobic on him and said he is ugly, and looking Chinese without Sm styling.

  4. Honestly, I don’t get it. There are alot more better looking better acting chinese artists, what I’m trying to say is that he’s not any better looking than the rest…I don’t see any manliness from my perspective, but that’s ok, since pretty boy is the current trend. I doubt Luhan will start looking more like Yoo Seung Ho in a few years.

    • Also have to add, that it’s interesting how he’s brought his korean sensibility in style over to china…or maybe the chinese kept the korean flower boy look in the pictorial

  5. PPl may say I’m an EXO hater. I don’t deny neither admit it. It’s just I don’t have high regard for this overrated Kpop idol group who lip sync 95% of the time during live performance and their fame has been mostly hyped by great commercial success of promotion under a rich company SMent and a large fan base of lunatic teens following their plastic surgery looking oppas. So, in any case, I’m glad two Chinese members have left the group and work on their own ways. Whatever they land on after departure from EXO, I wish them best.

    • You hate them but you support the two? They used to lipsynch a lot and benefited from sm’s promotion that you hate so much. They couldn’t have gottne where they are now without money poured into promoting them as exo despite their fans’ delusions otherwise. What hypocrisy to support these two especially after they were poached by even richer companies who care even less for talent other than salebility. They are all the same with wu yifan and luhan coming off slightly worse.

  6. Ah. Here we have Kris fans eager to point out that he is doing better when it’s still highly debatable. His movie was widely panned by critics. Fans only translate reviews by paid reviewers or very biased fans. His acting was dismal but acceptable for a production of this quality. His fans are booking whole theaters inflating admission numbers. But it’s all good for Xu Jinglei since it’s still money made and she gets to use his hype for her movie. Time will tell if he has a real future after the hype dies down. Public reaction to his variety show appearance in china has been disappointing and he comes off unlikable while Luhan is garnering better results. His huge company could throw him at the wayside for their 99999 other poached/upcoming talents once he proves less profitable leaving him scrapping for good roles like other huayi new faves before him. This could very likely be his peak.

  7. You don’t have to understand a thing about Luhan.
    In my eyes, he just have that shining aura.. that makes me end up liking him without any exact reason. xD (sorry, it’s not seems legit, since i am his fans lol)

    I’m glad if he’s doing fine in china. at least, now he doesn’t have that tired-looking face again in his face.
    although bitter knets always said he lost his shining aura since he left exo, for me, he looks more shining now. more healthy, happier..
    i can’t wait to see him grown more manly in the future tho. xD

  8. Things seem to be going well for Lulu.As for Kris,i think he’s doing equally well too. His movie also did quite well.I was really looking forward to them performing together though. Damn SM!! And for Lulu/Kris acting,they can just stand there like a cardboard in the entire movie and fangirls will flock to buy tickets and praise their acting.Power of their chinese fangirls are….uhm commendable.
    The rest of the EXO guys too are having a comeback soon.So excited! I’m sick of fanwars from all sides. I wish all three-Kris,Lulu and EXO success.

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