Dr. Frankenstein Still Looking for a Leading Man After Yoo Ah In Declines

I think Yoo Ah In dodged a bullet with this one, but what do I know, it could end up being the surprise breakout K-drama of 2015. It was slow news last week due to lunar new year festivities when this new casting update came around. Last month it was reported that Yoo Ah In was offered the leading man role in upcoming K-drama Dr. Frankenstein. If he accepted it might be his last drama prior to enlisting, and we all know how important it is to leave on a high note (see Hyun Bin in Secret Garden or Song Joong Ki with Nice Guy).

After mulling it over, Yoo Ah In has officially declined the drama and remains on the look out for another project (or more) to keep building his already solid acting resume. He still has the sageuk movie Sado with Moon Geun Young and Song Kang Ho coming out later this year so no rush on picking a drama for the sake of getting some screen time. In addition to still looking for a leading man, Dr. Frankenstein is reportedly still without a PD as well though the screenwriter remains the writer who adapted Sungkyunkwan Scandal. This on top of still needing to be picked up by a network, who knows if this drama will see the light of day this year.

Dr. Frankenstein got huge publicity last year in late 2014 when it was reported that the drama was courting Kim Soo Hyun for the leading man. That, on top of the drama story line being one more in the currently popular personality disorder shtick – the male lead is an accomplished and cold doctor suffering from split personality disorder who learns how to love after meeting the female lead who is a cop. At least she’s not a first year psychiatry resident or a circus performer, LOL.

Kim Soo Hyun declined early on which is how the casting moved on to Yoo Ah In, and now remains still searching for the trifecta of leading man, PD, and broadcast network/time slot. After the Kill Me Heal Me casting crazy there’s no reason to write off Dr. Frankenstein just yet, but having the right production team behind the scenes will be crucial to whether this drama is worth watching. Case in the point the terribly inept Hyde, Jekyll, Me which can only do so much on the capable broad shoulders of leading man Hyun Bin.


Dr. Frankenstein Still Looking for a Leading Man After Yoo Ah In Declines — 8 Comments

  1. I’m hoping this drama gets dropped like a hot potato in favor of something more original. A super derivative story line + the timeslot after Blood (which will likely be playing ‘how low can we go?’ for the next 2 months) sounds like disaster to me. But then again there’s really no time to organize something else…

  2. A few weeks ago there were words that Chris Pratt was being considered for the role of Indiana jones and I said give it to him. Give him iron man too after Robert Downey leaves the role. Give him all the MF franchises.

    I am here to say give this Frankenstein role to Ji sung. Give him all the dramas.XD. Let him be Dracula, Frankenstein, batman. he can be Darcy in a Korean version of pride and prejudice. I kept thinking this guy could give Collin firth a run as the best Darcy in a remake. Is there something Ji sung can’t do?XD

    I feel the same about Ji sung as I did when I first saw brad Pitt in legend of the fall in 1994. Give him all the movies.

    • I think ji sung need a rest, give it to lee bo young for a strong police woman,
      but she might get busy raised their kid next year, ^^

  3. will try to watch 4 or 6 ep
    and it’s more about a cold doctor who learn to fall in love
    so get better with the romance, having an foundation will help a lot because it will read well in recap at least
    but I think they should try to find some kind of title that doesn’t belong to any show that generally known for a better understanding
    point of view
    as a related example is how KMHM can define it funny yet strange title to the core of the show when HJM is not so relate and still people can be confused (even if it about one man being 2 but it doesn’t have to be split personality)

    ans also I hope they clear about split personality or any mental issues he posses, he might not DID if he can still remember being a doctor in both way but can’t fall in love

  4. YAI can leave at high note without any drama project, after all his 2 new movies, The Throne (with Song Kang Ho) and Veteran (with Hwang Jung Min), are among biggest movies this year.

  5. This news can’t wait. Kim Hyun joon is going to be a father and the baby mama is the girl he beat up. This can be his next drama. HF!!!!!

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