Tang Yan’s Career Flying High with Three Successive C-drama Ratings Wins

When her love life gave her lemons, Tang Yan went and made herself come career lemonade. The Chinese acting world is constantly on the look out for pretty actresses to stay popular in the leading lady status, a spot occupied not just by acting talent but more by having a likable aura onscreen. That’s basically Tang Yan’s entire MO in a nutshell but she struggled in mediocrity for years until the convergence of a very public breakup with ex-boyfriend TW-actor Roy Qiu went her career skyrocketing thanks to public sympathy for her tearful brokenhearted plight.

Tang Tang not only went on to have one hit drama in 2014’s Perfect Couple with Wallace Huo, she just delivered an unprecedented back-to-back-to-back three win streak in the beginning of 2015. First came My Sunshine with Wallace Chung, followed by Lady and Liar with Hawick Lau, and finally The Legend of Fragrance with Li Yi Feng. Not only are all three dramas entertaining enough and very watchable in my opinion, the C-audiences also agree and all three have done gangbuster television ratings. It’s hard enough to have one hit drama, to have all four of her last dramas be hits makes Tang Yan a bona fide C-drama Queen.

The media and netizens are also totally jelly over Tang Tang supposedly “owning” all the male gods in her stable. All I have to say is “you go girl!” If her real love life is currently empty then have tons of smexy male actors to romance onscreen is a nice alternative in the meantime. Of all the hotties she’s been acting with recently, my favorite of the pairings is her with Wallace Huo.


Tang Yan’s Career Flying High with Three Successive C-drama Ratings Wins — 25 Comments

    • She and Wallace were smoking on screen, I could feel the heat emitting from their hot chemistry on screen, lol. The latter part of the drama was pure fan service between the two. Wallace being all perfect lover, smooth and sexy and then dropping his cute smile, now and then, to send us into overdrive *fans self*

      Some of their interactions, felt so real, almost like intruding on a real couple. Gosh loved the pairing. Never was a Tang Yan fan before, still not, but at least now I’m not avoiding her dramas. My Sunshine, however, put me right dead center of the Wallace love train – choo, choo, all aboard.

      • Can I buy a ticket for that love train? I rewatch some of those later eps again just to watch Wallace be in love with her. Nothing else.

    • Lady and Liar was such a mess, but in a hot and addictive way. I loved it, in spite of the bad editing of scenes and sometimes illogical plot.

      My Sunshine was good, but didn’t manage to hold onto my attention for long. Suitable for marathoning I guess.

      After Perfect Couple, and now Lady and Liar, I’m a 路人转粉 fan of Tang Tang!

  1. Just finished Lady and the Liar too, which I thoroughly enjoyed (moreso for Hawick though lol). My sunshine was a bit of a fast forwarding watch for me in parts.

    Not to mention her next project is with Rain!!! 😉

  2. haven’t seen the two series bu will try to watch them as soon as i have time..
    i do not like her stiff performance in my sunshine.. i wouldn’t have finished the series if not for WC.

  3. I haven’t watched any… now which one should I see? I vaguely remember one where she is; actually I can’t remember anything.

    If I only have time to watch one of them- which one would you guys recommend? Puh- leez. I really do have time for only 1 drama.

  4. My Sunshine has got to be my most favourite out of the three, and it wasn’t even a drama that I noticed until it aired and I watched it because I was bored. As for Lady and the Liar, I couldn’t get past the first 10 minutes of it unfortunately. The Legend of Fragrance was my most anticipated one (coz of Li Yifeng) however, I knew I was going end up skipping a lot of the scenes which I did and will continue to.

    • It is especially awkward seeing her intimate scene with the male lead since he’s her real life bestie’s husband. I had to skip this drama even though I do like them both.

  5. She’s finally getting her chance to shine! Always loved her and her choice of projects, basically watched most of her dramas. My favourite pairing is also her with Wallace Huo. She totally deserves the level of popularity and attention she’s getting now, so happy for her! Way to go girl!

  6. Of all her male leads, I do love her with the 2 Wallace the most. She quite comfortable w/ Huo, so it inevitable that they had such chemistry. As for Chung, their chemistry in ‘My Sunshine’ worked for me (some may argue otherwise, but damn they look so good together).

    Wallace Chung on the other hand needs better leading ladies. He has yet to really have one where fans can ship them together both on/off screen, because when that happens it just meant that the chemistry is there. Look at Huo, he’s got so many actresses that fans want to ship him with. Tang Yan is the 1st actress that I want Chung to repeats screen time.

  7. So sad that C-dramas barely gets subbed there dramas are actually getting really good! Before it was only scheming palace & fantasy dramas that were good. So underrated in the drama world.. I think that’s why I like this blog since it covers a lot of C-news ahaha!

  8. She’s such a bland actress. I have to drop My Sunshine in the middle because of her portrayal as Mo Sheng. You can just replace her with a plank of wood and having Siri recite the lines and it won’t make any difference.

  9. I haven’t seen any of her new dramas, but her pairing with Wallace Huo in CP3 is one of my all-time favorite OTPs (enjoyed Perfect Couple as well). I’ve been a fan of both of them since then. Glad she’s doing well lately. I used to feel like I was the only one who liked her.

  10. First of all, I love reading your posts about the C-ent and it’s great that you’re writing more on the subject.
    I love Tang Yan since CP3 and watched every drama since then. She’s great and very likable especially her onscreen presence.
    Watched all 3 as well. But i gotta say I ship her with Wallace Chung more! they looked like they were having a real romance especially on the latter part.

  11. I watched 3/4 dramas mentioned above. in terms of acting,perfect couple was her break though role. As for Lady and the Liar, I gave up after 3 episodes, maybe it was her chemistry with the male lead. For my sunshine, i finished the drama not because of her, but Wallace Chung, it felt like she was half daydreaming on the drama with her stiff plank wood performance. It was WC who saved the ratings.

  12. I watched all 4 of the dramas Koala mentioned. I like Perfect Couple but it’s more like fan service for CP3 fans with lots of kisses. My Sunshine, I cringed at bad English. I didn’t like her portrayal of Mo Sheng. Her acting is not stiff but the character she portrayed is too quiet. Wallace became my sunshine instead. Lady and liar, messy mess but yeah strangely addicting. The plot is relatable but her character is too dumb and childish. A real damsel in distress. Legend of fragrance, her dog acting(smelling scenes) are not convinced. The plot is just a loop which is repeating. The romance is not enough(not much skinship). I want my Fang Fang smooching Tang Tang.

  13. I only watched my sunshine and loved it. the chemistry and the flow of the story was good. but too many flashbacks sometimes. i plan to watch lady and the liar but since there are only subs to 4 first episodes i have to wait for now since i don’t understand mandarin so well. tang yan overall is very nice but she was very bland in my sunshine. hope that in lady and liar it was better . legend of fragrance sounds nice but i’ll wait for reviews.

  14. Highly recommend lady and the liar recently. Have just finished watched all 46 episodes.highly addicting although is cheesy but i totally love it when she interacts with the main guy. not to mention the main guy is so hot. It is produced by the same production team behind prince lan ling.

  15. Congratulations to Tang Yan, been a fan of her since CP3. I’ve watched all three dramas and I have to agree that Wallace Chung carried the drama to “My Sunshine” but to be fair even in the novel the character Mo Sheng didn’t have much for Tang Yan to go on because the character is quiet (I’ve seen Tang Yan act in other dramas so I know she can express herself in acting). “Lady and The Liar” is complicated but is really addicting and “Legend of Fragrance” is cute a bit predictable but I the production of it and the cast. And from these pairing I really like Tang Yan with Wallace Chung and Huo because the chemistry is good (and secretly Hu Ge cause they just look good together).

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