Kim Woo Bin and Kang Sora in Talks for Hong Sisters Next Drama Jejudo Gatsby

This official drama casting news out of Korea today makes me feel like a soothsayer of sorts since I already wrote about it a few weeks. Back then was merely passing along insider information from MBC, the type of gossip that may or may not end up happening since the casting cycle is so unpredictable. On Air did a great job of slicing into it, the whims of the actors and background issues play a part in determining whether the casting offer is accepted or tossed aside. I actually don’t care whether rumored casting news I share turns out to be true or not, I care way more when it comes true for a possible pairing that I’m totally excited about, such as this case.

The Hong Sisters return drama Jejudo Gatsby (Jeju Island Gatsby) scheduled for the middle of this year finally has official news about the casting. In talks for the leads are hot young talented actors Kim Woo Bin and Kang Sora, making it a double win for the sisters if both sign on the dotted line. Kang Sora’s name was attached to the Hong Sisters upcoming drama since a few months ago but her side denied it at that time. This is the first time Kim Woo Bin’s name has been attached to this project but there have been no shortages of drama and movie roles thrown his way ever since his double Friends 2 and Heirs breakout two years ago.

Please make this happen, MBC and drama gods! The Hong Sisters works are notoriously inconsistent, which makes it that much more important to cast talented actors who (1) can act, and more importantly (2) have chemistry with each other. Kang Sora and Kim Woo Bin fit those two requirements to a T, both can act in any character and have oodles with chemistry with any costar, even ones that aren’t known for generating much chemistry in the past.


Kim Woo Bin and Kang Sora in Talks for Hong Sisters Next Drama Jejudo Gatsby — 26 Comments

  1. Kim woo bin deserves his shot at lead. Watching him the mess that was Heirs, he out acted the male lead in every which way, so this is his turn to shine in dramaland.

  2. I love her an up to this point am indifferent to him.
    I would LOVE to see him play someone who is not an ass hat like the last role. Please. He seems to have so much charisma as a “bad” guy, can you imagine if he gets to play a romantic lead where the girl likes him back, at least eventually?

  3. Well, this is a pairing I haven’t thought of. But, I have to say, it would please me greatly if it happens. I newly like Kim Woo-bin even though I thoroughly hated his character at the beginning of Heirs, I ended up feeling for him at the end. I hope this drama ends up being like Greatest Love, which is my favourite drama ever and not like that other boring ghost story thing. I’m really looking forward to this now.

  4. Omg please be for real!!! I’m very scared though because there are so many “actresses” out there that are out of work at the moment and I am soooo terrified that Kang Sora might decline this and the part will go to them.

    My baby woobin~ please take this. Please.

    • Yes I think we know exactly who we are scared of being considered for this role…..Sora please take it now and don’t look back!

  5. Yes please let this happen!
    Super excited that these two second leads (in Heirs & Dr Stranger) get to be the leading pair.
    Please Woo Bin & Sora say yes already.

  6. Omg please please please let this come true! It would be so amazing if this really happens. It has been such a long time since Woo Bin was in a drama, and I totally would be more than happy for his next one to be a Hong sisters drama. And omg Kang Sora! <3 I really want to see her in a main role already. This pairing is like every drama watcher's (at least mine heh) dream come true. Ahhhhh 😀

    • as much as i love shinhye, let the girl rest first !! i want her to finish her studies first coz that’s her goal for this year ..,, maybe in the future but not now ,,coz i think its time for woobin and sora to shine as the main leads:D 😀

    • I guess shin hye wants to do a movie instead of drama for the first half of this year.. And finish her studies on the second half.

  7. I think we have a winner in this pairing!! Hope it happens. I honestly have only liked 1 or 2 of the Hong sister dramas. BUt a pairing that works, I can quite possibly forgive the rest.

  8. When I see this, oh my god, I hope both of them say yes to this drama… Yes, I ship them too. these two would be the perfect matches if both accepted. Oh drama God, please grants our wish. 😀

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