Yoon Kyun Sang Gets His Media Spotlight Post Pinocchio Success

I wish K-ent had more talented actors like Yoon Kyun Sang these days. Tall, strapping, manly actors who command the screen even in a small role, elevating limited screen time into an unforgettable performance. It’s not that he is in possession of extraordinary acting prowess per se, akin to method acting gods such as Kim Myung Min, but he has in his arsenal a potent connection with the camera paired with very substantial screen presence with his towering height and build. I know there are plenty of shorter and/or slighter leading men out there, especially with the flower boy craze these last few years, which is why he’s an outlier in the pool and one I greatly appreciate having around.

Now the watch is on to see whether the huge uptick in popularity and good reviews he’s gotten from Pinocchio will be followed with acting offers in projects that don’t suck. I would rather he do supporting roles a bit longer than to jump at the first leading man role in a whatever project. It used to be hard finding good promo stills for him since he had so few projects under his belt but thanks to Pinocchio he’s done every major media outlet post-drama interview so nosh to your heart’s content on all the Yoon Kyun Sang stills below.


Yoon Kyun Sang Gets His Media Spotlight Post Pinocchio Success — 26 Comments

  1. His portrayal of Jae Myung really stood out in pinocchio. Despite his character being a villain and a murderer people were genuinely rooting for him and I think his hyung’s arc was the most exciting part of pinocchio especially when dal po revealed himself as ha myung. YKS and LJS Were spectacular in that scene.
    all the best for him and I hope he gets to be in more good kdramas because he deserves it and this guy can act.

    • Is he a good actor? Has he done any other projects? The 1st time I saw him was on ‘Pinocchio’ and I though he was total eye-candy and more handsome than Lee Jong Suk….but honestly, I didn’t think his acting was thaaaat great. It was good, but not amazing on the level of Lee Sung Min… or even Lee Jong Suk.

      • he is a good enough actor to make me feel sympathy for a murderer. acting-wise he reminds me more of Kim Woo Bin than Lee Jong Suk – very charismatic and a good enough actor but could be even better with practice. He has the sad-eyes/heartbroken/puppy look down to a T, that is for sure!

    • @lariol
      I do think he is a good actor. Jae Myungs role was very interesting and I think he did it well, of course the writing and directing is to be credited as well. But he delivered out what the director and writer wanted and made it memorable. thats is why he needs to be in more good projects to widen his acting capability because he definitely has the skills.

      • @Lariol
        also of course LJS and KWB are better they have had many projects already although they still have a long way to go as well. but hey he was able to act with LJS and he did fine so that is a good sign.

  2. Very promising talent. One that can impress me with so little screen time has generally a bright future. Since many flower boys will enlist soon, I don’t mind him getting the spotlight (& yes, in worthy projects).

  3. I really loved his character in Pinocchio. He was touching. I want to see him in another drama because I remember him only in Faith and Pinocchio.

    I really love the 4th picture !

  4. hope he gets good projects in the future. he makes good use of the small supporting roles he was given. he was noticeable too in faith, of course not as a breakthrough supporting role as in pinocchio

  5. Hyuuunnnggggg!!!!!!!!!!! (but what is that hair, coordis please)

    I just hope he doesn’t go the same way as Lee Yoo Bi after Gu Family Book and disappear from acting for a whole year/let all his buzz from a good performance die.

    also does he have to enlist, he’s an 87er after all! I hope he’s already finished his.

  6. I do love me some tall, strapping manly, actors, and I agree it would be awesome to see him stand out in supporting roles again before a lead.
    Not because he doesn’t have the potential to do so, but there earning your way to the top will give him more confidence, and the audience will respond to that and respect him.

    Look at SJK – who shone in all of his roles before Nice Guy and films, Petty Romance and Werewolf Boy.

    Thanks for the photos.

  7. He, actually was my favorite part of Pinochio because he was the surprise character. I knew how I was supposed to feel about everyone else right from the beginning–even the redemption arc for the reporter mother character; however, he did things with what could have been a very stereotypical character and made me question a bunch of what I thought were hard and fast value systems I had. I will remember his character long after I forget about this show.

  8. Okay, I saw that first picture after the jump (the horizontal one), and I swear my heart skipped a beat. ~fans self~ Something about the rumpled, I-just-woke-up look is really, really doing it for me. Whew.

  9. When the news of School 2015 came on, I thought it would be nice to have him in it.. But I guess he doesn’t look like he would in school. I wish he’d pick good dramas in the future.

  10. Does he not resemble that other gorgeous one coming out the army in a few!? I think so 🙂
    He definitely has more acting chops then a few out-there with leading roles.

  11. I’m surprised that he hasn’t been in more dramas considering he how good looking he is. Am I the only one who sees a resemblance to Hyun Bin? Thanks for posting all the photos!

  12. i guess he is not much acknowledged to be a cute, candy boy next door type. he’s talent shine through in pinocchio as he is simple packaged as a protective, sincere hyung.

    going through the photos above, he looks saccharine cutey. with those black leather vest and pullover shirt plus the perfectly positioned curls or wave to frame the face… common. love the simple, warm, homey hyung in pinnochio.

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