Second Even More Hilarious Hyde, Jekyll, Me Fanmade Crossover with 50 Shades

Devoid of any narrative context, and frankly there hasn’t been much that has made sense, one of my favorite (if not the favorite) scenes in Hyde, Jekyll, Me so far has got to be the ending scene to episode 10. The moment when Ha Na walks into Seo Jin’s bedroom and he just stares at her. It’s the exact same way Jin Heon stared at Sam Soon, to reference Hyun Bin’s most famous drama. And yes, his most famous drama remains My Name is Kim Sam Soon regardless of how Secret Garden gave him a second Hallyu wind. It’s the look of pure intensity that wrapped in attraction, confusion, appreciation, and resignation. Like he knows she’s the one even if it wasn’t something he wanted to happen, but he’s understands how lucky he is to have found her.

Binnie saves this drama on so many levels, or specifically on three levels if we want to just tally up Seo Jin, Robin, and now Terry. I wish the drama was just reduced to his scenes but obviously that wouldn’t work. Which makes the latest fan produced cross-over with the hit movie Fifty Shades of Grey even more hilarious and hits the spot than the first too short fanmake video, giving us once again a jazzed up version of this drama. This second MV is a full movie length trailer and actually uses the movie dialogue with Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, which leads to two startling conclusions which I’ll get into below. Check it out for supreme laughs and get us few still watching the drama psyched up for next week’s episodes.

The first conclusion is that Dakota and Jamie are awwwwwwful at line readings, dead and flat and unintentionally hilarious on top of the lame dialogue. I haven’t watched the movie and have no intention to, but clearly the critical panning of the two leads I’ve read in movie reviews are warranted. The second is that Hyde, Jekyll, Me is no better with its drama dialogue thus far, so even this lame substitution works to spice up the joint. This drama needs spice, even of the wholly brain dead variety like 50 Shades. I mean, look at Ha Na above! It’s two different kiss scenes but I swear she’s basically a mannequin carted from scene-to-scene for Binnie to act against. Of course there is a part of me cringing when I hear the cheestastic 50 Shades dialogue seeminingly coming from Binnie’s lips, which is when I remind myself that it’s really no worse than the plodding dialogue he actually says in Hyde, Jekyll, Me.

Hyde, Jekyll, Me – Fifty Shades Style:


Second Even More Hilarious Hyde, Jekyll, Me Fanmade Crossover with 50 Shades — 38 Comments

  1. Hahahahaah. OMG Genius!! A Masterpiece!! The dubbing is so on point well almost. This actually makes the dialogue come to life. I totally enjoy it, and the last scene got me off guard; and I ended up rolling of my bed laughing. Thank you for sharing

    • Fabulous! This saves me from watching either HJM or Fifty Shades; this trailer is obviously the mad distillation of the best of both, so I think I will leave it on a high note here.

  2. Lololol I laughed way too much for this. The lines were awful but so funny in this trailer. Now ic only HJM was as intense as this trailer.

  3. OK, when someone goes nuts, must go all the way, right??The final step is the entire movie of “50 shades of HJM”…which could have Part I “50 Shades of SJ” and Part II “50 Shades of Robin”! Or maybe even Part III, considering the plot…”50 Shades of Terry, or any other personality that might surface”, XD!! Ha Na will still be the leading lady in all of them…kinkier and far more original than the actual shades of Mr. Gray, hahahaha!!!

  4. This is hilarious. I hate HJM to pieces, but this i loved. And is it me or a little chemistry came of between hjm and hyun bin from this vid??? So now we know what could save this drama, a little BDSM!!

  5. Jamie Dornan does a good job at hiding his hot irish accent. Europeans/Australians pulling off an american accent always fascinates me for some reason.

    I love seeing these! I hope there will be more. I wanna see a Shin Segi/Ri Jin KMHM version!

    • There are several ones made but not as precise as this one fOr HJM. Just type kill me heL me 50 shades of grey on

  6. I don’t know much about fifty shades of grey or the books, got to hear about it here on the last fanmade MV post but apparently the movie has been banned from showing in cinemas here in Nigeria. I swear I watched the news yesterday slack-jawed.

    What is in the movie?????

    • It’s a movie about SMS and other really sexual stuff. The book is even dirtier than the movie. The movie would probably be NC-17 if it did everything in the book.

    • Movie is overly boring with dumb dialogues. Seriously, in the first 20 minutes, I was laughing at how stupid the lines were. Editing was choppy. I thought HJM was bad in writing and editing but this 50 shades movie was worse (bad acting, bad writing, choppy editing, and bad directing! Overall, it’s bad that I actually laugh at everything. It was amusing to see what lines each character will say next.)

  7. To the person who made this, it’s brilliant. I enjoy it more than I enjoy HJM and 50 shades (and it’s only a trailer.)

  8. this is better than actual trailer for 50 shades movie. and since i’ve seen this shit, i can bet that same movie with bin-min would be better.

  9. Wow!! I didn’t know there was a second version of this. Love it. Of course!! 🙂 Don’t know anything about the original 50 shades but binnie and minnie here are hawt. Editing… it’s all in the editing.

  10. WOAHHHH!Beats the real FSOG trailer hahahaha…AND made the HJ&M look much more interesting hahaha….GREAT JOB IN EDITING THIS VIDEO..WOW…hahaha Hyun Bin sure looks hot …can imagine him like Christian Grey hahaa..didn’t see the movie yet but the reviews aren’t too good…lol..i will stick with the book everytime, in my opinion original books are always more exciting than when they turn it into movies.

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