Kim Soo Hyun Confirmed for Upcoming KBS Friday Night Drama Producer

I swear the KBS production teams are keeping my hands busy the last two days typing out one drama casting after another. I’d complain if the dramas were casting all talentless hacks or untried newbies but the casting of upcoming KBS Friday night variety drama Producer hits every single one of my happy nodes so it more than makes up for blips elsewhere. This breaking casting confirmation may not make everyone happy but does for me – Kim Soo Hyun is confirmed to join the cast of Producer as one of the male leads alongside already confirmed sunbae Cha Tae Hyun.

That leaves the two leading lady candidates Gong Hyo Jin and IU yet to officially confirm, but it’s fairly clear now the casting releases with respect to Producer have been all spot on so I’m expecting the two lovelies to confirm shortly. Producer feels like a drama that has come out of nowhere and suddenly vaulted to the top of the must see list. Kim Eun Sook‘s Descendants of the Sun is still half a year out and the Hong sisters rom-com Jejudo Gatsby won’t arrive until summertime, making Producer the most exciting drama on the near horizon. With Kim Soo Hyun now confirmed, you can’t pay me to not watch it.

The latest news reports are inconclusive as to the OTP pairings but all signs point to Gong Hyo Jin-Cha Tae Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun-IU, which makes more sense if you ask me. I don’t have a problem if the drama switches it up as long as it feels narratively warranted, I like all four leads and the age difference either way isn’t an automatic deal breaker since so many K-dramas lately have tested my patience and inured me to the noona-dongsaeng or ahjusshi-agasshi romances. With that said, I really want Kim Soo Hyun with IU since his last two dramas have been with noona while my favorite pairing of his was with younger Suzy in Dream High. I don’t think Hye Mi will mind if Sam Dong falls for Pil Sook this time, right?


Kim Soo Hyun Confirmed for Upcoming KBS Friday Night Drama Producer — 54 Comments

  1. It’s definitely not GHJ-KSH. I think she’d be too scared of KSH’s many fangirls to romance him in a drama. I’m anticipating no love line or one with CTH.

    • I am really, really hoping that fangirls are not going to determine the plotting and writing of this drama – or any drama, for that matter. Any time fanservice is involved, the IQ of a show drops to chimpanzee level.

  2. With Kim Soohyun and Cha Taehyun being confirmed, it’s a matter of time IU and Gong HyoJin will confirm as female leads too. I am not in favor of IU but looking forward to see if she can actually pull of some on screen chemistry with Kim Soo Hyun. All of a sudden, this drama will gather lots of hype now. All four casts are popular in their own aspects. This drama will be the most anticipated drama for me this year.

  3. Not too thrilled about the potential female leads or ksh, but I will watch for cha tae hyun.
    Oh how I wish Kim ji won was given the role iu is being courted for.

    • The female lead part that IU is up for is a singer. I have a feeling there will be singing scenes involved which may be why they went out of their way to court an idol-actress for the part. I don’t think Kim Jiwon has any formal singing experience outside of two typical actor OSTs. I may be wrong, but nothing in her profile indicates so.

      • Me too. She is super duper awesome in singing drama what’s up. Such a talented gal

      • You’re probably right however it is first and foremost an acting job being able to sing is just a very helpful asset. Personally I’m not a fan if IUs music let alone her acting which is why I was hoping she would decline the role

  4. Awesome news! I had a feeling he would confirm just based on the screenwriter. I honestly don’t think that KSH is that great of an actor yet nor find him all that good looking, but he’s really one of the few in which, I really don’t care. He has this odd and unique appeal about him – maybe cause I saw potential in him as a child actor and he has more than filled it and more. In any case, doesn’t really matter since I’m in on watching this and whatever combination of star power/acting ability and general like-ablity he has, it is working for me. So happy!!! A drama to look forward to after HJM ends. 🙂

  5. I’m also bored of noona romances and CTH-IU just looks wrong. At least GHJ-KSH, which I don’t want, might vaguely look age appropriate, but CTH easily looks like IU’s uncle. I don’t mind a Heartstrings like situation where KSH has feelings for GHJ, but moves on to IU. But the synopsis’ ambiguity leads me to dread that this will be a GHJxKSH ship because 1) if it was IUxKSH, it would be more direct and 2) GHJ is the bigger star and I can’t see her taking a back seat to IU in terms of romance. I’m actually going to wait this drama out and find out the end game before watching (I am already badly burned by other dramas). I just know if I watch this and they try to convince me of IU and CTH’s 17+ year age difference, as an Uaena, I will throw a fit.

  6. koala…. your breaking news always fast manage to beat dramabeans in most occasion. Keep up a good work!! You site become my new favorite for everything kdrama.

    • Yep, which is why I’ve developed the habit over the past few months to check koalas before dramabeans. Keep up the good work!

  7. I don’t understand the motivation behind people rejecting KSH and GHJ romanzing each other? please inform me on this since I’m missing out on the cake

    • Maybe people want KSH to romance IU because they have a real friendship and have worked together previously (Dream High’s fans probably want this to happen)? Or because I want GHJ to romance CTH instead since both have done many romance-comedy in the past and I would love to see them together as an onscreen couple for once? I wouldn’t mind KSH and GHJ since I adore GHJ. But I would really like to see CTH and GHJ together as a couple. KSH and IU looks good as a couple.

    • Well, I think it comes down to KSH-IU makes a lot more sense than IU-CTH. Same with CTH- GHJ makes more sense than KSH-GHJ. Obviously IU doesn’t have the acting clout of the rest of the cast, but she’s not some nobody idol. So she’ll get a big part in the drama..which means romancing one of the male leads.

    • It’s because people are tired of the nooba – dongseng concept already, plus a GHJ-CTH pAiring is something people are excited to see.

      • Could someone list some recent noona-dongsaeng shows for me? I’m really really behind on the drama world (the only recent dramas I know are YFTS and IOIL) but I love noona romances.

      • Secret Love Affair, I Can Hear Your Voice, High School King of Savvy, I Need Romance 3

    • It will only be interesting to me if there’s a loveline between KSH and GHJ…And I think this is what they are going for.. “Noonas” somehow elevate KSH, and those dramas have been massive hits.

      If not, it will be meh…or a pass for me.

  8. Wow things are moving fast for Producers.
    Wish I could say the same for Jejudo Gatsby & Descendants of the Sun.
    At least this year there are 3 dramas to catch.

  9. Now we just need a jun ji hyun cameo and this drama would actually be so perfect. Dying to see a jun ji hyun-cha tae hyun interaction again

    • @jellybean Talk about six degrees of KDramas. Is funny when I first hear of this drama rumor casting the first thing that pop to me was of jun ji hyun possible doing a cameo for this drama. Given the fact that both male leads had costar and romance her on mega hits rom com’s. I will die of happiness if she comes and the production does a reference to My Sassy Girl/Windstruck and My Lover From The Stars.

  10. Off Topic and had no where else to share this:

    I finally realize why I don’t find Hyun Bin attractive. He looks almost exactly like my first-cousin. Eeerily. And his profile looks like my nephew. What the heck??

  11. All set to watch. I am a hapoy girl and basically don’t care who romances whom as long as it’s those 2 actresses and not someone who can’t act.

    • Yea. This drama will be a hit no matter what because of KSH. His popularity in China is no joke so even if this drama flops w/ poor ratings in Korea, the drama will still raked in $$$$ from China and Japan. I wouldn’t be surprise if they pay the guy $100,000 USD per episode.

      As much as I love GHJ, the plot is still ‘meh’ to me. I’m still unsure of what to feel at this point. I will give the first 2-3 episodes a try and if it doesn’t suite my taste, I will drop this drama. I do hope the drama is a success for GHJ’s and CTH’s sake (hahaha. I’m more of their fans than KSH and IU).

  12. DAEBAK KOALA PLAYGROUND, THis is the most important message ive received from you,, ive waited for so long to see KSH on screen.. Finally he confirmed it,, KSH has good eyes in picking project, im happy this time is a different genre on dramaland… no DID this time.

  13. sorry off topic— but koala have you watch Heard It Through the Grapevine? Would love to hear what you think of it!

  14. I’m not too excited for KSH since the only role I ever liked him in was Sam Dong in dream high. I would rather he played a different character this time though, why can’t he be the star in stead? I mean something like Choi Si Won’s character in King of Dramas. Have the two young stars battle it out like in King of Dramas but eventually fall in love and driver their managers insane.

    I am looking forward to Gong Hyo Jin and CTH pairing.

    • KSH as top star is boring (any actor is, actually. It’s just overused). He’ll be all sleek and cold, while a newbie in variety world will be challenging since he has to survive.

      • yes.. i agree to this. a newbie in industry is the most challenging.. it will show how you survive in the industry and it expose to more real life of people in industry.. it gives misaeng vibe to me.. something fresh n new

  15. I love the 4 actors ! So I’m really impatient to see this drama !

    I like the theme of this drama, the drama “The World that they Live in” was interessant and mature. I hope it will be the same for this one.

  16. Can`t wait to see it ,especially cause this drama comes out so fast already next month ,it just came out of nowhere. I like everybody in the cast but KSH lol, but he is there for the ratings so i can`t judge. I actually like a choice of IU, i think she is solid actress and obviously really good singer. GHJ and CTH are a must see for me.

    I really wonder if this drama breaks 20% rating what excuses we`ll hear from all those `drama lovers` saying we`ll never see those numbers again just cause their faves flopped?

    • What excuses? It’s pretty much fact you don’t see those numbers anymore. Unless you think everyone in Korean entertainment is a flop but a couple people.

      It will be interesting to see the ratings for this if it’s a new timeslot. Not sure if that gives it an advantage or not. Wonder what it’s airing against as well.

  17. I am also one those hoping for a GHJ-CTH loveline and KSH-IU loveline. It would be crazy and not to mention such a waste for them to not create a loveline for GHJ and CTH if they were to cast those 2.

    I also anticipate a loveline between KSH and IU. I’ve been waiting for KSH to finally be paired up with a younger actress. I think they would be cute together plus they’re already close in real life.

    But I guess we can’t be so sure about the pairings for now as they might just pull a KSH and GHJ pairing. I don’t really care if that happens I guess but I definitely can’t help but sigh…yet another noona romance story. & obviously CTH and IU would be paired as a result and behold yet another ahjusshi romance story set in the entertainment showbiz drama which I felt that I’ve seen many times before(my lovely girl? you’re the best lee soonshin?). Hopefully they won’t go for that cliche though. lol

  18. Its official people KSH-GHJ will romance

    Producer synopsis: ghj and cty are friends and 10 years PD. ksh was a fan of iu for 10 years. but after becoming a PD, even though ksh is ill-treated by ghj, ksh slowly fall in love with ghj.

    Thank god for that… I’m extremely hyped for A GHJ-KSH clash

  19. what if it could be a plot twist? IU and kim soo hyun actually already developed their feeling altogether?(they already went to each other’s event despite all busy schedule) haha… but if suzy really has something with kim soo hyun, i bet IU must be uncomfortable to be acting with her bestfriend’s crush. She already proved that she is a loyal friend when she turned down offer for trot lovers for eunji part acting beside ji hyun woo( yoo in na’s ex). But this is really a rare opportunity for her to act with biggest name and learn from them.

  20. Whoaah seeing how they cast all the big names, i’ll root for this drama, esp if Gong Hyo Jin accepted it. So far i never even once dissapointed by GHJ dramas. It’s all excellent ♡

  21. hmmm well the plot doesnt appeal to me but if having GHJ in the cast, i would take this drama all the way! She had an eye for good drama or could it be her ability to make drama looks good 😉 I am looking forward to CTH as well…

  22. Wait, so it’s OK when he’s paired up with someone seven years younger, but less desirable when he’s with someone older? What are these standards?

  23. if KSH in this drama .i want him to pair up with GHJ. GHJ always seem to make her partner look good in the drama cuz of her acting. somehow i just dont like the pair of KSH and IU cuz i havent seem a IU drama that make her look good with her partner.

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