Ji Chang Wook Reprises Healer for In Style Korea and Does Teacher-Student Romance C-drama

After writing about Park Min Young post her Healer resurgence, it’s only fitting to devote a post to her smexy leading man Ji Chang Wook. He’s in the pages of the March edition of In Style Korea looking still in character as Seo Jung Hoo, which will likely gets Healer fans in a tizzy again. I got so many emails asking me to write about Healer but I never got the urge since the drama didn’t inspire any visceral reaction from me. I do understand why it has a rabid fandom since there will always be dramas that just connect with a group even if not with all.

I was a bit taken aback at Healer’s low ratings, nothing to be embarrassed about but I actually thought it would be higher. Goes to show the K-drama landscape is really dire these days, which leads to the unsurprising next bit of news that Ji Chang Wook is heading to China next month to film his first ever Chinese project. It’s a web drama called Goodnight Teacher (eeeeeks) produced by Chinese web portal iQiyi, and like the title suggests is a straight up male teacher-female student romance. His leading lady will be child actress turned teen actress Guan Xiaotong, who is all of 17 years old in real life.

Healer is decent but what works is a great OTP (together and individually) and interesting enough bits and pieces strung together with an okay narrative thread. It’s cool that he’s doing all the right acting projects to develop his career since he hasn’t been one of those K-actors that hit it big really fast. I do have a soft spot for slow and steady wins the race types.

Setting aside any opinion about Ji Chang Wook heading to China (smart move and why not) and doing Goodnight Teacher (really really inappropriate in anything other than drama land) Healer is the first performance and character I’ve liked in Ji Chang Wook’s resume, and it’s all due to his good sense in knowing a good role and delivering right on target. He tends to overact (Empress Ki, anyone!) but not here, and honestly who wouldn’t swoon for parkour expert Healer, bumbling Bong Soo, and rebellious Jung Hoo.

His looks is still not my thing but he looked great in Healer and visually has the whole package as a leading man with enough height, heft, and allure. He’s also one of those ’87ers that will be heading to military service soon and if Healer ends up being his last K-drama before enlisting then he’ll be leaving on a high note. Let’s hope for his sake that Goodnight Teacher won’t end up being a blight on his resume. At least Guan Xiaotong doesn’t look that he’s going to be robbing the cradle that badly. The drama starts filming next month for airing exclusively on iQiyi later this summer, slated for 24-episodes at 20 minutes per episode.


Ji Chang Wook Reprises Healer for In Style Korea and Does Teacher-Student Romance C-drama — 100 Comments

  1. Chang wook has taking China by storm. I am not surprise he is doing a Chinese drama. Women there have fallen for him and there is no going back. I can’t speak Chinese but I can read numbers. And his numbers tell me that Chinese women are head over heal in love with him.

    Get some cf money from lee min ho in China. Good luck Chang wook.

    • I just read news about him being top the search of Hallyu stars on Sina Weibo, beating mega idol group EXO and Rain…This surprised me even he’s my new obsession thanks to Healer. LOL….He does not have type of fame shooting to stardom overnight like his peers Lee Min Ho or Kim Soo Hyun. But I found he’s got very solid acting skills and is able to communicate every subtle nuance of emotion. Even Ockoala thinks he overacts in Empress Ki, I think he delivers an incredible image of very insecure personality of a weak king in EK. Viewers are not blind. If an actor doesn’t exhibit any charisma on screen, there won’t be anyone giving him a dang look.

  2. There’s nothing romantic about creeping on children. In a perfect world, dramas would just leave high schoolers alone or expose the adults who get involved with them to be the mentally ill creeps they usually are.

    • I completely agree. It gets my blood boiling to see high school teacherxstudent relationships being portrayed as cute and romantic. I couldn’t stomach Flower Boy Ramyun Shop’s premise at all, despite how adorable it looked. It’s inappropriate for a teacher to date a student, but especially if that student is a minor. Ick!

      • But you have to also understand that different countries have different age of consent. In japan until recently the age of consent, I think, was 13.

      • I do know that, but I’m sorry, I can’t comprehend it. I just can’t. I don’t think 99% of 13 year olds are emotionally, physically, or sexually mature enough to pursue a relationship with someone a decade or so older than them. I don’t think this should be brushed aside as an issue of cultural relativism.

  3. I don’t know its a good choice for him or not, because I still remember even chinese fans of soohyun and jongsuk were against their actors to be in chinese dramas, lol…
    but good luck for him then

  4. JCW was awesome in Healer… infact, I went back and watched his previous shows and while he was decent in his Smile Donghae days I appreciate the growth in his acting. I thought he was pretty great in Empress Ki as well.

    While I’m glad that he’s striking while the iron is hot (hope he does a k-drama before enlisting) the premise of the show is icky. Blergh…

    That said will his voice be dubbed?! I hope not.

    • Of course… China even dubs people who speak Mandarin Putonghua… Thus, can NEVER stand watching any China-made dramas/films until they allow the actors speak themselves…

    • Yes, I’ve seen all his dramas as well and although I don’t always love the projects he picks, I think he’s done well with what he’s been given.

      Of course, the fact that he’s just plain GORGEOUS doesn’t hurt and maybe I’ve been a bit distracted by the pretty. Even so, I’m so glad he finally picked a drama where he got to be as awesome as he was.

      Here’s hoping this China things works out for him! (Even though I don’t like the dubbing.)

  5. I wish he had waited for something really good. Mixed feelings about it. I mean I will check it out, but I hope it’s watchable and tastefully done. I think it would be more palatable if she were a college age student and not underaged.

  6. Been a fan since his EK days even if I had mixed feelings about the character. I thought he and Park Min Young had a good chemistry going in Healer though! The Chinese project makes me cringe when I hear the actress’ age but I’ve endured worse in J-dramas I guess. Sad his voice will be dubbed though! I hope Healer won’t be his last k-drama. He needs a rating breakthrough before he leaves.

  7. I think there is tough comepetition right now between KWB, LJS and Ji chang wook.. to become the ”next big thing” aka explosive exposure in China and all over asia with 30+ mega gigantic Endorsement deals..

    Basically the next KSH or LMH…

    right now if I have to guess who will make it even thou I doubt it. KWB is the closest with the help of minimum 1 hit and 1 megahit. Not to forget he has european endorsement deals as well and by far the largest fanbase of the 3.

    Ji Chang wook as the looks and with good projects might do it before them all.

    LJS on the other hand needs a miracle and for obvious reasons lack of marketability being one of them.

    • Honestly you should see the forbes list of korea where in even the almighty Ji Chang Wook and Lee Mjn Ho is not even part of the list.

      • Dear, I know you are a fan of JS so you probably know what he thinks of “popularity”. Do not waste time on this.

      • @Cipher I should stop now, how fans reacts reflects the fanbase. Thanks for making me stop.

      • looool.. you really believe in that list? there comes out of korean media new data or researches every week and they contradict each every time… agencies pay for these articles and basically baseless.

      • first of all this is the fake forbes? I’m not going to delulu but the list is just not based on facts. I can myself qoute here or give you links to other baseless so-called researchs or data.. weeks, months old atleast. they are baseless.

        We Know Jongsukies SNS numbers, CFs, and Drama ratings and thats basically all we need?

        plus awards or honorary medals..

        thats all we need to know.

      • @Linda20 Now even Forbes can be paid. I’m so moving on with this discussion. Like you said LJS can’t paid them because he is lacking of CF’s. If I were you, broaden your sources and try to read in naver, daum or elsewhere. Allkpop is not helping you.

        I supported my amswer with abreal data that no one can alter.

      • And also @Linda20 forbes do not release article every week, its every year. Just to give you some friendly info. Lol now who’s more delusional.

      • @Linda20 I think even I gather videos you wouldn’t believe me. Its all set in stone in your mind. Anyway its been a very nice day talking to you, like I said I’m not bending facts, I’m showing you what’s real at this moment.

      • Countless data gets released every week from some certain k-media for just hype sake but these numbers say really nothing meaningful and most of these lists contradict each other and example KSH keyEast are good at using fake stats most of the time..

        But the numbers are obvious to see and nothing will or can A list change it.

        1. Drama ratings (Tv, Internet and Online websites viewer numbers
        2. CFs locally and Int
        3. SNS fans
        4. Box office and distrubition sales
        5. awards

        This is the stat we need and nothing else matters. to these stats are forced.

        But all in all I agree with some of the other people saying its silly? yes its a silly question but ljs fans have been delulu lately and I have seen many ridiculous comments they have made lately and I Just chose to addresse it.

      • @Linda20
        Forbes is not based on the facts?
        What is the fact according to you then?
        Now many people are talking about this list, and there is no single person who doubt this ranking but you.
        LJS is on the list prove his markebility is strong even stronger than KWB and PSH.

    • Hahaha all the argumanen about who is more popular is a little funny. Hehehe
      As for me i love all of them, bu5 mu current eye candy is ji changwook so thank you koala for writing up something about him. and yes potential wise its a race between JCW, KWB and LJS to be the next best thing following LMH and KSH…. but they better make their next project be memorable cause song joong ki is coming back. he was on the train of IT boy of korea before the military snatched him away.
      he is one who is surely missed and waited upon even by writers…

      • Honestly there’s no argument about who’s famous. We all know LMH is above them all, but the real argument here is defending the pride of the fans lol

      • hahaha that is funny and silly with the “pride of fans…”
        I say “just enjoy your biases and stop pushing your ideas to other people”

        and yes again wait until song joongki comes out from enlistment especially since cfs, dramas are waiting for him patiently. Hahaja

    • You again,,seriously…can you prove that woobin has the largest fanbase?
      I’m not going to argue who has the lasgest fanbase, but saying jongsuk lack of marketability just LOL,,,do some research first before talking my dear

      • Take it easy dear. Manners, you know fans react according to their fan base. I met some LJS fans from Korea and they don’t give a shit about this. Let’s be civilized.

    • Living in China I’m not sure that Ji Chang Wook is in the race at all, I can’t comment on who is better between LJS and KWB because all my students seem to love them and watch their shows and movies. I asked one class if they were watching healer during general discussion in which the students focused on kdramas and showed them the poster. They collectively pulled faces and said no. The youku viewership and poll ratings for healer are also very poor.

      Speaking has a teacher if this cdrama is truly romantic in style then I have lost all respect for Ji Chang Wook and his manager, just no! Especially with her age eww!

      • yeah, but China is a huge continent…900,000 followers on weibo must be coming from somewhere. I know China has a billion people, but even Jung yong Hwa is around 1 million only

      • Well if all three have around 1 million followers on weibo, then they all fall way short of LMH whom I was told had 25 million. ps why would jung yong hwa be popular in china? my students, colleagues, and friends have mentioned several singers and actors but never him unless he has another name.

        Please don’t get me wrong I like JCW as an actor and I enjoyed healer. I also don’t care too much for the acting of LMH or KSH, so I don’t think that making it big in china is a testament to how good an actor is. I was merely stating what I’ve observed.

      • Hannah, you’re ridiculous, you want us to believe based on your survey of some 30-50 students in your class vs. 1.35+ billion population of China??? You gotta be kidding! do you even call yourself a professional not knowing correct sample sizes or sampling! anyway, Ji Chang Wook is an underrated Korean actor, he doesnt have a powerful agency in Korea so as his reach is limited. but his acting talent will surely get him that fame he rightfully deserves. Began to love him in Empress Ki. I believe in JCW more than LMH & KSH combined, he’s not overhype, he will go a long way, truelly an Emperor.

      • well i actually have 3000 students and the topic came up in more than one class, as well as communication with Chinese friends, and such a sampling is enough for nielson which could explain healer’s lack of ratings

      • also look at youku and weibo, kwb and ljs dramas and movies are very popular, healer as a 6.4 rating and very few views. KWB as 5x the followers on weibo and LJS more than 3x the followers of course they are all dwarfed by LMH who has 25x the followes of JCW

      • First, I spoke to students in China working as a tutor there earlier in the year when Healer was running, and they love it. They want to meet JCW and learn more. So clearly, there are many people watching. Second, that was also exclusive on Sohu, and became their most viewed show and top show during its run. Not to mention, he couldnt go to the Dolce & Gabbana event because of safety concerns with massive fans at his hotel and venue in Shanghai. He is exploding in China and good for him. Learning more about him, he seems very genuine and honest. Happy for him!

        FYI, JCW opened his weibo account late Jan/early Feb of THIS year, and within a month it shot to 1 million views, LSK, KWB, and LMH all opened theirs many yêars ago. Of course it would be more.

  8. how is KWB the next big thing?
    i dont know why people think KWB is bigger than LJS,sure,the guy is popular but his fanbase isnt bigger than LJS.
    LJS is is most popular than KWB.all LJS dramas always end up being popular.KWB’s popularity is not up to PSH’s let to say LJS

    • ahahahah.. I love debating LJS fans because of there all time delulu mode.

      So LJS is now bigger then PSH and KWB is also bigger then PSH?? Hmm?

      1.PSH has more SNS fans then KWB and LJS put together

      2. PSH has more CFs then LJS and about the same number or little less then KWB.

      PSH is without bigger then them both there can be no discussion in that.

      • You said we are delulu. Shjnhye is the biggest thing in China (in female Korean actor) even Woobin and JongSuk can’t beat that. I like LJS because he’s a good actor. He doesn’t need to be almighty and beat LMH and KSH. You always drag him in every article, just to prove KSH’s popularity. You are far more delusional than us. So what if we are delusional at least we’re not putting our Idol in the highest pedestal. They are still humans, who works as an actor. Don’t act so righteous.

    • ljs fans’ baseless facts part 2 and it continues. ”ljs is popular then psh” that must be a joke and may I ask where is the evidence for that?? even more ludicrous claim then last time.

    • Considered he hasn’t leaded a drama yet but his star power is already this big… We can certainly call KWB is the next big thing. He also has more Cfs in Korea

      • KWB has the best potential of the 3 and is already far ahead, and I guess ljs fans’ needs to wake up from that dream. BTW KWB has landed big budget drama with Kang sora who is coming into this drama with alot of momentum from misaeng and finished 2 fun movies for youth movie-goers. so his doing great and as CFs go they have no comepetition on him.

      • @linda I’m sure he is one of the next big things but I’m not sure if the drama would do good for him considered it seems to be a typical kdrama again. This is also KSR and KWB’s 1st time leading prime-time drama, if they both confirmed… we don’t know the outcome yet… Just wait and see 🙂

      • He has already got 2 leading roles in movies that’s why he has larger fanbase now. You guys seems want to show that he has nothing to do but suddenly his fanbase becomes bigger, lol
        why are you so sure that woobin has more cfs than jongsuk? Ohh I guess you have a lof of free time to count that cfs then, lmao

  9. i dont think u guys understand me.sure PSH is bigger than LJS and KWB.but what i dont agree with is KWB popularity is higher than LJS.KWB may get more cfs than LJS,but in terms if popularity,LJS is bigger than KWB.but PSH is bigger than both

    • Let them go. There is this thing called vlinkage index in China that koala has covered so there is no point of arguing.

  10. Becos is acting was superb in empress ki, dts why i started searching 4 his other work online. but i admit dt is acting in other drama b4 dis 1 is jst der.even my aunt dt doesnt pay much attention to actors wanted 2 knw more about him.

  11. Ji Chang-wook was my favourite thing about Empress Ki, the character Tal Tal was a close second. I loved his acting so much. His character wasn’t typically likeable, he was such a coward and he was insanely obsessed with Nyang, but JCW played that character in such a way that you can’t help but feel for him. I wanted to hurt all the people who made him cry. After watching Healer, he became my bias effectively dethroning Kim Soo-hyun to number 2. I suppose it’s time to mine the Chinese gold, I may not watch that drama cause I don’t like the premise, but I hope he gives one last hurrah before he heads for the army. I hope he come back and does another drama that would end up being a smash hit this time. Maybe even a pure romcom.

    • same. I really liked his character in Empress Ki and I thought he did a great job there. I did enjoy Healer more as a drama bc it wasn’t so melodramatic.

    • Agree…I thought JCW was really outstanding in his portrayal of the Emperor character in Empress Ki. It was written as a very flawed character and he nailed it his acting.

      • I don’t like EK as much as many viewers but JCW’s acting really caught my attention. I followed him to Healer and found my very best satisfaction since I became a K drama addict.

    • Second your points. Hahaha….JCW has also swept my list of top K actors to become #1 obsession of all time. LOL….I’m one of his fabid fans.

  12. @dal

    My Bias is KWB but I dislike the fake-arrogance of ljs fans.

    That list is baseless and I don’t know why I can’t drop anything below your comment sections maybe time difference.

    Look we are not stupid and we don’t need statistic taken out of context to tell us the obvious numbers.

    All there needed is.

    1. Drama rating(Tv, Internet, online websites)
    2. CFs locally and internationally
    3. Social media fans
    4. Box office and distrubition sales
    5. awards

    After these facts there is nothing else to it. I feel sorry for these believe in these countless stats some certain K-media releases.

    Agencies will pay hype cause at the end of the day its all about hype

    • You told me to show some data. Now Forbes can be paid, by whom??? By all the actors in the list, but how can it be paid, how? Everyone wants to be part of this list. Just imagine I paid for spot no 11, and some of the actors paid for another spot just to be written their names???. That’s not how Forbes works, that’s why their data is respected in so many years. Woobin is famous and also JongSuk is famous. It just that JongSuk did a lot of dramas this year that’s why his popularity increases tremendously.

      And to explain to you about the ratings. Yes ratings is good if its hight but if its CPI (Context power Index) is not even part of top 5 it only means the drama you are in even it has high viewer ratings(like weekend dramas) doesn’t ring a bell to the viewers. For example KMHM got 11%ratings last week but they are 3rd in CPI it means, even they didn’t watch it live, fans search them during their free time and watch it.

      About the CF’s Woobin seriously got a lot of CF’s he is marketable. But seriously haven’t you search how many JongSuk’s CF are in. Its like everywhere.

      Social media, base on weibo followers Woobin got a higher number but try other portals JongSuk’s fans are everywhere.

      And in the end of these long discussions, the two guys are best friends who doesn’t even care about their popularity, rather value their friendship more than fans fighting about who’s more popular.

      • Can we please stay on topic people?

        This is a Ji Chang Wook thread.

        I believe Koala also has a topic on the Forbes top 40 power list.

        Kindly take your fan wars there, and stop spoiling JCW’s thread.

      • @ sogazelle, finally a sensible response to this nonsensical fan war. What the heck are these fans of KWB/LJS bickering over? LOL…..

    • @linda20:
      Why the hell do LMH fans have such a stupid fan like you? You said KSH Keyeast good at using fake stats most of the time? Give me some evidence!!! Or your accusation is only worth some slap on the face!
      Do some more searchings about Forbes criteria for this kind of list instead of deliberately making up such a stupid one by your own like above. Their criteria has been valid for years, so if your bias cant make it on the list based on those criteria, just accept to be a LOSER, especially when it comes to comparison with KSH. If you are into fighting with other fandom, feel free !

      • Please just shut up peoples if this article has nothing to do with your bias. One comment is fine but stop fighting. Getting sick of LJS KWB LMH fans.

      • @lari I didn’t even fight… I just think it’s amusing …. You need to calm down ‘yall LOL
        Some people *roll eyes*

    • The article is about JCW. But there seems to be a debate between JCW fans,mainly LJS and KWB fans on who’s bigger and pulling in Psh’s name too.

      • LOL at these fan bickering….it’s very amusing.. I bet Ockoala is laughing too…hahahaha….

  13. I agree heft is what draws me, and his voice.
    The 17 year old + him = the gossip columns in print and online dreams come true.
    I hope he has a good Chinese team behind him ready to deny all inappropriate gossip!

  14. Ji Chang Wook,is his season now,hope that he will do again a good drama, to continue captures the heart of the viewers, like what happened in Healer…so please be wise in choosing your next project, make sure that the story, the writer and the director,are all good…coz with your acting, no doubt, that you’re really a very talented actor…you deserve for what you are earning right now,being a popular kdrama actor..also please,find ways,to communicate your fans…kip it up and stay wise and humble!!!..fighting…God Bless…

  15. I’m not sure about this choice, but it could stem from the new regulations on overseas dramas being streamed online in China, hence the surge of collaborations with the chinese drama world.

    I’m a little bit uneasy about the girl’s real age, and I hope that would not have a backlash on his image.

    On the other hand, the current “IT” Japanese actor Yuki Furukawa also did a web drama with the same Chinese web portal Iqiyi called “Mysterious Summer” and it was a huge success and according to Wikipedia was distributed online in over 35 countries worldwide.

    I hope his management agency finds him a good representation there and he gets marketed the right way, because he’s my boy and I love him to bits…

  16. I’m actually sad hearing this news. In Chinese drama, for sure, they will dub his voice. I can never feel the acting in any kind of dubbed drama.

  17. meh rather than trying to be a so called hallyu star like other folks, I’d rather JCW continue to venture more in movies, taking more challenging roles and improving his acting. The man has so much potential so I’d like to see him rise slowly, but steadily like Ha Jung Woo and Hwang Jung Min. After all he doesn’t want to be a star but a good actor.

  18. Its good opportunity for jcw to get work overseas… As you know china is biggest market now…plus china now have many young blood like li yi feng, chen xiao, william chan that get enormous fandom in china. N also lately chinese drama also improve their quality. They can now make good drama such as you’re my sunshine, boss n me, lu chen, legend of fragrance, love across the millenium, etc. Hope jcw can make it big in china. He will play with kuan xiao tong. She’s , i think young generation rising star from child actress turn teen actress that famous in china. Beside her acting also approved by many chinese. I also like her interaction with wallace chung n jackie n also xiao bai in amazing race china. Hope the web drama can achieve good rating… Fighting jcw…

  19. Thanks koala for yr post:)) M still miss miss Healer!! And Ji Chang Wook, Hwaiting:)) All the best for you working in China. God bless:) ^_*

  20. I know he want to be the next big thing(who wouldn’t).but film in drama there,is a bad idea.even the popular ones(LMH,KSH,PSH,LJS and KWB) aren’t acting there but they still maintain their popularity there

  21. Same here. I watched Healer solely because i got curious seeing the hype it had on DB. But then wasn’t impressed much. Neither the story nor the acting were out-standing. I found it to be decent just that it was a little over-rated by ifans. The guy has earned himself some crazy fangirls on the intl side,that’s for sure.. haha. That being said, I don’t know whether this is a smart move not to mention the plot. I mean the guy is hot now, so ppl will tune in to see it. But still,I don’t know, i just can’t seem to side with the idea of romance between teacher and student.

  22. i get excited that this blog finally wrote something about ji chang wook hence healer. but seriously, were this author really said that ji chang wook acting in EK is overact? lol youre the only people i know who said that. excuse me but i think you didnt really watch the drama and learn how that emperor taehwan caracter was. but yes thats how taehwan caracter was , he is so expressive in his feeling so he looks like he exaggerate everything he feel. so think of it now it prove that he succeed to deliver those caracter to you right author nim?

    and about his next project in cdrama. calm down we all. no one in his agency nor the producer of those cdrama had confirmed it yet. thats all.
    buuut, if its really confirmed than i cant say that i againts it even i didnt love that project either. let say.. we already know all those news about some actors comeback this years with all those good dramas writer/pd. so what i want to say is, theres no more place for jcw to put his great talent in this full-packed list. i think his agency already put a though about it.
    now to think of it. if he really force to does a kdrama this year maybe he only left with some leftover awful kdrama bcs all good writer/pd already have their own project with other actor.
    sooo he choose cdrama project thing with bunch of penny rather than does a ‘leftover’ kdrama one.
    and about JCW LJS, KWB, think.. duh how can people put a war about those 3 gorgeous human being. i love those 3 so i pray dearly for their succes however it be^^

  23. Thanks for the article !
    However, his agency didn’t confirm this C-drama…
    Anyway, it’s a web drama with only 24x20mn = 8h. I think/hope he will do others korean dramas/movies before enlisting !

  24. Loved him in Healer. I’m such a fan girl now. I wouldn’t mind watching this Cdrama. I’m definitely hoping he does another Kdrama before enlisting.

  25. Hilarious all the bickering among LJS, KWB, LMH, and KSH, and who else? Hahahaha….Ms. Ockoala, now you know JCW is really hot now. Otherwise not many readers would even bother to come over to this thread arguing about irrelevant actors…LOL…I know you’re not among those who swoon over Healer and head over heels for JCW. But still, thank you for the post.

  26. Well in connection with the three actors; LMH,LJS,JCW. In my opinion, out of the three Dashing men. I think Lee Min Ho is the one who tends to choose more easy roles. (rich , cool, handsome men) compared to the two. If you look up at the dramas he had been , I would guess that Faith was by far the only role he had that challenged him in his dramas. I think gangnam blues was also by far the hardest movie role he had, based from the trailers(cuz I haven’t watched it yet) seriously I can’t believe lee min ho picked the heirs which was VERY similar to BOF. I think people overrate him because of his undeniably good looks and charm. He is also a good actor BUT he is playing safe. He doesn’t take risks when choosing his dramas so he may not improve as much compared to LJS and JCW in the years to come. I used to think that LMH and KSH were at the same level , but now it is become more clear and I realized that KSH is at a much higher level.

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