KBS Rushes Latest Installment of Ratings Stalwart School Series to Follow Blood

The massive roll KBS is on doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon, which is always good for drama addicts out there to have more shows to look forward to. It appears the network is paying very close attention to the ratings bloodbath going on with Blood tanking on Mon-Tues and plans to do something specific to address it. The network originally wanted to put Dr. Frankenstein after Blood but that drama appears to be having a hard time casting since male lead DID dramas aren’t exactly a sure thing right now. Last week came news that Lee Jin Wook had been cast as the male lead of Hello Monster and KBS was scheduling that after Blood instead.

Hello Monster may still be on the KBS schedule but it won’t be coming right after Blood on Mon-Tues. Instead KBS is bringing in heavy guns to save the ratings, pushing forward School 2015 to follow Blood with a premiere date for late April. School 2015 was supposed to be a second half of the year, around early fall drama, so KBS tweaking the line up to get the drama on air as soon as possible shows how much the network expects the next installment of the School series to continue the ratings success that all previous installments have brought in. Even more startling is the news being released now without any actors or actresses cast yet in the drama. Anyone up for more school?

The School series is famous for starting off relative unknown actors and actresses on their path towards bona fide stardom. The latest School 2013 installment was no different, producing Lee Jong Seok and Kim Woo Bin, both of whom are now big stars in their twenty something generation. KBS has announced that it’s currently deep into the casting process with plans to cast both veterans and talented younger leads for the drama. I wonder who will be the breakout star(s) of this year’s School 2015?


KBS Rushes Latest Installment of Ratings Stalwart School Series to Follow Blood — 21 Comments

  1. I just hope the cast will be great…
    no one can beat jongbin bromance for me though,,
    I wil add this to my waiting list with producer

  2. If I like School 2013 it was because I really like the second characters more than the hero like Lee Ji Hoon, his character was the one who has the most changed.

    But I have a problem with the school drama. They always use the same themes like delinquincy, the difficulty of studies.

  3. Just pick someone who can act. Is that too much to ask? Seeing it’s a drama. I don’t care if they can dance well, sings beautifully or rap accurately.

    I don’t care if he’s trying hard or looks handsome. Just give us someone who can act. One wonders why it’s so hard to do… acting when you’re an actor.

    • I think generally in school francise they do get actresses and actors that can act. List goes: Jang Hyuk, Ha Ji-won, Jo In-sung, Lee Dong-wook, Gong Yoo, Im Soo-jung, Su Ae, Kim Rae-won, Kim Min-hee, Lee Yo-won, Kim Nam-gil, Choi Kang-hee, Bae Doona, Jae Hee.
      i feel like, casting wise this franchise had been solid

      • Agree. School 2013 had a great cast too.

        How awesome would it be if they could get one of the above original cast members as a teacher? Most of them are too famous now, but I could see Lee Dong-wook as an awesome teacher. He has that great understanding older brother vibe in real life, as seen on Roommate. Plus it’s hilarious to watch him babysitting Jackson and Youngji on that show – I can see him as a long-suffering homeroom teacher at his wits’ end.

  4. I wish kim sae ron will be cast. But she in not an unknown actress but i think she will be awesome.
    school 2013 were centered on bromance i hope this time around there would be bigger role for sisterhood.
    other cast i wish would be kwak dong yeon and joo da young And kim hyun soo…

    • I was also thinking of Kim Sae Ron and Kwak Dong Yeon when I read this news. These 2 young actors/actresses are fantastic.

  5. I think they will use some idols. But they need newbies who can really act.I hope LJS and KWB will make cameo as seniors or university students or something.

  6. I appreciate what KBS is doing but I think they might be pushing the envelope too soon with this one. Just because School is an established franchise, doesn’t mean it will always be a success, especially when its success has always been largely in part predicated on the strength of its cast. It has a very weighty list if alumni and I don’t think that it was a coincidence. They ought to gather the most promising of these generation of actors if it to be a legit School sequel. Conjuring up a worthy line-up at a short notice however? I’m currently having a hard time imagining a cast for it too. School 2013 just happened recently, are the next breakout stars already around the corner?

    • i think this is the best choice for kbs since the previouse drama doesn’t get good rating making successfull franchise they are trying to make better rating, it doesn’t always success but i think it will get better rating than blood, it will make easier to improve rating again for the drama follower, it’s riskie to place drama after really bad rating, it’s hard to improve but tha sad thing i will not watch hello monster soon

  7. Off-topic people and I’m really sorry..

    Producers just got more exciting……

    @‌haesuji on Instagram
    Producer synopsis: ghj and cty are friends and 10 years PD. ksh was a fan of iu for 10 years. but after becoming a PD, even though ksh is ill-treated by ghj, ksh slowly fall in love with ghj.

    KSH and GHJ will romance.. I’m extremely hyped for it.. that clash will be remembered for many years.. they fit each other so well acting wise and expressions… this is going to be explosive!

    • Aww, too bad. I was really hoping for KSHxIU so I guess I’m out then. I love GHJ but I’m up to my ears in noona romances. I truly hope this doesn’t mean they’ll try to pair IU and Cha Tae Hyun because there’s no way that wouldn’t look ridiculous.

  8. how about they cast Jung So Min and Kang Ha Neul as the main leads in this drama?? I think their cute faces still fit for highschooler. haha I just saw some photos of them, and.. Aww, they are soooo cute together!

  9. I’d really love to see Sung Joon in this, though it’s not likely since he will still be filming HJM and the roles he has been doing lately are mostly more matured adult roles. Gah I miss his role in SUFBB so much I really don’t mind seeing him going back to being an angsty highschooler again. I don’t even care if he’s too old for it haha. 🙁

  10. I’m really fed up with any school series. School themes are not my cup of tea. How many interesting plots could they come up with given the boring setting on campus?

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