Jaejoong Confirmed to Enlist in the Military on March 31, 2015

I’m not particularly sad about this news but there are sure to be tons of sad fans out there now that it’s confirmed Jaejoong will be enlisting for his mandatory military service. With Jaejoong heading off, it’s only a matter of time before his close-in-age JYJ mates Yoochun and Junsu also hie off to become army rangers for two years. For DBSK fans forever chafing at the breakup of one of the top Korean boy groups of all time, maybe if Yunho and Changmin also enlist soon then the five can form an army entertainment unit unaffected by all the SM Entertainment contract lawsuit sadness. One can dream, right?

Back to Jaejoong enlisting, he’s for sure leaving on March 31 which is a mere four weeks away. It’s also very soon after he wraps the currently airing Friday night KBS drama Spy, a certifiable flop on writing and some bad acting but not luckily Jaejoong continues to do well with his improved acting and isn’t being credited for the drama’s flunkiness. I’ll choose to remember him off with his performance in last year’s Triangle, a drama that was mostly boring but had pockets of nice tension and definitely served as an acting display for both Jaejoong and Im Shi Wan. Farewell Jae, go off and be pretty in the army and see you back in two years!


Jaejoong Confirmed to Enlist in the Military on March 31, 2015 — 8 Comments

    • Ockoala,I have a question. Out of all the k-dramas, seems you only care for about 30% of them. I’ll admit there are some bad ones,but lately you have been very negative about the majority of them. Just wondering why!

  1. “One can dream.” Therefore, i m hoping to see DB5K again in the future, they would be super huge and untouchable if not for the breakup. It’s such a shame coz those 5 boys are so talented, looks, charisma, stage presence, talent. They have it all. SM did well putting 5 of them togehter only to end miserably with shitty and unfair payment to their idols.

    Ms. Koala, are u also a CASSIOPEIA?

  2. I love that even us non-DBSK fans are wishing that the boys would meet and spend time together during their army duty. 🙂

  3. I read somewhere that Choi Jin Hyuk will also leave for Military Service on the same date. Guess it’s time my faves were stepping into Military Service. I should get ready for a long wait. (sigh).

  4. It was over due. He should go and come back and choose a better drama (please!). And SM would probably make sure if the other two boys decide to enlist in the same time, they won’t end up in the same vicinity…

  5. I will miss him so much! He’s a decent actor but has terrible luck in picking good dramas. I watched the American version of Spy and it’s loads better with tons more action and intrigue.

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