Lee Bo Young Sends Cutest Food Truck Message to Hubby Ji Sung’s Kill Me Heal Me Set

These two give me back a little bit of faith in the celebrity marriage, and really in the idea of marriage as support and compromise. Ji Sung has been busy lately, and I mean real busy what with playing 7 different characters in the currently airing Kill Me Heal Me. AΒ live-filmed K-drama is basically 3 months of living on the set with limited rest and minimal sleep, a grueling process that benefits no one other than the network ploy for ratings. It’s exhausting for the entire cast and crew but also hard on the family members who must go without seeing a loved one for an extended period of time.

As the male lead, Ji Sung is carrying the lion’s share of the screen time and emotional output in this drama, and doing so while his real life actress wifey Lee Bo Young is resting at home while pregnant with their first child. The baby is due in a few months and the last I saw of Lee Bo Young at the SBS 2014 year end awards she was literally glowing. It’s hard enough not to have her husband around, compound that by her current expectant state. But Lee Bo Young has sweetly provided a public act of support for hubby by sending a food truck for the entire production and attached the cutest banner ever which read “Our head of household, please use carefully and then return to me nicely when finished.” Sooooo Cuuuuute!

It’s all for the greater good of drama fans everywhere to be gifted with her husband’s phenomenal acting in KMHM (we’re not worthy!), and even nicer to see how much Lee Bo Young supports hubby’s career and time commitments. I keep on lubbing these two more and more.


Lee Bo Young Sends Cutest Food Truck Message to Hubby Ji Sung’s Kill Me Heal Me Set — 30 Comments

  1. Adorable! Love them both separately and together. Ji Sung is doing a phenomenal job in KHMH and its nice to see he has the support of his wifey. KMHM is going at a nice pace and am enjoying it immensely, can’t believe its ending next week! Although i bet Ji Sung will be happy when its over XD

  2. They’re so cute <3

    and her expression in that pic makes me wonder if he is singing that song from My PS Partner at his own wedding, hehe.

    (of course he won't, but if you saw the movie you know which song it is)

    • OMO, that epic song. I was laughing so much that I literally could’t stop myself from falling down during that song. Love these two, its like a match made in drama heaven.

  3. I really love these two!!!!!! πŸ™‚ So so cute. πŸ™‚ Really happy for them that they can do stuff like this publicly now. I remember them saying that they wanted to for a long time to support each other.


  4. I don’t really like LBY’s characters in her dramas and I feel she’s a bit overrated, but I do love her and Ji Sung together. [Kinda like how I feel about Han Ga-in in dramas, & HGI&Vampire Prosecutor hubby πŸ˜‰ ]

    • Used to think of LBY that was also, that is until my daughter sooyoung. but i do agree on HGI.. bit super lover her uber hot vampire prosecutor hubby!!!

  5. I hope she let us borrow him soon. Ji sung is so good at what he does that it should be considered a sin to not have him act for more than 6 six months. So I hope he rests and gets right back in there with movies or another drama.

    We are not worthy indeed.

  6. I absolutely love these two as a couple and with each thing I learn (read) about them, they truly get cuter and cuter. Recently JS said BY not only packs his lunches each day but has changed her sleeping pattern so they can spend more time together during his filming and the pregnancy. That is certainly love, support and respect with a special kind of compromise in my book.

    Such a preious two! Hope they continue to be this adorable forever and ever and ever! μ˜μ›νžˆ!!!

  7. This is the cutest news I’ve read today. Bo Young has a very cool way with words “use carefully and return nicely when finished” hahaha. That’s just way too cute.

    Thanks Koala for the post.

  8. Nice! I saw an interview with JS after LBY finished filming IHYV. They asked him how it was to see his wife in a romantic story with another man. He, wisely, I think, responded, “I got so caught up in the story, I just really enjoyed it [as a viewer].”

    • I guess since both are actors and they are assured of their partners love that they can confidently say that. That reminds me of Yoon ji tae’s wife, kim hyo jin who advises him to be more warm with his costars even though he is on the more timid side.

  9. I used to be iffy about LBY but IHYV changed my opinion. But for JS , I’ve been his fan since his Save the last dance for me days. It’s nice to see an expectant celebrity couple in contrast with another scandal ridden one. Life Lesson: Date longer before marriage and Bad boys are not hubby types.

  10. Aww so cute , love this couple , I always liked Ji Sung in his roles .
    (LBY) I mostly know her in IHYV , Fighting !!!

  11. that is loooooooove!!!!!!

    I am so happy for these two! just show’s that they really love and support each other. i will be a fan forever and wishing them a lifetime of happiness always!!! they’re baby will simply be gorgeous!

    now, just waiting for hwanhye ship to follow! hahahhahahah still dreaming! πŸ™‚

    thanks Captain! I’ve missed posting here πŸ™‚

  12. I like her in Mr. Goodbye and Queen of the Game… and I think she got chemistry with her all leading actors..
    Wish them for happy married life together.

  13. Such a lovely love message. She acknowledges him as head of the household, knows how useful and talented her husband is in the production with the reminder to the crew to be careful with him and finally that she misses him and wants him home all well and good. I am very happy for this real life couple and wish them lifelong happy family life.

  14. Love them so much! They’ve dated for a long time before marriage and it was fun following their blossoming romance and careers over the years.

  15. The banner message…..These two are the most adorable couple in kent! I’m so happy to see both of them receive their much deserved success,her’s through “IHYV” and his through “KMHM”.
    I also had no clue she was pregnant. Hope the mommy and baby are both keeping healthy.

  16. After some awful stories about celeb couples this past year, this is so heartwarming. She’s so adorable. They’re certainly becoming quite the power couple.

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