Hilarious Meta-teasers Featuring the Three Leads of Falling for Innocence

Regardless of how the actual end product┬áturns out, the promos for upcoming jTBC drama Falling for Innocence (Falling for Soon Jung) deserves accolades all its own. I like splitting my critique of drama promos versus what actually airs because the two aren’t necessarily aligned in quality and makes sense viewed separately. Promos are spliced together by conceptual and editing teams while the screenwriter has a much bigger part to play in the story proper. I’m not a fan of the heart transplant dramas, not when it was Summer Scent over a decade ago and still not now when it was a refresh with last year’s My Spring Days. With that said, this one looks unexpectedly uproarious based on the teasers. How else to do something potentially maudlin then to make the heck fun out of it.

Second batch of teasers for Falling for Innocence:


Hilarious Meta-teasers Featuring the Three Leads of Falling for Innocence — 15 Comments

  1. HAHAHAHAHA oh gods. I wish I could understand them. But it looks hilarious all the same.

    It doesn’t strike me as a melo though. I just assumed it was one because of the other heart-transplant dramas. But it seems this one will go for the laughs. The heart transplant just caused the shenanigans?

  2. Out of topic but I’m really curious. Can I ask something. Is there any korean drama best on best seller novel? I mean like some of BBC series.

    • @Michaelcorleone Pride and Prejudice was not based on Jane Austen’s classic novel. It was only similar in title, but not in story nor it was adapted from. That’s why the story was so different because it was never based on the actual P&P novel. They really confused the Austen fans with the title, but it was never based on P&P in the first place. They shouldn’t have titled it with P&P when they know that title is always link to Austen’s novel that’s been public knowledge for over 200 plus years.

      • Yep, I was excited to see the title, only to realize it was just the title, not the same in story line.

  3. Very cute. Yoon Hyun Min’s – they said something about preparing for a shower scene?

    I hope JKH gets a hair change, too. It is so not easy on the eyes.

  4. What do you say? Like Hyde jekyll me, pride and prejudice and Three Musketeers and upcoming Jejudo island Gatsby? They are based on bestselling novels.

      • Oh I see. Because I saw some of them such as Pride and Prejudice and Hyde Jekyl and Me drama and found the stories were different from the original one. I didn’t finish all episodes because I thought they were so different from the original ones I lost my interest on them. Jejudo Island Gatsby too? Because I think korean dramas nowadays like to make a remake, adaptation from anime and so on. Anyway, thanks..^^

  5. I’m so looking forward to the bromance between these two men again. So, so good after Cruel City… Really makes me want to re-watch that show. ­čÖé

    • I agree ! I loved so much Heartless City ! In his last drama, he was great for me but he wasn’t the lead :(.

      I love the casting !

  6. I don’t really know what they are saying but the teasers left me smiling and laughing and interested to know more.

  7. I also loved the chemistry of jung kyung ho and kim so yeon.I want to see more of them in a rom -com drama please!xuxu.even they have both partners in real life theres nothing wrong to make them pair again.beacause they are really good in acting.i feel that im in the scene??

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