Descendants of the Sun in Talks with Song Hye Kyo for the Female Lead

This sure is a nice mid-week casting jolt to get drama fans buzzing. With soon to be discharged from the military Song Joong Ki almost certainly confirmed as the leading man for Kim Eun Sook‘s upcoming disaster zone love story Descendants of the Sun, it’s about time the production revealed news of the potential leading lady. It had to be a big name, with lots of fan chatter in recent months around Kim Tae Hee or actresses of her name recognition and experience level, which made sense based on Kim Eun Sook’s casting record for all her dramas aside from Heirs, which went with a much younger cast.

The K-media is reporting that Kim Eun Sook has reached out and is in serious talks with Song Hye Kyo to don her best white coat and fatigues to join Song Joong Ki out in the conflict zone this fall. She’s about as big of a leading lady name as Kim Eun Sook’s leading ladies for her traditional dramas set around characters in their thirties – Ha Ji Won for Secret Garden, Kim Sun Ah for City Hall, Jeon Do Yeon for Lovers in Prague, Kim Ha Neul for A Gentleman’s Dignity and On Air along with Song Yoon Ah. It’s always been a matter of when and not if that Song Hye Kyo would doย a Kim Eun Sook drama. On a side note, I totally didn’t time this news release just so I can do a post about Song Hye Kyo following a recap with Binnie. Heh.

I have no problems with Song Hye Kyo being cast if she does accept. She’s not a fave actress of mine but in watching her through the years it’s undeniable that she has been working on her acting and has continued to improve. She was quite good in her last drama That Winter, the Wind Blows and it was the drama story that left me cold while her performance was lovely and on point. If she accepts DotS, it’ll be her first KBS drama since They World They Live In in 2008, and even earlier than that she did Full House on KBS back in 2004. I’ve actually always felt Moon Chae Won gave off Song Hye Kyo vibes, which makes me optimistic that a Song Hye Kyo-Song Joong Ki pairing would work.

I’m not that worried about the noona-dongsaeng vibe since he’ll be playing older and she’ll be playing younger as the drama has his character being older than hers. She looks barely a day older than the Autumn in My Heart years, way prettier but not at the expense of looking that much older than her twenty year old visage, so I don’t think Song Joong Ki would end up looking like her little brother. I would love if the two leads just sell their characters from the outset and hooks all the viewers into the drama story line rather than thinking it’s Song Hye Kyo or Song Joong Ki onscreen.


Descendants of the Sun in Talks with Song Hye Kyo for the Female Lead — 63 Comments

    • I completely agree.
      I think he’s too boyish in his appearance to be playing a hardened Army lieutenant. I don’t know if I can buy that. And while SHK looks younger than her 33 yrs, she does appear a lot more mature (in her face and bearing) than he does, which might throw off their chemistry and make them appear like older sister younger brother rather than believable lovers. I generally dislike noona-romances exactly for this reason so this is not a good prospect for me. But I also know KES seems to like more traditional couples, where the man is older and richer/more powerful than the female lead so we’ll see. If he’s confirmed as the male lead, then I hope SHK declines and an actress than can be more credibly paired with him gets chosen.

  1. oh now this just picks my interest. I admit I was a little letdown by the premise and the so clichรฉ character chart (what’s with bickering otp, second female lead being ex/first love plus antagonist and rival etc) but I like SHK in her last dramas and movie, to me she improved a lot and I’m so curious to see how this pairing will work out(or more how they’ll look like lol)

  2. Hmmm, I’ve never really had much of a problem with Song Hye Kyo’s acting but then nor has she ever broken through for me in any of her roles. I cant’ really see this pairing yet. I agree with you though, they could both pull off younger or older. I’m just worried she or him(most likely he) will end up with a detestable KES chracter. Sigh.

  3. I don’t know why I don’t like this pairing. They have only three years age difference. Both look younger than their ages. Anyway I am waiting for this.

  4. The Song couple works for me because I really like both of them. Really don’t like the story, but unless it’s ‘Heirs’ level of terrible, I’ll try to put up with it.

  5. I was hoping for Yoon Eun Hye for the female lead, but I actually don’t mind Song Hye Kyo if she gets cast on this one. Loved her in Full House and she was good in That Winter, The Wind Blows. I think she’ll be really good on this one. I don’t mind this pairing too. Hope this is a a very good drama and have a great cast. If SHK is cast, I’ll be sure to check out this drama.

    As for YEH, waiting for her to get cast in a new drama. Hope she’ll be in one soon.

  6. Omo.. both are my favourite.. pls let this casting be confirm, I’m gonna hit the fast forward button to the airing date if it’s possible.. hehe..

  7. Why do i have these feeling that the project will be given to ji chang wook as the male lead, as he has been paired with an older female lead (hajiwon) and it worked well. SHK was paired with hyun bin and so with hajiwon. I would love the pairing if that would happen.

    • As song joong ki’s agency stated that the final confirmation will come only after his discharge. So it’s not yet confirmed that he will be the lead. Don’t get me wrong, i like him too, but the character would fit more to ji chang wook based on his last stint ‘healer’

    • I don’t have problem with ji chang wook too,it’s just that your comment sounds like you don’t know that the drama is been offered already to other actor..haha..sorry for misunderstanding..

      • I know it was offered to him and he is accepting the role but , unless he signed into the dotted lines, that ‘s not yet final as confirmed by his agency. So basically , he needs to be discharge first then we will know later on.

    • Yeah,no. This might offend his fangirls, but he isn’t quite at the level of fame for this kind of role yet. He’s a rising star, but Healer didn’t even do well domestically. If they were desperate they could get him, but there are other bigger stars KES would pick before him who would throw themselves at this drama. It’s risky, but it’s still a KES drama.

      • Big named does not guarantee that it’ll be a hit . Sometimes, the least expected , over pass what is expected. That’s proven too.

      • JCW only got a lot of hype because his fans kept on comparing his Healer to Lee Min Ho’s Faith…

        And yes he is not yet at a level where KES would consider him for a lead role in her drama.. But there’s nothing wrong in dreaming ๐Ÿ˜€

    • The only way Song Joong Ki is NOT doing this drama at this point is if he herniates his disk in the last two months of service, or gets hit by a car as he’s leaving discharge and is laid up. The “he’ll officially confirm when he gets out” is just polite talk, and in case something drastic happens and he can’t act. Otherwise he’s the male lead of this drama, period. This thing has been in production for a year now and will head into filming immediately when SJK comes out. There is no time to look for another lead if the production left to chance that SJK is still unconfirmed and won’t confirm until May. Right now all the costumes are being sized for him as we speak. He’s confirmed minus the press release.

      As for the 0.0000001% chance he can’t end up doing it, the role is not going to Ji Chang Wook. I don’t care how many of his fans think he’s hot shiz, he’s not that big yet in Korea or around Asia. His star is rising and well deserved, but at this point he’s not getting offered a KES drama male lead role. Unless she goes through like 15 A-list male leads (Won Bin, So Ji Sub, Song Seung Heon, Kang Dong Won, Jo In Sung, Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Min Ho, and on) and everyone gives her a No, then it might end up in his lap. It’s not discounting where JCW is right now in his career, just suggesting his fans realistically assess his career level. Same goes if Lee Min Ho fans were to suggest he could be the male lead of the next Park Chan Wook movie I would laugh at them too. Not yet, padawan, not yet.

      • @ockoala,

        i read that this drama will premier in July, does it mean that they have to live-shooting as usual and not pre-produced as previously promote?

      • ”Same goes if Lee Min Ho fans were to suggest he could be the male lead of the next Park Chan Wook movie I would laugh at them too. Not yet, padawan, not yet”

        Lool Koala?

        I usually don’t come to this hole of yours but I will likely reply to that. Park chan wook is considered the best film-director according to some local critics but Yoo Ha is more appreciated then Park Chan wook internationally for his gritty movies and his not far below park chan wook but I will still give the advantage to Park Chan wook because of Oldboy but not internationally.

        But LMH gets scripts thrown at him from Film-directors far above PCW people like Raymond wong from pegasus motions pictures (we are talking about people who have more hits then martin scoresse himself) the true film gurus. who made guys like Jun-chow fat and others famous. him and john chong made The epic Hong kong gangster triad movies that was worldwide popular in the 80s and 90s.

        But I will say this and it’s not a knock on Park Chan wook but his movies are not internationally appreciated like Yoo Ha’s Dirty carnival or Gangnam blues and even Cannes views director Yoo ha’s films as the best of the best modern gangster movies from Asia. but park chan wook has only oldboy which was respected universally but still not a bigger name then Yoo ha outside of korea.

      • @Wisd No way! Just take a look at the wikipedia pages or imdb to compare whak kind of awards Park Chan Wook and Yoo Ha got. It is ridiculous to say Yoo Ha is more international appreciated than Park. Park’s several works have been awarded Berlin and Cannes, like Grand Prix (the second-best) or Jurly award(third best).

      • @ Wisd

        Park Chan Wook is a bigger name than Yoo Ha… “his movies are not internationally appreciated like Yoo Haโ€™s Dirty carnival or Gangnam blues” Actually they are and PCW has also received the Grand Pix at Cannes, and he has like a “cult following” thanks to the Vengeance trilogy.

        Just look at Rotten Tomatoes (the hub of Hollywood critics) and you’ll see that all of PCW’s films have garnered “fresh” ratings except for Mr Vengeance. Meanwhile, Yoo Ha doesn’t even have a RT profile page with reviews. PCW has further garnered more international presence because of his Hollywood projects Stoker and Snowpiercer (which he was producer).

    • JCW fans need to stop. He isn’t that big yet but you are getting annoying
      He isn’t at her lead level yet no matter how you make him to be… There are many bigger stars are waiting for her calls if SJK ending not doing it. But I’m sure he will

      • It seemns like JCW has become a threat in this blog. which means his rising faster then some might have thought.

        His Famous with the girls that I can tell you, and his going up ridiculously fast and trust me he is more fit the SJK to do A KES. Popularity at the moment.

        I agree with Koala but what she failed to mention is that these A-listers have already rejected her. Why go for SJK?? with this big budget drama? it dosen’t make sense

    • And remember, lots of instances happened that at the last minute, eventhough the role has been accepted by an actor, at the end , it will be played by another actor , or whoever destined to finish the project. That’s proven even in hollywood.

  8. This drama is going to be BIG. I thought DES was going to be shiteous after hearing that a lot of big name actors rejected it, but because SJK and SHK are positively considering it, my expectations are certainly going up now. And I personally think they’ll match well too.

    Wow!! I was already ecstatic that we’ll have Ha Ji Won and Gong Hyo Jin back in dramaland this year. I’m glad to add Song Hye Kyo to the lot too. ^^

  9. Noooo, dont like her at all. Korean netizens still dislike her because of her tax evasion scandal, plus she looks like his aunt!!! Enough with the noona/dongsaeng romances already, we had enough.

  10. I have no problem with this pairing. I like Song Hye Kyo. She is a great actress and yeah she is a big name in acting industry. But, I was kinda hoping they would cast actress who is younger than Song Joong Ki in real life, of course someone with a great acting skill. hmm.. maybe Moon Geun Young or Jung So Min? (I know, she’s not as big and fame as SHK tho) ๐Ÿ™‚
    anyways, I hope the story itself is great, because I think, drama viewers nowadays is prefer to watch a drama with great storyline and not only for the actor or actresess.
    I hope all the best for this drama!

  11. can’t wait to see SHKs next drama…the most beautiful actress in korea.. love her too much….. song you have too many addicted fans outside korea … after this please do a romantic comedy like full house….no doubts u l be mesmerising in it……

  12. She is a good actress, but she WILL look older than him. She may look like she’s in her twenties, but his baby face makes him look like a teen. Anyway, the plot seems a bit boring, but I have to wait to see if he looks more mature after the military, if they actually accept the part and if they have chemistry in the end. It’s still too early to say I’m out.

  13. The only KES drama that I watched was heirs, which was a huge factor to me losing a lot of my love for Lee Minho. He was the actor who brought me into K drama land, and that drama just show cased his weakness in acting. The script was also very disappointing to say the least. However, all of Song JoongKi’s dramas and movies have proven to be top notched to date, so I’ll just ignore the fact that it’s from the same writer as Heirs for now.

    • Exactly the same thought as I. While I’m a regular visitor of Ms. Ockoala’s blog and respect her for being so resourceful, I simply don’t get it why this writer has got such a big name according to ockoala. What’s her power that deserves A-list K actors to line up for her casting call and Healer JCW is not even up to the level to be in her cast consideration. Her “Heirs” is a HUGE flop for me. That childish and bland plot writing style sucks to the hell. Exactly how Lee Min Ho brought me in to the K dramaland through his works “Faith” and “City Hunter”, my love for LMH faded overnight through the hella ridiculous storyline “Heir”. For me, this “big name” writer is overrated. BTW, is she also the writer of Secret Garden which I couldn’t really get through to the end of the series. Other than the amazing chemistry between Hyun Bin and HJW, there’s nothing much to talk about that drama.

    • Yup! I probably would watch this drama just for Song Joong Ki. I love his acting. I’m not a fan of lady Song anyway although I think she is decent in her last drama That Winter, the Wind Blows.

  14. SHK is such a pretty girl but that’s about all I really like about her. Her acting is just average and definitely NO to the pairing. Either switch one of lead please!

    I love SJK but I am not even sure if this role is for him. However, I am not against it, who knows, maybe, he will surprise me like he did with ‘Nice Guy’.

  15. OK, I could be in minority. I am not crazy about the SJK casting, actually I never really understand all the praises about him. Love SHK though, and not just for superficial reasons – the girl can act!
    For me, the perfect paring would be So ji-sub and MCW, but I will take SJS and SHK anytime

  16. SHK is totally beautiful and I enjoyed Full House and All In (because of the male leads) but she is so boring to watch onscreen. I pretty much stay away from her dramas.

    • I feel the same. She’s very beautiful but not particularly memorable or exciting in her dramas. I hope another actress will get the role instead. Moon Geun Young, Shin Min Ah, Yoon Eun Hye, Han Hyo Joo…they might not have her name recognition but I’d so much rather watch them.

  17. whoever say that she s unmemorable in dramas kindly watch autumn tale, full house and That winter.. she always gives her 100% in her dramas.. couldn’t forget her face from autumn tale..only thing s that she has done more melodramas than rom-coms…though each one s very appealing to me… love her a lot

  18. Whoever said SHK cannot act must have not seen her recent works. The girl can girl, nuff said. I’m actually quite excited if this pairing is confirmed for this drama. I usually steer clear of KES’ drama, but I’m certainly down to watch one just for SHK and SJK.

  19. So is this a done deal or are there still other actresses in talks, Koala?

    I mean it’s not like I dislike Song Hye Kyo but she never touched me with her roles unfortunately.

    I’m still hoping for Moon Chae Won but that’s the fangirl in me hoping for a Song/Moon reunion because they just work well together and have the same work ethics. ๐Ÿ˜€

  20. Song Hye Kyo, if she accepts DOTS, it will be wonderful! Watching her dramas/movies, NOT concerning for her acting in any character.
    Just finish NICE GUY today, testing….Song Yoong Ki’s ability of acting for DOTS. Song Yoong Ki’s an awesome actor. He express good in: fun, cute, serious, sad, happy….
    Because watched his character in Historical storyline only. Now, very happy with his acting.

  21. If Song Hye Kyo accepts DOST, 2 Song will ‘twist’ and the viewers will be ‘heart attacked’ in romantic and kisses scences!
    -chemistry, both[Song Hye Kyo…more]
    -kisses, Song Yoong Ki hot![[Song Hye Kyo…less]

    DOST’s romantic story in Military…..but hopelly scripwriter Kim Eun Sook and director(?) will let DOST has many real romantic scenes.
    Very interesting for DOST’s ‘triangle love’ story.

  22. What are all of you talking about lead actress and actor in upcoming drama The Descedant Of The Sun? Too much concerning…while we are not them who both on the list of Best 10(actors) and 10(actresses). The votes from Industry Insiders(Professional) not from the fans, netizens or online . Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki’re awsome stars. Watching their dramas, movies, they can ‘pass’ any characters! Their career’s ACTING. Focus on their acting talent/ability

  23. Many Korean actreses who’re beautiful but their acting’ re bad. Or their acting’re good but no attractive or chemistry for romantic storyline. Song Hye Kyo who has them!

  24. May 1, come back here, roll up for the comments about Descendant of the Sun’s castings, respecting the opinions here. And still keeping my own opinion, could tell more stronger! Because ‘reviewed’ both Song Kyo and Song Ki’s dramas, movies…then comparing with other actors, actresses…. YES! Absolutely, they’re talented! Their names desever on A Hallyu list for a long time.

  25. Reviewing NICE GUY, very uncomfortable with actress Moon Chae Won’s express the emotions with her ‘strange face’! Her face changed many times by ‘closed up’…LEFT SIDE……RIGHT SIDE…..FRONT! What’ s happen? Mention MCW’s name here because happy that MCW not in Descendants of the Sun as many comments’ wishing….!

  26. It is so funny to read this articles and the negative comments aftdr the huge success of the drama. Average rating of 38.8%, with tons of positive reviews. Another hallyu wave. take that u losers. Lol

    • I agree … I reaaally sad when i read this articles and the comments ….So many hate for SHK and SJK (they are my favourite actors)

      And now i think everyone in this commment is very shock with “the wedding news ” Lol

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