Elusive Kim Sun Ah Makes Movie Premiere Appearance to Support Good Friend Jang Hyuk

Spotting Kim Sun Ah these days feels like a finding four leaf clover, rare and elusive for someone who even a few years ago was regularly headlining dramas. I don’t know if the parts have dried up for her now that she’s turning forty this year, or she’s simply being picky and waiting for better roles since the quality of dramas have truly fallen so precipitously. I wished she could do a variety show like Noonas Over Flowers just to keep herself onscreen in a different setting since I like and miss seeing her.

Kim Sun Ah was recently at the movie premiere for her very good friend Jang Hyuk‘s sageuk movie Empire of Lust, along with mutual friends Im Soo Hyang (became good friends with Sun Ah after I Do, I Do) and Eom Ki Joon (similarly hit it off with Sun Ah after Scent of a Woman). She was covered up in a long winter white coat and half her face shielded by giant sunglasses, so I’ll chalk this up as half a sighting. She seemed really happy to be there, chatting with the media on the red carpet and flashing a lot of smiles for the fans. With Binnie’s current drama being such a flop in writing, directing, and leading lady, seeing Sun Ah just makes me miss the good old days of My Name is Kim Sam Soon.


Elusive Kim Sun Ah Makes Movie Premiere Appearance to Support Good Friend Jang Hyuk — 15 Comments

  1. Love and miss her soo much. Everytime I see her, I wish my other korean actress biases be as carefree as her. We need more pretentious-less people like her in industry.

  2. I adore both her and Hyun Bin, but for some reason, I just cannot get in that drama. Every time I try to start it, I end up dropping it for something else. I guess it’s just not my cup of tea.

  3. When I started watching kdramas, I was certain korean women did not know how to kiss, and then I saw My name is kim sam soon and I was like well this lady is not afraid of a man’s mouth, so what gives? Excellent kisser.

    I fell in love with her. She has so much emotion in her acting, so much heart. I want to see do something good. She deserves nothing but the best.

    She looks fabulous.

  4. I recently rematches mnikss too. Still dislike binnie’s character but he dragged me into it. Suna was soo good in that drama and she owns it being the titular character. Loved her so much so much in it. 🙂 hope to see her again.

  5. My fav korean actress and i miss her so. Shame to see her do Chinese dramas,films. I will take seeing her in Korean films if not in dramas because those i can actually find online.

  6. She needs to pair up with Jang Hyuk ASAP! They’re so adorable together and that friendship is so sweet. They’ll absolutely sizzle because I’m yet to see both fail in the chemistry department.

    Also, she needs to team up with Binnie again. So many possibilities, I just hope she returns to dramas soon!

  7. Love her <3333 I wish she would return to dramas soon but maybe that's too much to hope for 🙁

    (and speaking of actresses and drama castings, I hear Lee Yu Bi has been offered the lead role in School 2015 on KBS, finally one casting I like)

  8. God she’s so chill and awesome. I miss her so much but I understand if she just wants to lay low for awhile. I think I need to have a KSA kdrama marathon now 🙁

  9. Why she’s not close with Lee Dong Wook any more? During and post SOW, still can hear and read about their closeness, always on SNS. Lately or about a year and half no news or sign of interaction between them. Both are at marriage age, i thought they will end up together.

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