Lee Yoo Bi in Talks for School 2015’s Student Leading Lady

Now this is casting news I can totally get behind 100%. Upcoming KBS Mon-Tues drama School 2015, to take over for the hemorrhaging ratings Blood (this drama is forever so pun-ready), is well underway in casting the large ensemble group of high school students, teachers, and parents. The success of all previous School dramas is of course no guarantee that this latest version will also resonate with viewers, but it’s a good bet the audience might connect with could happen in real life kid school struggles more than fantasy vampire doctors.

The first name has been revealed for School 2015 and it’s none other than rising young actress Lee Yoo Bi as the leading lady. Woo hoo, ’bout time! Even better is that the role of an ostracized and bullied high school student is something she can pull off age-wise, along with going dark like she did in the latter half of Gu Family Book. School 2015 will differ from previous versions in having a thriller mystery concept surrounding Lee Yoo Bi’s character who disappears and returns with no memory and needs to try and piece together the truth behind what happened to her.

I think it super duper adorable that Lee Yoo Bi has worked with both School 2013 leading men and breakout stars Lee Jong Seok and Kim Woo Bin. She did Vampire Idol with Woo Bin and Pinocchio with Jong Seok, and now it’s her turn to return to school for potentially some old-fashioned good drama storytelling. There will be lots more casting news to come for this drama, and I’m also expected some good choices when it comes to casting the adult characters. The offer going out to Lee Yoo Bi assures me somewhat that KBS is looking for talent over buzzy names or idol appeal.


Lee Yoo Bi in Talks for School 2015’s Student Leading Lady — 21 Comments

  1. Second’s time the charm after she passed School 2013 before. She was actually the first name that popped in my mind when the news for 2015 came up. Now comes the challenge of building an ensemble of equally legit rising actors. Although I doubt it but I’m forever holding my breath for Kim Ji Won as well. Maybe this will be the twosome of the year just as LJS and KWB was from the last?

  2. She not only worked with both the stars of School 2013, she was courted for the drama itself back in 2012!

    She passed on it because it clashed with Nice Guy, glad to see the team liked her enough to come back to her for this round. I just hope the drama has a solid script. She’s a good enough actress that she can shine even when her screentime is limited or storyline butchered, but I hope that is not the case here.

  3. It’s a teen drama, probably won’t have very high ratings especially now.

    But it’s good to see Lee Yoo Bi being offered a lead role. She deserves it much more than some people who have been getting lead roles even when they are bad at acting. Girl is talented!

    • That will be extra amusing since Kim Ji Won has also worked with both Lee Jong Seok and Kim Woo Bin. Can’t break the connection to those boys even if they are not in this season!

  4. She’s actually the first (and probably even only) korean girl, whose acting caught my eyes. That’s saying something, as I tend to follow male actors’ projects and their acting when I watch dramas. She’s now definitely on my list of “must follows”.

      • She caught my attention in innocent man, fu family book ( much more than suzy) and much more than PSH in pinnochio…

  5. Can’t decide if I want LJS and KWB cameo as righteous reporter ahjushi and vampire enthusiast, or as NamSoon and HeungSoo selling ramen.

  6. Blood please be over fast
    I wanna see this school 2015 drama which obviously will have a good acting
    I’m sick of the corny vampire drama along with the immature crazy ribid GHS fans who are flooding and attacking the other two competiting dramas with negative comments while giving high points for their best delusional drama.

    • careful, the crazies will come after you now. I’m still amazed by their levels of delusion and dedication to attacking koala.

      • Bwahaha was thinking the same thing. Better rush off before the attack commences. lol.

        P.S. Loved School 2013. Such a breath of fresh air with the cast chemistry.

  7. I really liked her with Won Bin in Vampire Idol! Both so adorable! Finally she is getting a main main role! 🙂 Hopefully she get a good main lead.

  8. The amnesia plot reminded me of the manga six half.. Only, the girl seemed like a slut pre-amnesia then became bullied. while here, shes bullied pre-amnesia. Maybe its reversed.

  9. I am very excited about this news! Love the new version of the story plot for this drama !hopefully it will turn out good like what school 2014 had as it definitely have some memorable side plot that touch my heart!I need an upgrade version of school 2014 pls!

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