Yoochun Gets His Solo Male Lead Spotlight to The Girl Who Sees Smells

I’m still doing internal double takes about being this into upcoming SBS Wed-Thurs drama The Girl Who Sees Smells. It doesn’t quite reach the level of being excited, more apty described as cautiously intrigued. The drama got on my good side when it stuck to the original title of Smelly Girl rather than fold to the more male lead inclusive Sensory Couple. Apparently the original webtoon writer insisted on her title being kept so kudos to her artistic integrity.

The production has been releasing still after still showing female lead Shin Se Kyung, which isn’t a problem for me since I find her looking adorable and quite fetching in this role as an aspiring gag woman with the ability to visualize smells. Male lead Yoochun gets his spotlight now with stills showing him as a cop who feels no pain getting beat up with no physical pain and maybe just some hurt feelings, along with a different set of stills with his character being a pizza delivery guy while chasing a perp. Taking the stills at eye value only then Yoochun gets my thumbs up for looking mighty good in character. 


Yoochun Gets His Solo Male Lead Spotlight to The Girl Who Sees Smells — 6 Comments

  1. Yay! I’m optimistically excited as well. Plus, both leads look good with their styling and the teasers have been cute.

  2. I am so watching this! It’s so cute. What matters is continually keeping me interested, so finishing it will be another story.

  3. Yes, this looks interesting. The last drama of Yoochun that I watched was Rooftop Prince and I enjoyed that thoroughly except for the ending which I chose to decide on my own version.

  4. I came across this just browsing around. Where can I see this? Will there be English sub-titles? I am, obviously probably, a novice as far as finding good things to watch on WEB. Is this something I would watch on a WEB site or ? I am very interested.

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