Movie Version of You Are My Sunshine with Huang Xiaoming and Yang Mi Hits Theaters in May

It’s crazy how popular Silent Separation (何以笙箫默 He Yi Sheng Xiao Mo) the story is lately all thanks to the hit C-drama adaptation with the English title of My Sunshine. I could do with never hearing the same name theme song, way overplayed during the drama, but the OTP only MVs that have popped up since the drama wrapped will forever be a great rainy day watch when I’m in the mood for something sweet, warm, and fuzzy. The C-movie version with Huang Xiaoming and Yang Mi called You Are My Sunshine has been in the works even before the C-drama with Wallace Chung and Tang Yan aired earlier this year, but the convergence of the former filming so soon after the drama wrapped has generated even more scrutiny.

A fan found a picture of Wallace and Huang Xiaoming on the set of RT and captioned it perfectly – “Look, that is our Mo Sheng.”

Even cuter is Yang Mi actually responding to that post when she uploaded this picture to her weibo – ” Okay Yi Chen, we see you guys, too.” SOOOO CUTE! They need to do a pretend double date to blow our minds. Check out all the movie version filming pics below. So far fans are not very impressed with this version OTP but I’m less wary and more wait and see.

I think all four popular actors and actresses are about equal in acting ability, but Huang Xiaoming and Yang Mi are the bona fide movie stars while Wallace and Tang Tang may own the small screen but haven’t yet crossed over to the degree where they would be tapped to also play the movie versions. I’m fine wit the cast change and look forward more to how the story will flow once compacted to less than two hours, not to mention a bigger budget compared to the C-drama filming to “US” scenes somewhere in Suzhou LOL. It’s no secret that Yang Mi and Tang Tang are BFFs while Wallace and Huang Xiaoming spent a year filming The Royal Tramp together as onscreen BFFs, so the first cute jokes are popping up about it in addition to the loads of fan captures of the movie filming all over Beijing.

Official Filming Preview “10 Years, One Moment”:


Movie Version of You Are My Sunshine with Huang Xiaoming and Yang Mi Hits Theaters in May — 30 Comments

  1. Considering these two are huge stars, the buzz are not as big as the drama version on weibo. Then there was also all these praise on Wallace’s performances as YiChen. His popularity is definitely to another height. It will be interest to see the comparison after both version are released. I really did like the drama as well, but am also looking forward to the movie version.

    Wallace was so good as YiChen, it’s going to be

  2. I’m fairly new to watching c-dramas. I enjoyed You are my Sunshine a lot. This is my fourth c-drama if I’m not mistaken. The previous dramas that I watched were Sunny Happiness, Go single Lady and Boss & Me. Any recommendation of other c-dramas that are similar or would be a great watch?

      • pardon my ignorance but is the “just You” you were recommending a taiwanese drama? I was googling Just you and no chinese drama is popping up… will check out the taiwanese Just You as well.

  3. Wallace definitely stole my heart as Yi Chen in the drama version. I couldn’t think of another actor that will deliver Yi Chen as accurately as reading the novel.
    it will be interesting to see the movie version this may.

    • I hope that the movie will eventually be sub in english so that i could watch this. i like watching and comparing different adaptations whether its a movie vs drama adaptation or an adaptation by a different country.

      I liked Wallace performance as Yi Chen. It’s my first time watching him in a drama. In some comments on articles about silent separation , “best time ” is frequently mentioned. I was wondering if its a good drama to watch as well?

      • Go and read Koala’s review of the book from which it was adapted from. It was exactly how I felt. Although, Wallace was too good looking in the drama, it was not enough to save it from the annoyance of the female leads as well as the point of the drama. However, many fans did stick through the drama because of Wallace’s perfect character.

      • That drama was not that good. The actress is no favorite of mine, but worse is the second lead or was he the first lead. He was a beta male to the core, not that that is always a bad thing, but he was so passive, wishy washy, and dull for a majority of the drama.

    • You hit the nail on the end, My Sunshine converted me into a fan of Wallace. I have watched him in past dramas, but there was something about the Yichen character and the way he portrayed him that made me swoon, lol.

      I am currently watching Cruel Romance, which stars Huang Xiaoming in the lead role. HXM has a different aesthetic to Wallace, he seems harder, tougher, more geared towards action, but maybe it’s the roles he has played. I don’t mind his looks like some do, he is not pretty boy pretty like other Asian actors, but neither is Wallace. What sets an actor apart his the charisma, and the ability to be “Rico Suave” without the cheesiness or being buttery.

  4. Hmmm.. it’s definitely difficult to erase Wallace Chung’s version of Yi Chen from my mind and I’m allergic to Yang Mi so I’ll probably pass on this one. Watching similar story for the 2nd time will definitely reduce the fun. The posters also doesn’t really remind me of the original book visuals but I’ll hold off my judgement until the release of their first trailer.

  5. I just watch the drama version today until episode 5 but i can tell that Wallace acting is spot on. He can deliver the coldness, pain and longing feeling very well. Unfortunately tang yan acting can’t balance his emotions. It’s very plain. Almost no depth or emotions for me. I’ve read the book so I expect she would at least show more.

    • Somehow, Wallace managed to drag Tang Yan, her stony acting and horrible wig, along for most of the dramas. He probably felt like he was acting opposite a green screen for most of the drama, yet somehow he was able to build some chemistry and interest in the story.

      On a side note, why does Tang Yan rely on wigs so much, this is like the second or third drama of hers I have seen her using a wig. Is she so afraid to change her hair for roles that much? The worse part is that the wigs tend to be such low quality obvious pieces that they stick out like the elephant in the room, all askew on her head at times – awkward…

      • Zhao Mo Sheng in the novel has a short hair after leaving for America so she has to have a short hair. I gotta agree with you on the wig, those are terrible looking wigs, but the second one is slightly better than the first one.

        I think the reason Tang Yan didn’t cut her hair is bcoz she has two dramas to film after My Sunshine. Usually K-drama stars put so much into one project a year but that’s different in C-ent

  6. Will watch this one. I really want to watch the drama version for wallace but the comments on tang Yan is very discouraging!

    • You should, I am just drooling over Wallace all the time, u can ff a lot of scenes as well coz as usual, it’s a bit draggy. U will get used to Tang Yan appearance while watching. The drama adaption is quite similar to the novel except for adding more fan service as OTPs sweet scenes.

  7. am i the only one who’s unable to finish you are my sunshine because of tang yan’s acting in the drama? i watched until a few episodes right after they got married and stopped watching after that. i’ve read the novel tho, and it was sweet. like so very sweet and heartfelt that i actually cried while reading it. while wallace successfully brings out the yi chen we adored, tang yan on the other hand… well, even the love i have for mo sheng and yi chen in the novel unable to make me finish the drama. haizzz…

    i’ve only recently watch huang xiao ming in cruel romance. started watching it because of qiao en, but ended up fangirling on huang xiao ming the entire time i was watching the drama. lol.
    i loved yang mi in tiny times, so i’m pretty much excited about the movie version!

  8. After watching Silent Separation/ My Sunshine, Wallace Chang has become my favorite. He acted as He Yi Chen so well, I am going to have a hard time seeing HYC in Huang Xiao Ming. But i can see Yang Mi in Zhao Mo Shen.
    The drama version really has a tight budget, i heard the production has used most of the money into two leads, then renting HYC luxury apartment. Tang Yan wardrobe is quite bland and so childish most of the time and the wig is not helping her at all.

    • I wonder why no stylist is used for Tiffany. She looked like a sack almost all the time. Awful and childish clothes though I read that they are actually quite expensie. BAD TASTE!

      I LOVE THE DRAMA THOUGH! And of course Wallace Chung. He is not exactly a flower boy but he is very likeable in the drama. Beauty is skin deep in this case.

  9. Currently watching Silent Separation. I can hardly believe that after so many years of watching his dramas and being totally indifferent to him, I’ve finally fallen for Wallace, he’s beyond awesome as He YiChen. He totally nailed He YiChen’s character, so smart, witty, intense, loving & caring. I think he suits modern dramas a lot more than those period stuff he’s always doing, unfortunately, there’s so few of them.

    I’m also indifferent to Huang XiaoMing. Will the movie version of He YiChen work the same magic?

  10. I liked the drama version of “My Sunshine” and I like the casting especially with Wallace Chung. I think it will be hard for the movie version to live up to the drama version because of the casting but since the movie version is shorter than the drama it would pace better (the drama dragged on a bit). Though I like Yang Mi and I think Tang Yan is a better actresses than Yang Mi (based on their past works). And I’m really in love with Wallace Chung’s portrayal of Yi Chen.

  11. Just finished my sunshine, and fell in LOVE with Wallace Chung. His portrayal of the character along with the emotions, longing, desperation he showed, was so heart felt and it made me long to see him find his happiness again with his loved one.

  12. My Sunshine movie version is so rush and changed a lot of scenes. It failed to deliver the mixed emotions of Yi Chen like in the drama. HXM’s Yi Chen is a failure for me. I stopped watching after 30 minutes.

  13. So, I am not a big fan of Tang Yan but I like Yang Mi so I might watch this instead of the entire c-drama series. Huang Xiao Ming was epic and awesome in Cruel Romance (I shed so much tears for that guy’s character) and Yang Mi’s acting has improved since Jade Palace Lock Heart. I’ve never seen Wallace’s acting, but he has the same aura of charisma to him that HXM has, so I might check him out later. xD I saw a trailer for the movie and it seems that HXM’s girlfriend (horrible acting she has) is the rival for YM. That’s going to be interesting.

  14. hello all, Sin Nian Kuai Le..Happy New Year of the Fire Monkey
    . Late posting here, but hopefully this will find some good response to my need for the movie’s english srt.
    does anyone know where i can get a version of the YangMi AngelaBaby Xiao Ming movie with English srt???
    All of the youtube versions do not have the English subs. I also checked all the sub title sites and none of them have anything under “You are my Sunshine” or “Silent Separation”. Is it possible that the srt for the movie is under a different title???

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