Lee Yoo Bi Turns Down School 2015, Same Agency Kim So Hyun in Talks for the Role

Erm, is anyone else worried that Who Are You: School 2015 having casting troubles may portend bigger problems behind the scenes, beyond the general casting roulette that goes on with almost every single drama production whether the public hears about it or not. While recent hard-to-cast DID drama Kill Me Heal Me proved that nothing was wrong with the script, similarly hard-to-cast vampire medical drama Blood confirmed that the script smelled to high heaven and multiple leading men ran away for good reason.

KBS was looking to School 2015 to revive the dead Mon-Tues time slot where Blood is currently getting slaughtered in ratings by two well-received competitors in MBC‘s Shine or Go Crazy and the continuing to increase in ratings Heard it Through the Grapevine over on SBS. School 2015 was supposed to start filming by the end of March and right now that’s not happening because there are no confirmed leads, and the two of the most high profile names in talks just took themselves out of the running. Luckily there is a new name in the mix as growing up child actress Kim So Hyun has been approached for her biggest leading lady offer to date.

This has been a bad news day for the School 2015 production, regardless of the news that Kim So Hyun is considering the drama. The school series needs an ensemble so it’s not like she can carry the drama on her shoulders if she does accept. She’s not getting any help from Kang Min Hyuk or Lee Yoo Bi, that’s for sure. Kang Min Hyuk turns down the male lead followed hours later by Lee Yoo Bi also stating that she will not be doing this drama. What’s going on?

Apparently Lee Yoo Bi was supposed to play both main characters twins but declined the offer without giving any explanation. Now with Lee Yoo Bi out, the production is saying that the same role has been offered to Kim So Hyun who will need to play both female leads if she accepts. I have full faith in Kim So Hyun’s acting ability and know without a doubt with her talent and looks she will be a full blown leading lady in K-ent soon enough. But right now she’s 15 years old and there is really no need to rush her into prime time leading lady roles even if said role is a high school student. Sigh, once again a reminder not to get too excited about casting news until it’s confirmed.


Lee Yoo Bi Turns Down School 2015, Same Agency Kim So Hyun in Talks for the Role — 41 Comments

  1. It’s not even a matter of rushing her into leading roles for me (which I agree with BTW) but the fact that it’s yet another production taking the easy way out by not actually casting a rookie actress. It’s hilarious that the show’s makers toot their own horns by saying that Ha Ji Won and Gong Hyo Jin and Bae Doona etc etc all got their breaks through the show and then they end up casting someone who not only is too young for the role but is already pretty famous (and deservedly so) actress in her own right. I should learn not to get my hopes up…

    • @Rina all your comments are 100 % on point. This drama is not actually giving breaks to young actors but taking the short cut of trying to cast already well known names.

      Kim So Hyun is very talented and she just entered high school (turning 16 this June) so her agw is ok to play a highschool kid since she is one. But like Koala I think this drama has script problrms.

      anyway even if it flops it won’t hurt Kim.So Hyun, she is too popular. Just like Secret Door flopping never hurt Kim Yoo Jung’s popularity or future star status.

      • Well, the script problem did not stop School 2015 to become a hallyu hit, and the only installment with the biggest hallyu following. Thanks to the loveline of the TaeBi couple which catapulted KSH and YSJ to hallyu stardom.

  2. What is going on indeed. Isn’t she already in that drama that Shin Se Kyung will probably ruin? I really like this girl’s acting, but I think she’s stronger in villain roles. Also, although she’s a talented kid, she’s still a kid. What if they cast a 25 year old for the male lead? I really don’t want to see romantic scenes between a kid and a man. There’s enough of that in GoT.
    Anyway, I’m starting to think the scripts are really bad for these kdramas in the making if actors keep rejecting them left and right.

  3. I have no doubts in her acting talent but if she accepts i hope that the script is strong. If the ratings or the script isn’t good, it’s going to put a huge pressure on a 15 year old girl. they should get Kwak Dong Yeon to play the lead male since he would be only two years older. He’s in FNC too so it would make sense to cast him. And he has been saying that he likes KSH on different variety shows:)

    • Ha! That’s cute. 🙂 I was very sad that LYB turned this one down. It’s very suspect since if I were her agency, I’d take this leading role which LYB has been deserving for a looooong time.

      KSH is great too but I kinda worry there’s something about the script that’s making everyone approached so far walk away.

    • Yup I thought about that too! Imagine these two being cp in a high school drama~~ Cuteness overload xDD Srr I’m just fangirling ~ About the script, I hope it’s not the reason that previous actors/actress turned down the offer T.T

  4. Why not cast Shannon William. She’s indeed a talented idol and fresh looks in drama industry. Or Kim Sae Ron also very talented one.

  5. I’m glad cutie pie Minhyuk passed on the role since he felt the script or the role is not suitable for him. Unlike that guy in Blood who jumped to leading man status and looks what’s happening to him.

  6. She’s maybe a bit young to shoulder the whole drama but of course she has years of acting experience. But why not go for a new face, audition some rookies with potential.

  7. “too young for the role?” She’s IN high school! If having to play a year or two older make her too young, then what about all the 20-somethings playing ridiculously implausible high schoolers? Like Kim Woo Bin 2013?

    How casting a high schooler to play a high schooler is “taking the easy way out” is beyond me. I am VERY happy for her, and hope it works out. It will be great to see her in an age-appropriate lead role and one in which she doesn’t have to die or get raped. For a change.

    • she’s not too young for the role.. she’s too young to lead a prime time drama. the expectation and the pressure will be high, especially for a drama that’s expected to increase ratings

      • My comment was a quote, hence the speech marks. The person I was replying to specifically said KSY is “too young for the role”.

      • But I will say casting people who won’t be full fledged leads for many moons is also counterproductive. I’d be down with casting someone older who could pass for a high schooler because that person could step into another production afterwards and be a tangible contribution to the industry.

    • The worry with these things is usually the lead male now has to be age appropriate as well. But I didn’t really want any romance in this anyway, so I don’t particularly care if the lead is the right age.

      And she’s supremely talented.

  8. Just give the lead male role to Kwak Dong-Yeon with kim so hyun as a female lead. It’s the perfect combination. We don’t need big names\ages for school 2015, surely!

    • Kwak Dong Yeon is a very likely candidate, he works with the director and scriptwriter before in kbs drama special middle school student A, they should know how good he is

  9. I don’t want Kim So Hyun. She’s a good actress but when they choose young actress, they must protect her image and finaly finish to play a cute love story but not really realistic… Or it will like another school dramas, no love story. (yeah because showing violence it’s really better than showing love between teens)

    Kwak Dong Yeon would be great ! He was so good in Adolescent Medley (i watched this mini dramas a lot of times !) and Inspiring Generation.

    • School 2013 had no loveline, and nor did Kim So Hyun’s first real lead role, Reset. So there’s no reason why they can’t do likewise here, and have no loveline at all.

    • I don’t really think that they would have yo preserve her image because she has played some dark roles in the past. Her character in I miss you was sexually abused, she played a delinquent in reset and she’s had antagonistic roles before. So I doubt that KSH herself would really care about playing a dark role

      • I don’t think it’s a problem of dark image. It’s more a problem of korean ethic. I guess they would have the impression to give bad ideas to teens if they talk seriously about a true love story between teens.

  10. They should get Park Ji Bin he’s of age now.. LOL!

    I’m surprised no one is cast yet! Even supporting and teacher roles aren’t casted yet?

    Don’t worry if anything since its a FNC they’ll just cast all the free AOA members as students & the older Rainbow girls as teachers LOL!

  11. She’s good but why not cast the awesome Nam Ji Hyun that girl sure know how to convince me of any role she plays
    I wanted her to be popular badly cause she deserves it.

    • I didn’t think that they would cast het after she did a weekend drama already. I’m pretty sure she will do a drama that will help her transition from a child actor to an adult 🙂

  12. Why are pp so negative about this news? Even though I love Lee Yoobi but I I have been waiting SOOOO long for a female lead role of KSH, she is just talented and deserves it. As long as the main lead is Kwak Dong Yeon, this is DEFINITELY best couple for me LOL. I mean, KSH is his ideal girl and the age is approriate. I dont know if there’s anything wrong with the script so all I wanna do is waiting and supporting for my girl :’)

  13. That’s a disappointment. Lee Yu Bi is at the cusp of mainstream breakthrough but she walked away. This definitely places some doubts on this show, though not necessarily with the quality just because both lead offers were turned down. However, the longer they delay, the likelier that the script gets modified. And to me, that’s what’s likely to happen with the arrival of Kim So Hyun to the picture. It immediately beings the average age of both cast and audience down. These cones with both advantages and disadvantages. Firstly, you have have a quality actress playing a role which she can easily fit in to. Age appropriateness is always nice. However, having just one quality 15 year older in the cast is going to change the dynamic of the show. That means, either a) they find equally legitimate teenagers to surround her or b) they go with a Hi! School Love Ob approach. Preferably A is the better option, but that is ultimately a challenge. I’ve seen Kwak Dong Yeon’s name being floated around, and I agree that he’s a great fit.

    Now, whether Kim S Hyun accepts or she gets paired with an equally quality actor, the primary concern for me still is the script. The last School 2013, though set in high school, was about adolescents who are about to face the adult world. They were in no way a bunch of 20 year olds portraying 15 year old roles. They were portraying 18-19 year old senior students. And precisely, high school is not just a homogeneous class of age group. Different years may offer different kinds of challenges. High school seniors like from the previous one offered the anxiety of being an adult and wasting one’ opportunity. It was easy for the cast, LJS and KWB, to blend in because of that. It’s a role completely within their ballpark. The proposed role for Lee Yu Bi don’t necessarily preclude a younger portrayal, but, given that the role was offered to Lee Yu Bi, a 23-24 year old actress, you would expect a more mature variety of high school student. Ultimately, what concerns me is that it’s an older role being given to a younger actress. Though the difference in age is minuscule and given the actress’ talent, I don’t doubt her ability to display gravitas, still, she is a child actress transitioning to a mainstream “adult” role. Unless the script is some kind of award winning one, then this could easily become a miss for Kim So Hyun.

  14. sad lee yoo bi turn down the role.maybe she didnt like the script. was hoping she will take the role. cant see to like KSH drama. maybe it have to do with her rape scene in MY.

  15. After all, School 2015 became a successful drama. With a great acting skill of Kim So Hyun plus a great chemistry of the leads. Even though most of you said that she’s too young [for the role/to lead on a drama], she just proved that she can pull it off with her great acting skill. Glad she took the role. W/ the help of this drama, she became more popular and loved by many. Still waiting for her new drama with Yoo Seung Ho “Ruler: Master of the Mask”

    • School 2015 will be regarded as KSH’s breakout drama. The drama catapulted her to hallyu stardom leading to many CFs, fan meetings and great drama offers.

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