Changmin in Talks for Second Male Lead of Scholar Who Walks the Night

This casting news makes me laugh in both anticipation of the pretty and lulz factor in equal measure. MBC‘s upcoming vampire fantasy sageuk Scholar Who Walks the Night has offered the second male lead role to Changmin of DBSK. The original DBSK-5 is arguably one of the most talented and bestselling K-pop boybands of all time, but they have always been fighting an uphill battle when it comes to transitioning into acting. Yoochun is by far the best actor but he’s still not that good yet and his early performances were duds for me. Jaejoong is hit-and-miss but tries really hard. I thought Yunho was a lost cause until Records of a Night Watchman where he was actually watchable, or at least passably improved. If Changmin accepts Night Scholar then he’ll have a good sunbae to learn from in potential male lead Lee Jun Ki. I have a soft spot for Changmin despite finding him a woefully incompetent actor, his Paradise Ranch is so bad I still watch it for all the unintentional comedy.

The role Changmin has been offered in Night Scholar is to play the Crown Prince. If all the rumored leads for Night Scholar accept then the main cast will be Lee Jun Ki, Changmin, and the first prime time drama leading lady gig for Han Groo. Right now none of the three have confirmed yet but the drama has plenty of time to cast, airing in July after the Hong sisters drama Feeling Good and Warm.

I am a teeny bit wary about this drama production team, the PD is Lee Sung Joon who was the second chair director for The Moon Embraces the Sun but the screenwriter wrote Paradise Ranch (hence the Changmin connection) and was the second writer for Coffee Prince. I’ve heard great things about the source manhwa so if all the screenwriter does is adapt it directly from the story without going completely off the reservation then it might not be all that worrisome.


Changmin in Talks for Second Male Lead of Scholar Who Walks the Night — 17 Comments

  1. I love yunho and changmin to the ends of the earth and back which is why I tend to get apprehensive whenever their names pop up in casting news. They’re so enjoyable to watch on variety shows but everything else…meh not so much.

  2. lee joon ki needa to pass this one up. Urgghhh i heard/read he is an awesome person but acting is not for him at this time.
    i hope production finds another actor to play.. maybe like uoo kyun sang who is ripe for 2nd lead material. or maybe seo kang joon? Or lee ji hoon, or maybe kang haneul?

    With changmin… just no please…

  3. I’m a little shocked at the thought that Changmin would be offered another role. While I am fond of him, I hope that he turns down the role for all of our sake’s.

  4. Lol I’ve read bad reviews about Paradise Ranch but this news actually makes me excited. xD I love anticipating things like this.

    • Changmin is terrible, tho. Paradise Ranch and MiMI were so bad. I’m not prejudiced against idols but in this case….

  5. I know you like him…but not as an actor. Hopefully he has be doing some in front of the camera training.

    Just seeing the stills of LJK and Han Groo, is getting me all excited for this.

  6. I wish he declines the role or if he accepts, then I wish my Joon Gi declines. He is a good singer, I like his voice but not good actor at all.

  7. So far, I’ve read that the synopsis for the drama differs by quite a lot from the original manhwa, so I’m not so sure now, especially with the prospect of seeing Changmin in this, oh gawd.

  8. If this turns out to be true I hope Jun Ki declines for something else. He has all the time in the world now to pick and choose good projects.

    I personally think Yoochun and Jaejoong are miles ahead of Changmin and Yunho. Jaejoong’s misses were all his early projects, and his later ones failed due to the writers, with him even carrying the show. And he was at least he was passable in PTB. Changmin on the other hand… I have no idea how he got an award for acting in Japan.

    Yoochun has chosen a lot of stoic roles but I hear only good things about him in Sea Fog so I have no doubt he can excel with the right role. Well, I guess I just feel that you can talk about him and Jaejoong’s acting as an art to be honed. Can’t say the same about the duo.

  9. I really like that pic of LJK and HG. It feels like he’s staring at her and she’s wearing this naive, innocent look

  10. Hahahahaha, just no. I mean I heard he did okay in his Japanese movie but it helped that all other actors could make you forget about Changmin.

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