Yoochun and Kim So Hyun are Openly Affectionate Siblings in The Girl Who Sees Smells

Looks like The Girl Who Sees Smells will be piling on the sibling cuteness before ripping our hearts out. Since the drama has made it very clear from all plot and character synopsis that male lead Yoochun‘s character loses his little sister to a serial killer attack at the beginning of the drama, leading to his character being unable to feel any physical sensation, I won’t skirt around this event when discussing Kim So Hyun‘s role as said doomed little sister.

I wouldn’t call her having a monopoly on playing suffering teen roles, but it certainly does appear that she is doing more of such roles than her other teen actress counterparts. She dies from illness, dies from attacks, gets raped, I’m just waiting for her next character to lose her memory, which may happen if she accepts School 2015. I like her so seeing her onscreen more often even in cameo roles like this one is welcomed, her spot on acting will make it easier to grieve alongside Yoochun when he loses his beloved lil’ sis to a senseless crime. Just check out their sibling affection even through an aquarium plexiglass.


Yoochun and Kim So Hyun are Openly Affectionate Siblings in The Girl Who Sees Smells — 10 Comments

  1. I’m feeling MUCH better about watching her in another misery role now that I know she’s got a shot at a a real lead, in an age and context appropriate Drama. At least in this Drama she gets to share screen time with PYC, unlike Missing You.

    • Indeed. I don’t know when it happened, but YC is looking mighty fan lately. His stills and promotion for Sensory Couple so far have been just so delightful, I am really excited for the drama and hope it pays off. It’s in a tough time slot, so it won’t be about the ratings, but just the opportunity to watch a feel good drama in the sea of heavy stuff that is airing right now.

    • Heehee~ Was it her in the Missing You presscon/interview who was asked who she liked more, and she chose Yoochun oppa over Yeo Jin-gu?

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