The Girl Who Sees Smells Releases Promising Drama Posters and First Episode Preview

I’ve chosen to be optimistic about the next SBS Wed-Thurs drama The Girl Who Sees Smells. Better that than stalking around my lair like an angry panther plotting how to end the writing career of the screenwriter for Hyde, Jekyll, Me so she never darkens the screen again with her so-called writing. It helps that Smelly Girl looked adorable from the first still onward and caps it off now by releasing four very darling drama posters. It’s not innovative but is at least visually attractive.

I especially love the couples posters with just Yoochun and Shin Se Kyung – the vertical one has them in a near upside down kiss coming from opposite directions while the horizontal one (below) juxtaposes dark Yoochun meeting in the middle with flowery bright Shin Se Kyung. The preview for episode 1 just came out and continues the comedic charms of all the concept teasers, with the highlight being cop Yoochun treating the girl who sees smells like his own personal blood hound. 

Episode 1 preview (English subbed):


The Girl Who Sees Smells Releases Promising Drama Posters and First Episode Preview — 19 Comments

  1. RTP writer was good in the romance part but bad in the midle of the drama. I like what I see for now but i’m escéptic about this drama success

  2. Looks pretty good so far! Plus Shin Se Kyung does way better in comedies in my opinion so I think the acting will be done well all around and as long as the writer pulls through it should be highly enjoyable!

  3. This looks fun. I think Shin Se Kyung matches this kind of character. If the script is good, this will be interesting to watch.

  4. never like yoochun drama. dude PS face just trun me off.just hope his crazy k-fan dont blame SSK. if the rating fall below 10.

      • no dude have his face done. that why he look so different. he the only person i can tell have his face done. all the other dbsk still look like
        the same to me.

    • I never thought SSK could act. She’s the reason I partly dropped Blade Man (the actor was a mess too). I’m crossing fingers for this one.

    • Sorry your comment is really entertaining. I’m not kpop fans but I know DBSK. I dont believe none in the Ent industry in Korea without making face job but Park Yoocheon seemed to be the least one. You are funny anyway. (Some people else are famous in that anyway and I still respect them as they are professional in their job) LOL
      Back to subject, I have high hope on SSK’s acting now!!

  5. u guy must be blind. if u think he still look the same. dude have his face done. that why he look older then his dbsk member. been following them. he the only one i cant tell cuz he have his face done.

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